Isabella Rossellini on experiencing 'ageism' in the modeling industry

Rossellini appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about working as a model and about the release of her new book 'My Chickens and I.'
22:53 | 05/30/18

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Transcript for Isabella Rossellini on experiencing 'ageism' in the modeling industry
We minority interest in to business that's been but he is also. Not just a symbol of this smoke a beautiful woman who wondered you're beautiful woman what do you do what you think we're that as a heck let Arnold who speak up because. Be beautiful and shut up was food. The cold to. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's popular in the culture. With my guests today Isabella Rossellini. There's always something pop and I never see her where there isn't something and usual and fabulous happening. I mean you know her history. With with parents like Ingrid Bergman and repair to wrestle with any. She had to forge her own legacy in did it she's a model she's an actress she's it activists. Last time I saw Hershey was either on her way to judge at the Cannes Film Festival. War after that she said you know I'm going back to college and I'm studying about animal behavior and I'm sure. And money just in from a statistic that alleged it that's the hardest because that's what this is a. The reason that I love this woman so much is not only her talent her glamour her when you know why it is intelligence but mischief. You have there's something about you is about that you're always gonna find what's funny about them. Yes that is very important to me she does this chizik at the want to get back at anybody. Not revenge and no he played well lately I think I would say yes it playfulness is my I'm not sure how. You've got hit with everything they ever make me. Yet you have to do it and it seems really strange to people I suppose when the state today you're here and welcome to the show ways the real thing. You know be tempted to be with you that you've written a book called my chickens and yes I found out that nobody. Bill even though he did greet worn out and it took me awhile to Jeff and see how you dress it ends at the and dealing with their mating ritual but I got through it you've got to ask iPod and I think that this is. But my chickens and threw me through I don't. Believe it so I didn't. About sixty miles from from my patent. In non dies then and he started in his arms so farms have chickens. Passionate. Student chickens it means that we have vegetables. When bombs. And then because they went back to union density to study animal behavior. After reading about chickens in the experiment of down actually have done a lot of experiments about chicken cognition and I'm not date. Failure of the bird brain a try to say that these meaning stupid said about me is el. Al's got. Model and I think we knew that I am so I was that needed to know that even somebody like animals the reputation of being stupid and not stupid. It became quite often need to get it to student it's that. Just leaving with them they recognized mean. They recognize that if somebody comes with a dog wants it to dog is aggressive toward that even if it comes back without the Bob Hope they run and eight. So they have memory to identify people. It was that they have something to quiche and all of memory. That's it became quite fascinating and that's why I wrote a book that. It's meant for people like you would know anything about she kittens yet should point they have you illustrated this and retrieve Casanova has taken these wonderful bonus view. Which you've drawn these things that because of them could not be photographed it cannot be cats so do they have publicity team that's so I could say it is a friend of sniper treatment and over the lives. In the same that opened today and he's a fashion photographer pat. The semi retired so he does photos of weddings that we will love him is very friendly and very generous. And so when I first ordered to chickens I expected them to look like the yellow chicken agenda chicks that you see it Easter. And you can to books and to. So I couldn hatchery S it would mean these these birds I didn't expect to look like that what kind of breeds. They 80. Local Patrice says that you the creature from photographed them as they grow so I would know. What breeds this because then once there are adults that can look up the books and say I don't see it and advocates but at least I know what it looked like when the so we started just as a documentation. But wouldn't you know both me and Patrice coming from fashion we created a new set of white cat and as you do it for model. But we did just to see them batter in the east look at they QB can't quite. Beautiful temperatures got into it we realize how weeks since the worker was an element it will. What's the expulsion easy meat seized expression ordinary. They have expressions and I went to study they duet expression. And they have a lot of talks that. And they can Andy they can focus their eyes differently so with one they can spot this that's got to see Hawkins coming to attack them. And we are and I think Google to keep it reads and work that they can eat so of the early was hawking their head inept funny way to get shaking. Do things at once that so did you do the book not only team to study them close so so that notes. As I was. Leaving with them and taking for the week Patrice said. I was sending it to my friends will touch it was a German publisher who is beautiful house were from the Mosley does mostly art books at. And it was sending it just two making lot of foot the things about the chickens and he came up with the idea of the book. And he suggested how the books it looked like a bad who put the book to get there. With my drawings those I'd send in drawings to Twomey can but so the. But then he had enough documentation that we had some and that's how the book came about. Because of what you did with green porno your Webster's see that there is it's very funny a lot of the time and we'd laugh and and. You used basically this sexuality of the meeting is he snake. It's all watch and I called her a used by exact only knows that as well that was the subject you'll I was there because if I say that justice systems lots of any of them. About Adam that but that locks that. And you actually playing you know I'm doing that. You happen to me. A curiosity about. Is that it can age well icty and it's in your work whatever you do you know you you made a joke about modeling but the fact is. It's hard not well if you're going to look at it mildly but. Also fascinating to me the most fascinating it was working with photographers. If this funeral because they come from films. You know with the recent Paris. Judy seized at a full forecast capture an atmosphere story in one frame. Action is under reasonable dialogue he's been started but get a quote entity as an impact it. Has to have an atmosphere and removed and a model I think. What you see what's my marketing. It has to be emotional let me die and every lead to was he says. Great they DO fashion it started to museum of to metropolitan depression and what's working but people give up its desire. She said to recent beauty without emotions. And I totally agree with are doing is not the professionals to perk but eyes and photographer bill photograph that yes they. The Maghreb generally fall into. Rules of adult taught scheming good because you'll can accept that but at the end of today what makes and model. A good model or a superstar model is that she's a good actress. It doesn't mean that you might not currently consents because. That he may not be able to use voice or it may not be used in films you need at their element but in that moment in that frame. That moment your you remote but. With that always in your head I've never asked you about this I mentioned your parents at beginning of the shown but if Ingrid Bergman was my mother I would be afraid of it for our affiliate I would trade him and actors and my days because it was afraid of that. I did to. She started to work my first job. Olympic trip back to beat me DD doing short skits for television comical skits and it's funny that now that then read again writing in being due or there. But my own work again I found that voice that he's the comical voice he models you know did not given the opportunity. So it got funnier naught but now a bit of old went back to. Me know why but won't stop dated coming full circle away but so is it me there was some controversy at the time when you were working for line caught it's weird because it. It spanning centuries this was the twentieth century than 1980s. Where you would defensive work. And they said no more. It's always say pay interest and so when children forty to forty or eighties did you. We have to substitute to set them although I was very successful in the campaign and marketing research and women were grateful that it was a mature woman that represented them but did what they asked me to eat them ethnic achingly human contact. And I said you know without work for them fifteen years he was reviewed every couple of he has. And we were at the summit of the great success so equipment and and the thing to me that weaving in between to be. An advertisement is about wins to me it's not about we've been through. So if you -- we meant happy. That a forty year old has represented U they might say yes but they really mean you know. Because they want to beyond animal feed that was a mistake that was each is tonight it was so ingrained it. It even in front of will be additives. Needed to wean them Monrovia that would ethnic and beyond. What do you expect a cosmetic company to do you. To get meet instrument that gets a sophistication. Daily nine he said to be and one grow old all at very human are you really believed it to stream. Make you look yeah I'm so very little minority. Salt. It was puzzling to me what 23 years went by 23 I read eat. And a phone call from uncle we want you back I said. You've got to see because tragedy year old. You're my experiment right now papacy. So right. And it was a woman executive Christmas and well there's a change ratepayers to change. Edge and that's what was to change she came in she said it was in state. When we do marketing basis 23 years leaders to pipa remembers that. And because ice that we want to be very inclusive. We think that they kept is not only an instrument of seduction but we use it for pleasure of the plate let's. But said the white you want me because if you want me controversy because it was a lot of controversy. Whitman comb that ego it's going to be but you know these big companies that want to have. That France or controversial press. And she said no our you have to get Helen. She's the life and you know she could represented at that story's not being too. He said no I want you. I want to make it right. Don't touch me. Touch me me me quite a lot and that it to be that it's almost like time's up it's that movement. You know moved to something else is well. Because people aren't. Thinking that way anymore. That they're opening a and trying out in the world's two the world actually looks like yanks are opening up. Yet that he's evacuated. To changed you know I mean when I was working with ankle at the beginning. To be anonymous you know they they wanted to. And a beautiful woman that they treatment everybody could compete agreements have put Graham. You know she's married she's married and has she's all I'm you do you buy your identity was never written my name. And nobody an advocate interviews and then hasn't worked with them fifteen years depressed became more interest in. Maybe vehicles also in the press became a lot of women Jen Aniston and that would very interest in that we meant that represent the equipment to competent of the fashion company. And it just didn't want to always hear about the bottom line and how much money the company makers that the men were married to Steve in the business. We meant interest student a business that but he is also. Not just a symbol is -- a beautiful woman what a beautiful woman what do you do what you think we're as if you let Arnold speak up because. Be beautiful and shut up was too. The coat. So I started to give interviews in fifteen years up an ankle. When I look at who is representing Nauman call me Kate weeds and says Penelope Cruz Julia Roberts would be Daniel Longo. All women. Can we have that so. You know that they don't have us think it makes their career you know that they are. We meant that happened two years that they are authors of themselves. And I'd love to have enough to be part of that group. It's so flattered. But it's incredible. Women. 12 these type of woman and settled the size and beauty. That years ago. But we view with your career I mean everybody remembers you in blue velvet because that was not your first round in but it was like a rate for it was only my third them and due to the minute before. Almost like an on actress who two Brothers apparently took effect that. Doctor David Levy are following those traditional my dad and my dad often worked. With non actors Indies the school knew re it is not. He thought that he was better to the it was impossible to have to say to Baghdad BF farmers who like a fisherman. You really get a farmers and fisherman because is more authentic because and sun an expression and when he moves to lose he would know how to move them perfectly so. But doctor favored to use kind of work with non actors occasionally had an actor. Reacting. And interacting with these non actors to detect and used the same method which is quite common in Europe may let them. So when I do the work with the tech Danny I DT met at the factories achievements Memphis office and it was. Having on wanted them once in a lifetime experience with them it was night. A door that would. What your father did even though he later. Oh with you get a lot of movies with you. But that. Whole year he was so full Parker's. The scandal that yes when suddenly she was pregnant by a man that she wasn't married to. Outcry in congress over yet it seems absent and it Pakistan. The senate took a stand against my mom and she was not allowed back in this country for eight years. Yes. It was very tough for and very tough for mild to sister Pia because she couldn't see them along alone time with them that. But you very when all of this attack are moving more art I want I know and held that because might when my mom and dad fell in love. And my mom became pregnant before she obtained a divorce. So she became pregnant with the law that my dad it was my Brothers QE2 years old and die and then we were born that by and where. It would divorced married that so. But stews. I think my mother paid a high price. It was that ever reflected on you and your siblings when you were growing up. Did that scandal have any part of your life you know. I mean I concede that my mom was it's it's you that she was hurt and scared and she came back to America only to visit friends. And to work solemn. Well on Broadway but always chose to it in each sheet to lobbed at. She remained in Europe she was very afraid of decent and she assumed it was American puritanical streak that what does so I think she became quite head. And before the I think kind of persecution by pepper. Yeah there probably was very famous and certainly it was also because she was a famous actress of meat for that. Or become the nation's famous actors that's oh plus you know her well that's what the tabloids would like Romo and rise and that did beware of what was about to press week to paparazzi and press. He arrived he tried to but it sounds like she protected you from and your siblings from that as much as she possibly could yes. It recusal down to you know sentiments. And on Mitchell's news where you were you watching her films and you always wanted to begin hide that from you that all of this is what we do. The very of that word to consider themselves art is following what was interesting that you said to me that you was folly of curiosity. I felt that from my parents you know that we're. More than following success or money. He didn't the biggest. Rabbit they were chasing. It was curiosity. Of fulfilling a curiosity about about something it. A vote for my mom a character. A psychology of overwhelming. Given that circumstances. Working with that you richter. Understanding that writer and for my father who roaches don't scripted. Often Wheeler who's news stories that mean budget time. I was born became more and more interest in history it's that you a lot of anthems. Historical figures the most famous what. We just fourteenth which is someone who periods you when you daddy's girl was this with yes I was and accident these you know albeit through that not to get too personal but the man in your life many of them have been detected. Yes but says he was establishment Martin and from long time it was leaked dated image. It was being linked to my father but I think you have interest in films and so you you tend to rule out with people that say your interest you know those somebody was only talking about much Manny. You spank me. You know mine. It'd be rich and have a lot. One of the best that I have ever heard it printed and you know you have so much of your mother India. There. It's difficult to win them talking not to feel that it is it is dependency resentment yes it's this week with each other you know moment that debt for a long time with each other. People because people adult. Books and -- We each other bidders. But not as much. And then something happened to me months and years later my mom dad eighty entered an antique shop the dealer lots of objects. And lots of Mir and I was walking around. And that's all that you get duped standoff. Elegant I felt that. But you know as that would all the questions and finished I won't do mom disturbance will walk in a different direction. And then we'll meet her again and you pretend to attend to something at and then rent and then. My mom and it was neat. I didn't recognize me I thought my mom I'm clutches and office. I again. For days up. You know I I just. Haven't even begun to talk to you this time is but the deep is the first I'm done just don't know it ends in song. You know and I hope that somebody do anything but not ID I want to tune to your song really is blue velvet I went all out effort what year. You seek legal of them I think you can't get along. By an income well known actor. It was a twisted faith total and because it's well. Is in Italy I Q by a giant it the Jack and I mean he's in Naples you were you going to market and you buy dement Don. To protect you that you buy to talk to me Cuba to that could call it. And he wrote a song called not acting in that woman. Him in. To see them men. That need to got and then he talks about these women. Create the UU weekly Janice so you can quote you know it's about achieves more and how much is small. Is revenge will be closed women really controlled us because it make us welded laws. Very old fashioned. And one. Not actually mean that they Mena means female Ramada. Baghdad then in not fit Mena that Whitman did. To see them out at the immunize you hire back all the I am Lucy. Men you're not a bad will it. So fast should add it to them feel about it like you are a delta had struggles and at today yeah. Do it if I didn't it will. But for me just do the last line of blue developments that my dreams can come. True she we were. Who. Whether. And what else. Amendment and it ends lit and I fear and consume. And applicants to Timmy the words if you can I still attends the do. And he noon. Heaters. Was that are last year he did that I have my lack. About fake. And I think and so we're behavior.

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