Hair and Makeup at Tadashi Shoji Show

See the models get the last minute finishing touches before they head out on the runway for New York Fashion Week.
10:24 | 02/12/16

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Transcript for Hair and Makeup at Tadashi Shoji Show
Sure when inspectors are. Heads to back. Great answer tell us little bit about the look here and how you decide it. What it was like rock in the pool so its way hair clues look amazing so here's just wed. Robin Lewis in very modern. Kind of just down in the degrees just walking the runway later this kind of treatment. Motors. Some preview from the data just. And as well look he's been hot Turkey season home. Guess you know I mean. With the does she need to we started with something that was very late sneak. And images started to kind of evolved from that some did it mean you know the reference was always cool. How many how many blocks where Harry dean goes like stylish models seem like that's aggressiveness that he has sometimes you hit it off right. Right the first go sometimes it's. Thanks so much for giving her a little behind the scenes look. Turning. Really okay. Now finally in. Okay. Novak you're in pain and I wanted. James Kelly are now he is heat make up in the show can you tell a little bit about how would you design the look Lawson talent. Yeah lots of metallic this season right. I think that a student David goalies some people. Trending things I've gotten the same. On inspirations flights from like three different designers and business strangely basins in the same picture reference. But not for this shows sushi. Mr. shares you wanted something metallic so we're using this maps cover sparkle which is that he was accidentally. Broken up an east. But I'm in envisioning a girl in the I don't know in a cave copper minding. So here you have this dark smoke BI and and you put public absolutely have just really messy and Lucy but this covers Portland's opening night and it it's not. It's a perfect team you can't release screwed up and it's it's meant to be sort of inspirational and applied with fund and creativity and I think women playing them make them in the morning. It's like a nice moment for them to suspend him. Use they're own creativity. And think about beauty and it doesn't have to be perfect and they kitchen he stressed that it should be something fun for them of their own front room. If anyone watching at home screen model. Simple and their customers and homeland when he. Sure wolf you know you're getting like the right hi senator Russ is really helpful Bacchus as uncle Luther team. And it just it does the work for you and I think having the right tools really helpful having a woman's hand the stories really good too late that her fingers are so. Grade and tapping and touching. Generally is really good live. Lending shouted to. And then hum. Just you know like that like having the ritual like the right island everything to do eyeliner. And you can't get it maybe it's because the hardliners so there's just not sharp enough for it's not what you work well with the you can do it lectures find another another one which works well here experiment and you know it's fun that way. And finally so most people here comes as I watched them online they only get to see that run its. Time and we keep. Pain and sign CCN. All of these models friendly Randy. I know various cities lives but mothers like look around us so many people you'd never even I forget how many it would take estimate. A fashion show happen aura photo shoot like this is. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people and it's it's really crazy even my makeup bag weighs like almost a hundred pounds and you know McDormand is always like what is in there like coconut and make government has never know it you'll need it what people want it take so many people it takes a village and have put on your question. Well it's only day two by the end he's been a month. They'll thank them on students. So you can see you right now some of those hundred it's changed its name it takes. Do you make these shows happened. And we cannot change. Part of its final check on this long only feed the contrary. Eyes. For about five minutes from showtime now. It's actually pretty calm Wednesday backstage here I think. It's kind of mad. It's. Only now hearing. So it's only financing. Everything. Happening at a steady. Fingernail something yeah nail art. I think really. Popular in. It hurt yeah. Event. So we're back here he continues. Designer and then he'll look. Eight and that tells little bit about the look and how much meals are becoming. So much more of them political point. Hey did you seal yeah it's can seal the deal it's like that finally stand teams I hope everything complete and today to press on now which basically means we navy's next on average grades and crescent lake now and start on the other side basically say as a designer like this quite complex backstage or face an idiot I'm an exodus ads like an ice bad thanks to the man financing and elegance of the shake hands. The design integrates it isn't as cool and it texted. Black. Almost like wash your thought that we'd like formula instead he get this 300 MG. But Eagles again it's like him out again excellent tons of gold on the size kind. They're not planning on she's very light. News Coolidge she can night easy and treatment and she's like yeah. And an email we created. Using. A shade and billions. Which is why can't I can't academic Indian our waiver. Now let's and it's just not stand Spinner actually changed it into Anna Molly. And made into Michael of those candidates wits end and help my purse. Brush and in his really stressed. And then you just press the play alive and it sounds like you and again and that is really easy in cheek. Beautiful luck thank you so much for giving us the the download on how you create an entry vehicles. Much those on the front lines I think he made it. B models are now going Bloomberg TV dressed. And take you there because he's in the dressing happens pretty out in the open. And model and he dressing area this we're going to lead the show history the moment. Few minutes. Soon be getting Randy. It's. Here and ready so you can't season once the snow that's seen the show here on yeah. Part of our partnership. With Fashion Week in an excellent training yeah. Seems like you're imagining we have many shows everything and beginning this week line I in the coming weeks a lot of think.

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{"id":36905086,"title":"Hair and Makeup at Tadashi Shoji Show","duration":"10:24","description":"See the models get the last minute finishing touches before they head out on the runway for New York Fashion Week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/hair-makeup-tadashi-shoji-show-36905086","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}