Nigel Sylvester Rides Commando

The BMX rider bares it all for ESPN.
7:21 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Nigel Sylvester Rides Commando
The world's best athletes stripped down for ESPN's the body issue and the results. You can -- pretty spectacular. Well this year. For the very first time in the history of the body issue a BMX athlete is featured none other -- superstar Nigel Sylvester and he is with us in the studio today. Wow fully closed behind it was a disappointment for -- for some of our folks in the production control room and build about the way. What about a mile occupy wall Michael -- -- average equity of -- approach you about this what did you say bomb I was nervous yeah but -- I'm excited and honored to be. Song actually do this this is beyond so -- -- -- before -- have done so well I wanna be a part of that group. Arms -- to wit wit so what what makes this different is that. You're looking at athletes you're looking at people that have made name for themselves in careers. Based on that commitment and the dedication that they had to their body -- we finally see. That how that commitment pays -- didn't you see it scores you see rankings but that you actually see the machine that gets you to that night -- than you do and it's it's a blessing and being too late. Fusion body to let the -- -- and accomplish a goal think this incredible slowed just live. Give your body looks like to that -- back -- bill inflate when you showed off to a world realize. Certainly at the same -- you can appreciate. A great -- at the same time you're naked on -- set. The event and mild heart -- -- -- hold on a leg while like this people on that collude. Care assistance this people -- life people in. Everything is doing the things you show up in a row and then all of a signaling OK you've got ten minutes and -- that's that's all over again so it can give you the simple cool all white robe with -- the body issue in the back -- it. An omelet you with a -- to this that -- words the actual mark and then they say -- -- and take the robe -- and action. And -- and and you you take a roll up and I mean you hear people making comments on the site you were you like what I. To me that would be the first to like I would be listening for select some Snickers and some G I mean well. Honestly all did what all the -- that they've been looked away. When a man I don't know how the actions of the -- and not by the metal -- that the way. All but is that in their right into the you know -- -- and your portable to strangers and ride. -- fully nude wreck right -- -- but it's great because there. Actually being the most comfortable ultimately -- -- -- salute him almost comfortable element but -- naked slow flow Laurie news. Deep did you ride what you're shooting sensitive you -- those who you -- because -- -- it because listen I've seen some of the stuff that you do you on this bike which is incredible and it looks incredibly dangerous it is. If you make the wrong slip. And with on -- kind of protection on. He that's what we practice they'll mark -- I think -- leave -- -- added to the Martha radio my actions the nobles who would not put on the fully practice so much like he dialed. It's which had a little bit you're from New York you're from queens one of -- and that despite reaching the success that you've reached in the BMX world. You still ride around New York City on your bike yes everything that the desire to -- -- you're dodging cabs cabs buses. -- potholes and you're good you're told you're totally comfortable at home with the -- those kinds of -- so far away with in this mentally -- have a great time like this it's one we've. What I'm Bridget -- -- bridge Iraq. All the time -- -- that -- Bristol right -- you probably dodged me maybe two definitely but I mean this is how when did you start writing I'll but my whole life on the via what hostile to -- -- and make serious when I was twelve Devoe. And since I thought -- than a bicycle now is how the young I was I noticed that are still love it like the feeling that still so -- so enjoyable for me that. I want to muscle that was ultimately. He we can see obviously an eleven dedication you got a new face of your cruising through the streets of -- -- worst injury. Men all of that this question. A home. -- -- -- -- -- And those wanted to look -- a birthday gift on this -- it into perspective is that -- gave me and understand exactly what I'm -- -- went with my life and alone. Gaining clarity. At 1919. And I think it is slow you down at all I mean home. At had to reset fellow going on about and I was doing well but -- -- -- -- and prepare muscle for a moment. Mom living now right. This was -- is because the body issue. That that the tag for ESPN's body issue is bodies that we want from an earlier this year Prince Fielder first baseman for the Texas Rangers that you saw the issue -- an -- He was on the cover -- -- -- lot of reaction got a response on that because you look at this and this is the body that is really more like the rest of us. The times though the past six years though it has been well tone well defined well muscled sort of -- achieve that you which is why we slave away at the gym or you know. You know hide ourselves from the refrigerator whatever what is different about that -- -- -- you can make -- decision to -- -- with -- -- great -- great athlete -- -- as -- You know the fact that on the way and did that and sold on the side of it as well -- you know he's he's been tremendous -- You know and can put -- up about this I mean he -- -- -- -- criticized for in the people in the states and things but to a social media and the threat without our respect and for respects those from is different well. So it's not just on this magazine which are off on the cover of another magazine you have -- All of this morning. And owls on the cover of trans world rugby -- magazine nice and it's it's been a long time. Coming from mutilate did that -- in the from that magazine. You -- -- you -- be an accident the sports getting more trashing anymore room and more the visibility that is that is our home. More kids arriving via -- on CB Mets won't let them let me if you -- and I think the important -- wanna see must for -- like a love is so much and I wanted to show what the world. And -- all the way to show the world besides live in the lead bringing them into our culture -- and -- You know what it is the two men like. A field to a life. The majority of people have ridden a bike before they funding to understand the feeling run the bicycle -- -- -- soldiers connect them back to that feeling and let him understand why would do what we do. Yet. I read some that you went to get the president on -- BMX by a do. Traffic ticket three invitations out there if -- Hey you add your response -- had heard anything -- Cuba maybe -- it'd be right -- is that I could be magnetic could be so what is next for it. -- -- -- dealing with the summit yet it's beautiful in initiative right now. Bombs the most level and in get rid of the back to -- in the wintertime accident for the project coming up like -- keep -- the surprises but -- home. That looked out ominous echo the words of your mother -- him don't you Wear your helmet. Not -- investor on the cover obvious yet thanks much for stopping two.

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