Diane Sawyer's Election Insights

"World News" anchor discusses early voting and the state of the presidential race.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Diane Sawyer's Election Insights
Our hardworking. -- and Diane changed to what's covered and I how are carrying. Things and how much -- I don't. I can't do that -- because tonight I'm going to be. -- of -- to you and you are that I am yes I -- but we haven't. Both men and analysts and experts people who watched election -- nail biting over the cold Pete says. And we're going to be able to tell you everything you're saying is it happening -- -- you know anything -- is anything that early voting -- talents well of the early voting just tells us people care about this election and it did. And we had about forty million early voters for years ago out of a 130. Million of us -- it and it always moves me so much to think about. This time they think they're gonna top that and people as you've seen are waiting in line and -- in the hurricane zone to vote on any reports about. Men and women vs women and knowing they have not yet not yet and we have an incredible team. Coming in tonight of our brain trust. And they are decision desk they'll be looking at these exit polling to tell us exactly that. And you know there is no room I can't call them -- and this telling something no no no I'm not allowed to call them we do not call them because. They look at the exit polling -- they look at sinks and see if there's any mystique in there. So the first and foremost we try to I and when you have to make the cardinal George or Gaza -- that -- How do it means somebody -- your car and you just that's how -- Georgia. How does that work that well first of all they have examined re -- put it up into a prison to make sure it's right. And -- is handed to me behind me you've seen as you know. We have the group of the people behind me we have teams all around this room and they will hand me the card to say they are ready to project. Go project. That you're going to be busy tonight did you vote already -- windy and an evening after the view -- Listen this is the first social media election out of the social media affected his hold -- this campaign social media. It has as we know a lot of people saw their hands for the campaigns first time and special meeting of this instead of on television and I've been tweeting out. -- as ever funny to send me in the words that come to their minds first of all we're getting people singing at the polls which -- pretty amazing. And the words that are coming back to me are so great -- Prada -- Their hope. And there's -- relief out there at all -- I've asked everybody said three words -- pictures and I think we have a picture up there because at this week we. Tell people -- -- has divided we go in. We are the ankle a fantastic image for everybody you know rumors are having right now we may not now the result of this election for ten days what's your estimation on that well we. We don't know awful -- -- -- Highland Park because of Ohio has to count these provisional ballots to their narrow. Well if they have to do we could be eleven day. I am will be competing with you every night well yeah. Any -- -- yeah. Tension between the networks in terms of who gets to get that information out first mean how much of a race is going on within the race -- -- they're all competing with joy. And child. We have been told by venture -- the head of ABC news. That it's important to be right it's not important to be Frist obviously you want -- interest. But -- much more important to be right. And to speed up -- evidently that's excellent actress. It's worked do you think it's going to be added on to that and how -- the East Coast is going to be. But it's in her UK -- Folks to find him do we know they've gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure people can vote in different places if there and -- hurricane zone extended some voting measures and I just -- a kind of believe that New Yorkers and -- and Jersey folks are gonna go out and they're gonna show up -- holds no matter what it takes if they possibly can. And we will all have a sense that chance to see tonight. What we old. What real. Determinations. But -- I think he's duplicate votes have complete. -- -- been such a close election as well this may or may not be the closest ever withdrew. Had a group really a photo -- out there on -- Big issues that matter so much to American families as we know it also the issues of will women pick a different president from men that this happened before. Will really tell -- generals -- -- and then. -- we had -- may be more passion. Four years ago because Obama was notably sad and I can -- -- -- day. This is this is that. Unless the weapons this is -- -- -- Decision that that will be -- -- I -- -- -- that it's been ten politics says David Brinkley so does not sentimental but the end of the day we all want a common purpose. And to become out of it with a common purpose. Well we will -- help the peninsula watchers tonight and I hope you get some restaurant you've just been going and going -- you that I will be their -- -- -- like crazy. -- -- -- what is -- talking about people eventually -- on NBC radio by the way will we be for those of us who don't yet. Yes absolutely listen to what's going on and I hope never got around that we have Univision I mean -- -- -- you know we hope you'll work. Diane thank you and I look forward to seeing you tonight -- We just. --

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{"id":17654968,"title":"Diane Sawyer's Election Insights","duration":"3:00","description":"\"World News\" anchor discusses early voting and the state of the presidential race.","url":"/Entertainment/video/election-2012-diane-sawyers-insights-17654968","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}