NRA Lobbyist Says Lawmakers Supporting Gun Control Push Will "Pay A Price For It"

Contentious fight over gun control on Capitol Hill sparks outrage over Second Amendment rights.
4:17 | 06/20/16

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Transcript for NRA Lobbyist Says Lawmakers Supporting Gun Control Push Will "Pay A Price For It"
Today the senate is set to vote on a new gun bill amendments that would and measures like expanding background checks and alerting authorities and someone is on a terror watch list. Or tries to obtain firearms. Now I'm last tape meant that boat that we're talking about right now that's both we have expect. Is just to agree. On what Lang weigh it should bail let the senate vote on that when it comes up for a vote on Wednesday. Pet that but I can't sell it. But not that could happen. So people are like what what the hell. Do any of these have what we don't know because we don't know what the new light would just like today so. I would just. King in the wind when NRA is against any kind of background checks or any kind of stop gaps in the gun. In the gun lawyers and since they've given already 400000 dollars to mostly Republican candidates in the senate and the house. I doubt that anything will happen because there in the pocket of big gun lobby and went the way they don't cut over the weekend that nineteen lobbyists. Can you put this information back three please. I hate to be a bond. That what a good guy. They are you over the weekend the chief lobbyist from the NRA warned that any lawmakers who support new gun control measures quote. Will pay the price for it so maybe it's up to us as the citizens. To say. Anyone who votes act against. These. Issues that will save lives may say blacks may change. Confident Finney some common this. It's three and they have fourteen million dollars in their coffers and so they're saying you vote against him to take that money away for new it goes to show you. How politics and money go hand we've gotten settled. We'll run for. Has represented asked and I think what's so crazy is like the gun show loophole. Every one universities and think 90% support universal background checks. What is wrong with someone having a three day wait. If they want to purchase a gun the rebates what's what's so well with fat and I have. Very partisan bills are not expected to pass but I am encouraged to hear that I'm senators Susan Collins from Maine is spearheading. Bipartisan negotiations they don't have anything on paper but she's trying to get something died. That will be bipartisan and have a good chance he's out of their reelection so she can afford to be braved the rest of them a bunch of chicken. Chickens. Well I don't need. The cast aspersions on the poultry in this world do you think that I let them that we have to take responsibility to you know I think one point about dubbed Wayne Lapierre. Yesterday the NRA gotten struck me about how all these people you know all of them are saying is Donald Trump in particular that everybody in Orlando they should all had guns at home. They should go okay why they allow guns of the Republican Convention that they have barred the guns in the Republican control. It's a safe have guns in this month closing dynamite that's why don't they have thank you know why because the Secret Service will not allow it well. Then why with a Secret Service allow guns in any enclosed building. In any convention. I can't help but very well but at what gene you won't. I don't want to do the see what your hair is always like. I'm. I'll do a lot of I I have to write ups in our. Weddington what's your point is well taken and the bottom line is listen. If it is so saints out you know I'm an exit what I want to I youth somebody did have a gun there. And it didn't isn't it connects are the security guard had a gun and in the dark since clearly nobody goes to clubs bear. You can't really seeing cooling your shoe that that's why they got shot randomly that's why he shot the way he did OK let's be realistic. If you're enough you can see everything made me what you think you be common up until it's out.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Contentious fight over gun control on Capitol Hill sparks outrage over Second Amendment rights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39995923","title":"NRA Lobbyist Says Lawmakers Supporting Gun Control Push Will \"Pay A Price For It\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/nra-lobbyist-lawmakers-supporting-gun-control-push-pay-39995923"}