MLB Opening Day 2015: Live at Yankee Stadium Parking Lot

ABC News' Liz Kreutz talks with excited baseball fans attending the Yankees, Blue Jays game.
17:57 | 04/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MLB Opening Day 2015: Live at Yankee Stadium Parking Lot
Hey that's great spirit ABC news happy opening day at baseball season thank you for joining us I am here at Yankee Stadium up in the Bronx. Just about an hour away from the first pitch a very big game to New York Yankees vs the Toronto Blue Jays. That is an opening game home game for us obviously is I apologize about the bias here but I knew I am here right now in the middle the parking lot across embassy amp and meet some friends your tail gating the time they come here every single year for every day yankees. So what you're names of sorry Matt. Now what you guys playing over here is to examine it turns around they can show. It's now is open to replace don't quit the view we just met. The out of the gate is the issues he set up screws or nails in his stump. Like this until just drive position and that you have to have the hapless. Once people out of the game as he could see with all the you know bills that are in their drive only the last person now with him wins. Our unit. Right outlaws those people are pretty good honest who brings the stump. Anybody and we bright this year but. Anybody could very adamant lips. But was picked up you know summing everything but what's the what's the history behind some from college. We are at it. I. Scott and what do you bring every year to that would switching your junkie. Atypical tailgate Fresno we have a grill we got late today that it gets stamped so we got them Beers and waters stairs. You know who supported Clinton in every and anything. Wrong. What you just said about things the era and that mosque here that. I'm excited for my spirits and on the root for because he's got the uniform. But a lot of happy about it. And it's ever parked at the opening day every year. Olds and 1990s thanks. How often was thanks. The it. Here so this is one of the many gruesome getting called overspend and over to another group of people hi guys. ABC news. And I'm just trying to inch I would argue guys hold on. Turned in her. These are my new friends what you guys named Derek. I'm Dan AM what do you guys would you tradition on opening day do you guys come every year come every year and we. Hang on park in Latin going through the first pitch. Yeah tagging along they've been coming since 1970. It's become a sexism. To opening day and what he thinks so special about opening day because the tradition it's the pinstripes. The Yankees. They win every year hopefully. Keeping you're gonna win this year. Always every year the national holiday. He was taking off work to be here at Annapolis note that respect girls and hospital of things some nice guy good luck thank you and him. Critics see some other people the decision guys. I would ABC news. We just trying to you know find out what you doesn't even as excited about opening day today. Coming down since what seventh and. Wouldn't that what was your first game my first opening date your member and it. That's a stretch it. Yeah favorite game bravery opening didn't remember anything today that the girl's feet in the coolers and again. Residents traffic. And what do you Wessex and about today. It's anything. We just want to talk going to win every time we. Be confident and I went. Yeah and it's include the single handedly day like we're in the Bahamas and yeah. Old little. Anxiety thing you yeah. We in the incentive. A hump then. Anyways this is the average winds getting excited here at Yankee Stadium we're still like you know pretty far away from the stadium about a five minute walk but. The first pitch is at 105 Joseph tore day is going to be giving up first hit us and then a band from West Point is going to be. Performing. That the end in the national amp amp I try and find some more. Some were killed eating friends hi guys. I ABC news sign in any way I am and so can I ask you guys and about your tradition. Bear. Tradition and here is in my head every air opening day. Every since the stadium opens how many years not now. Who won't let. And I'm. Going. We got eyewitness unheeded originally I don't know all of his dignity in this stadium actually and why you. What he has many uses a tradition never hear any certain that you always have. Dreams and eat like. We have with each ear flatley. Yeah. Please Ian Johnny hunt and public. Issues I'll handle. Yeah. There's and yeah canyon your awesome on here here. Yeah. And let you most excited about the game when you can out engineer as I can't hear us educate. They'll. Two DUI competent way. It. Here's. Hainan China had seen. In the if you put these in the gift shop next minute now. I don't Wear your love I love you have a mortgage paying you can't as the issues. And brown you know somebody else. That is. Yeah. Your man that I how many men how many men than humans. Even under trees knocked would be here today. I'm yeah. Anyways I'll look remarked yeah. Thanks guys something here is not an injury time and enjoy high. So everywhere obviously has all of their wonderful traditions. You know and whiskey. Yankee shoes and things like that. To go find a car Mike Hanna earlier. There's people would be sad to see they don't have the Yankees car. That another group of people hide it literally decked out little bit of the locks and see how are we get there. But in the meanwhile. You know this isn't really big day across the country 2830. Baseball teams are playing across the country this year today one of the easiest opening days in baseball history. Exit hasn't my colleagues fanned out across the country other. Stadium instituted these days I guy is. Some Obama Zack. Brands around. Odds yeah yeah I want OK time now I I think ABC newsmen live on the Internet right now. Wary eye problems. Nothing if you're entered the government of New Jersey. Yeah. Its northern New Jersey here in New Britain I don't know Jewish Muslim and I didn't see migrant. Yeah I was covering this is the wild thing. Rick you bought it. Yeah and they today I am the wild. OK and not have an action movie making in the what you let me send about today. They're not good. Here now play. And I think Iran. Eight regulates. It pretty I think he's hitting home runs this year. He hitting the clubs. Steroids in about August. After got thirty home. I don't get away because this month contract killers and isn't playing about again. Welcome yeah. Good prediction when Abrams tradition on opening day at zero we're looking like yeah. Right here. He just learned this year 2000 that's great yeah every year. On the back soreness is drinking and not being alert and snowboard Johnson. Russian edition low lying. Coming at you here at the stadium where billboard dot. Hot zone will enjoy. They can do my. He hit guys. Cheney's here and I'm on the Internet right now it when he got 190 yeah yeah yeah. A hole but yeah. Yeah ABC news got hot yeah. I'm from there are on the line. Works OK and you know I wouldn't yeah. Yeah it's an around. Fish and you guys bring it through here. Incidentally yeah whiskey beer and as the murderers. I guess it again. Yeah the Fed going to. Check pop thanks guys. He is that this is the Yankees car. As. All you flag we don't you can commit suicide. You're live on the Internet right now guys yeah. Got the minutes. And lending some talk about this car. This car is going to eat deli and certainly. Thought the other the news aren't on the line as to what act to get this hour. The white she would paint. Adding. Yes. Years largely due to global recession and you isn't one of the kinder and other people get them. Y 88. Dollars 31000 dollars and five dollars and hinted I don't investigate anybody got his. Pounds. You know it's come every day opening day. We come every ailment and every year I'm sorry every year is now second. Clicking on it. If you know anything but anyway the thinking as a have a great time what happened and experience is. That's a good dad and mom. That you guys in July. Aren't it sounds like you know people enjoy in their day it's beautiful day here drinking a lot of fear in a lot of whiskey got a good time. I'm so anyways I'm Steve I can walk. Down across Yankee Stadium to get. Hold I was such. Here let me let DC vote want right here let me your email right here. Some and a walk across plus all my friends you can join me are you talking over there and over again. Like let's talk over together and I locked the as well over the pickles that might make friends and walk over with me here he's just getting mad. Get emails consent in this way. We do it is all kind of off the cot can bet OK opening days though. But the U you know you. Yeah. What's this. Yeah Monday night and you know what it is an Italian him in. What does that. He's. It went welcome my friends down in o'clock. Every. Belongings of the games and. Yeah. Yeah. I'm mind. TV ban. He's okay. He cited for opening day. His first I'm. Three so. And here's opening day Brittany. Person opening day confidently injuring. Pittsburgh behind him. K station. They're cartman. It's not outside of the parking lot my friends to finish up their drinks let's get it finished the drinks over there before you walk on over here. Or in a rock has it right here is the stadium where not too far apartment block people got your pretty early because security's been heightened at all. A Major League Baseball stadiums around the country. So people got here 10:30 AM when the doors opened to get excited every single person. Needs to be screened so there's some tight security it's taking longer and actually I wouldn't even be allowed and not using his cell stick and those are ban. Eighty apple. But Arab. So also now. After the national and in the seventh inning there's going to be another performance Paul Nolan broadway's. Starr is going to be singing god bless America something else look forward to. And of course there's also do it says much more than just the game here today. There's it's really exciting food options which I wish we could show you but we can't go inside with us again so please stick problem is. But any risen to try and turn us around again and show you. You're ready we're ready body. So can't withstand wind and that's the that is now what do you guys think about that now it's good for us you know it's a matter for safety and I. San Diego. Yeah. Bring your seats we aren't 1283 base side feel bubble itself. Paul Williams on things yes you're right. Dinner that's. Meet you. Now we downhill wow I was happy here we'll. I'm down here. I'm forty I'm assuming. Our company. And they're not many people here and now these lines had what police and loud and angry at Atlanta. Sorry we're having technical difficulties I'm told my college. Triangular yard so maybe we get back in the picture. See these pictures. A massive crowds of people these lines are huge and what we're hearing about about the heightened security. Has been the you can really see here these lines are wrapping around moving pretty slowly. My to get excited and every single person is plastic instrument of the Madden metal detector. Which is. We just need beat them here pardon the made easy. The office of Homeland Security. It's probably a good effort a lot of people are very long lines right now. I'm not here. OK don't you. Pictures are going to be. Fine but yeah pretty happy end up looking awfully wonderful opening game where ever. So much and it's great. CNN dot Democrats regain ground work three.

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{"duration":"17:57","description":"ABC News' Liz Kreutz talks with excited baseball fans attending the Yankees, Blue Jays game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"30120104","title":"MLB Opening Day 2015: Live at Yankee Stadium Parking Lot","url":"/Entertainment/video/mlb-opening-day-2015-live-yankee-stadium-parking-30120104"}