John Goodman says 'Roseanne' controversy sparked a downward spiral

The actor admitted that he had a hard time accepting Roseanne Barr's firing.
2:21 | 10/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Goodman says 'Roseanne' controversy sparked a downward spiral
This is something so residents not on the show anymore what happened why didn't I know about this was they're. At Vienna last season goes out to rollercoaster order filler vapor on theft. And affect you Hanson earned Barack yet except. How that happens if it doesn't happen where you did you. Know that the show would continue was that something you wanted to do yes yes you do ICU wanted to keep gone he doesn't really hampers him wasn't there. It's not the I mean she is messed definitely put palm. That's it after that many years it's like a family. M last year what's so miraculously and so. On real. Well know who went away it was almost like agreements like Brighton and I thought okay up he'd be a big boy analyst at night I just crashed for couple weeks. Oh you did really I'll end. Yeah all kinds of words stuff their promote life gets the credit to the Battenfeld on the spheres. What's yeah really. Well this is hurt in a terrible turn thank you bet that. And CT one DG six. All right shelves so Roseanne the route basically. Renounced her financial stake in S shows that the show could keep going it was. An effort by served over Time Warner and they got ABC to come around from what I understand. And she gave up a lot so that people could work. Do you can you say. Oh how will be explained on the show will be the same show will pick up same set all of that get out the steps in family. Minus mom. Minus mom. I assume you'll be addressed on the show ya yet what you don't wanna rather wait till next week after with the next week to find out expect that guy the it elected the yet no I would think not. XX XXX at hadn't told anybody accidentally but the two I got interviewed for nothing that was two and on the BBC of London well London is coming here since it. That's not how it goes anymore really doesn't.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The actor admitted that he had a hard time accepting Roseanne Barr's firing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58378616","title":"John Goodman says 'Roseanne' controversy sparked a downward spiral","url":"/Entertainment/video/john-goodman-roseanne-controversy-sparked-downward-spiral-58378616"}