Elisabeth Hasselbeck Get's Vocal About Family Time

"The View" star celebrates mother's day inspiring families to make a "family playdate."
4:43 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Elisabeth Hasselbeck Get's Vocal About Family Time
She's a busy working mom of three co host on ABC's the view and with Mother's Day right around the corner Elisabeth Hasselbeck is -- to spread the word on the best way -- can celebrate mom. It's all about the family placate welcome over the great to have you hair -- -- -- -- -- a mom and also a busy working mom you've got to table to get the family table in the -- yet and you get the view table in the morning there is trickier. I have to tell here that he gave them nothing can imagine I don't know that I get to wherever -- -- hot topic at my kids rationing audience. -- and -- linking up with. Mark tell us about this health and wellness project. That you're working on the family the active family cat so and it often meet working Americans who -- -- there. Dealing is to act in the project here just keep -- armor and in my am which is -- to just outside. And plays -- family to get in just get them off our -- a it's really it's about instead of writing an -- -- -- -- -- -- important -- -- -- -- yeah it's -- really taking time to schedule. -- -- -- -- And to say I like being active anyway but I thought I was in good shape and playing -- with my kids you can have all different versions now I'm gonna go he got -- -- speed limit I think. Still hard. Great regret it right -- yes Aaron you -- how to win in this together and the lessons that we have an hour actor Austin and the great thing is you know to wonderfully kicking off -- weekend mother's -- perfect -- and find active in project -- -- tips on -- -- things going on in your area. And -- can also win a trip to Florida outbreak is quite big like -- and and it can't and lord and start even that hero -- so give an example of a plating that your family enjoys the pace of needy something called that time. And time basketball our basketball -- -- and the LC -- that can be spot basically if -- is if you go to bat and rule. The stakes are hot. And us it's really I mean -- breaking any apartment and I would have never worked so hard -- and Wimbledon and I like being. They need to go to -- yes I mean sometimes it goes on -- on right. But it is I have to think the best time together and I think he changed and rats and even to signing up someone else's game someone else's -- -- backyard you. Don't try and -- -- -- a big thing right now -- into you he has got to the park often together as a family apple. We left the park we -- the partying in the city bodies the parts I just -- -- -- -- on the top of the slide knowing when my little my small guys carrying out and when apparently to an -- you have to actually do the plane apparently family app you're just kind of -- -- -- a little getting under the -- -- like. And I -- thirty okay. And slang yeah it open and and so how is an. Being on the view what's the latest with -- -- -- -- -- personally had a great week on justice and my arm is there. Jim -- in his hysterical. And everything's green I have to say it is. A fortunate -- it would go every day and beat -- my friends and talk about all the things around in right now. Feared been -- -- yet are you. They're ultimately can't really yet in the island if enough of me to point out that we need a break from Bob not I'm not -- Connecticut based on -- -- -- it was -- a little -- portion of the interview. You obviously at a playground a lot -- got a few questions about your opinion on -- you see on the playground. What -- not mom to dress up for drop off vs moms who wears spandex -- drop -- OK so I I kind of fumbled categories if I'm coming from work I feel that I I don't have time to change into -- -- you're done had this I am like in but. Normally have in my work out your hopes that -- work out right so I don't I won't take it off until have actually done something active you know run -- and -- think you know runs last winter on the bike. So I'm all about look Montague and I'm -- I agree I went -- -- you know out of running leggings on that you're nice top I'm okay with all of the effect right got -- -- -- -- so right what a 52 rule of the food drops on the floor and you pick it up before five seconds -- kids deleted or not is in my Clarkson trying now. Everything out. Do you have back to pick. That's a good point no -- -- did you know back know they're eating their kids up. I don't get -- under I -- I am I in Elizabeth thank you so much for that. And it is called the -- family project get out with your family have some fun by the great activity -- at www. Active family project dot com thank you so much over the coming back having me.

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{"id":19145648,"title":"Elisabeth Hasselbeck Get's Vocal About Family Time","duration":"4:43","description":"\"The View\" star celebrates mother's day inspiring families to make a \"family playdate.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/elisabeth-hasselbeck-vocal-family-time-19145648","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}