Howie Mandel asks Nick Cannon to 'come back' to 'America's Got Talent'

Howie Mandel joined "The View" co-hosts to talk about Nick Cannon's decision to leave "America's Got Talent."
3:54 | 02/24/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Howie Mandel asks Nick Cannon to 'come back' to 'America's Got Talent'
So I'm Nick Cannon says that he's done with America's Got Talent why because they had problems with things he said during his standup comedy special now we. US debt come on give us this scope. Here's I'll be honest with you he is and I'm I'm very pain right now because the thought of doing in going ahead this season without Nick Cannon is unthinkable. And saving salt but the truth of the matter is kind of to the show must go on. Well here's the problem here is that here's the thing I'm a comedian via. And he toured with me to tonight M at the west free theater in Long Island I'm. Are all invited tonight each and every one of you have. Here's the thing that I'm sick that's how. Howie Mandell who will be onstage tonight is not the Howie Mandell that actually watching right now. And is not the Howie Mandell that you see on a GT or use on dealer so he'll say he I don't know it likes what have multiple personality whatsoever other. It's as a parent you when your kids are in the rule you talk a certain way you are we responsible parent and then when you're with your husband or your wife for your partner you couldn't you're adults and you didn't. It a little different when you work for a company you become the face of a shout let's just say something. Nick Cannon is back comedian. Nick Cannon is a musician. Nick Cannon is he's whenever you see while about ever seen the show welcome out of it. I. Also understand NBC be concerned when they you know they don't exactly. His Lang wage and I'm not. And what ever ends. Stand up doing standup but it's a joke and this is what scares we were talking about this via earlier as a comedian you know YE came up in the seventies and I watched Richard Pryor. Put together is live on the Sunset Strip night at what I loved about comedy as we can walk in the clubs you did this to walk in the clouds and a a lot of stuff doesn't work and a lot of stuff is where you cross the line with ten people you do but that's the art form legal or maybe I shouldn't do that I step to bargain. Today. People are sharing too much. Add you know so you can't work and you can't think that joking you can't say I was just kidding are within a clobber on a special. Because what ever we do any place is. Everywhere. But it had a problem for like for need the fact that the joke was a ballot and EC EE like for example I know I work for ABC now if I go out. On the side let's network comedian I'm not funny enough to be but let's have a funny enough to be comedian and I we're making jokes and the jokes were a doubt AB CI could be viewed in Iraq. You're white you're not really probably expect to have a console I can't tell that it did what they cannot find that eighty roadside and applying their act. It but it's he's not really saying anything I don't know how many people saw the special but what he said is you're not getting the eight GT right neck. You're not getting the eight and he's he's you know and that's the same thing in a bike walk on stage tonight I'll go you know it's not the guy that you watch this morning on the view and talk about something very inappropriate. I'll tell you what happened when I've finished wounding him I. He had no not commented on the situation they have not not common but did he quit they got rid of them what happens. They did not get rid of them now that I also he's playing its economy gets in his cried it should surprise you. And he hasn't done it yet after. You know what everywhere spoke them two weeks away from taping and I'm gonna make that number three is nick. Stating so please come back to not think he is the no idea how hard that is to do he consoles people he keeps it on time he goes live nick. The show will not be as good without you don't gotta come back and do not enact. And.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Howie Mandel joined \"The View\" co-hosts to talk about Nick Cannon's decision to leave \"America's Got Talent.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45716787","title":"Howie Mandel asks Nick Cannon to 'come back' to 'America's Got Talent'","url":"/Entertainment/video/howie-mandel-asks-nick-cannon-back-americas-talent-45716787"}