OJ Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark on New FX Series

Prosecutor Marcia Clark discusses the real American crime story behind "The People v. O.J. Simpson."
8:25 | 02/03/16

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Transcript for OJ Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark on New FX Series
Jury in the above entitled action find the defendant Orenthal James Simpson not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of penal code section 180 sevens. A a felony upon Nicole Brown Simpson. Who can forget. Add to start verdict in the trial of the century 21 years adopt. It dressed OJ prosecutor Marcia Clark into the media spotlight it now the new miniseries. The people vs OJ Simpson American crime story has made it a hot topic. All over again. So has she watched it. Now we'll find out let's ask a please welcome Marsha clock. So this mini series very interesting I mean it covers a lot of details a lot of. The key players advance you seen a couple of the episodes what do you think. I think it's amazing it is really amazing I can't watch it. The way most people do for me it's really living a nightmare you know it's just awful you know every bit of it is awfully hard for me. Just very painful experience and yet I have to tell you kind of that's a measure of how good it is. Right that it hurts that much because it tells you that they're in they're getting the big stuff so right and I'm. Actually super impressed Ryan Murphy had the vision and the guts to pull out the important issues and talk about them in a way that. People I don't know whether they were afraid to or what. But finally they did they they really nailed the racial issue in the biggest way. Possible in good any people will talk that's a good thing. And sexism. A big no one wanted to talk and write the S word never happened and no one wanted to talk about it eagle when I get the lecture tour. Women would stand up and say to me hello I didn't feel any sexism in the workplace were good for you. You know but you know. And he did that and I think that took guts and vision and so it's an amazing job and then of course. I got the gift of all time being played by Sarah Paulson asked. Out of power for tray Allen you know hot. So this is hard to read it please know what not patting myself on the back I know it's not me I think you know maybe I know what's her she's phenomenal. But nominal I mean I'm she always be enacted a big fan of hers for a million years and so when I heard accused playing me it was kind of up okay hundred. Having it doesn't get any better than that you can't hope for better and she's amazing. What are at a beautiful new wants subtle performance he's just phenomenal. Really getting if nothing else watch for her performance because she's an after she filmed it she wanted to meet with Yale. And you guys got together had that meeting go with the I was actually a little break you know they say don't meet your heroes because you know they can really be disappointed she surpassed all expectations. She is the funniest sweetest nicest most brilliant person it with a best time to close the restaurant down and Heatley had what it was really just a wonderful experience she's. Phenomenal and is really great to meet somebody who's beautiful on the outside and be inside just feels. Called Wallace didn't release it shows sees sees a spectacular actions. Personally I wanna sit one of the things that. I think will really give people some perspective Imus. Is her portrayal of that you because there was so much going on in your life my god and so you know one of the seems they've been. Really come and knock me out and it it still bothers me. To this day it is assuming you have with Ron Goldman's dad where he basically says. Is it only gonna always be about OJ and Nicole and no one is talking about my signed right and in fact. This story. Even then the re watching of it. He's lost snap up me. There's a great line that they put in they gave to Fred Goldman's character I when he says my son's murder is a footnote. You know as I practiced paraphrase a bad guys watch it you'll see me being and it's a heart wrenching scene isn't it eloquently I felt the same way. This is heartbreaking thing you know it's one that I want you remember this I want everyone to remember hits and you race to that point. Look it's great that we're having these discussions about this very important issues it's wonderful. But let's not forget that two innocent people were murdered whatever you think of Simpson's guilt yet they're they're killer was never brought to justice you know and that that that painful reality we should not forget. I talk about you a lot of times on the panel we talk about women having at all and at the time of the trial he had this big trial let your personal life was falling apart. Right you had to divorce that was going on in the custody battle with your two sons if I'm correct. How did you not go crazy. ID she did I guess I didn't really I really didn't have time really think. I mean if I could have pencil thin air didn't lack in editor's break down next week but I can't really you know I just the literally didn't. And it's one of those things I couldn't. My had to stay focused and and so it was kind of like there's would there is no other choice and I'm why did you become a prosecutor in first place Atlanta. Yes good question so I started as a criminal defense lawyer. And actually and defending again now and doing appellate work for the indigent. But. I it was because of the victims I wanted to protect the victims. It at that point in my life let you know what that that that is more important to me their so many that and I want to do right by them I want to take care of them so. I became a prosecutor. And Marsha have a question now there's a whole new generation of people that are experiencing this through this series and then there are people like myself who grew up only watching it on the TV they're far. Playing up a courtroom. How accurate are the layers of the emotions behind the scenes in the series when you watch Sarah Paulson and some of the emotions she's playing of the U wean the shock the all the tears actually we never see that so this is new for us. So right OK so behind the scenes again you know look this is a thing trial where it's all know you can't show anything. You have to have a poker face you know and and bully and believe me if I had cried in court can you imagine what they would have said. Things are bad enough guys but but she's playing the on the inside beautifully you know Amy the pain and end the Andy. Frustration. And the disbelief. In what was going on the circus that was going on. Where it felt like. Every wrong thing that could happen was happening so I think they got those layers very very well Sarah really picked up on it just beautifully. What else have a question could your featured in ESPN's films thirty for thirty man this miniseries called OJ made in America. Without June can't wait for that as well we have a clip where members of OJ's inner circle. Discussed how the speech his speech is home to appeal to all black jury and I think we have that at plus a look at that. He overwhelming majority of pictures. Caucasian friends we had an African American jury. And we wanted to make sure. That the home Saturday. Liberal black. We'd all the white friends down. Call this black people pictures. He probably never seemed. He cast. That's what we were told the jury. Shocking as that jury tampering and they as sort of indirect jury tampering with it not jury tampering but it's certainly during manipulating regularly and it's tampering actually with the C. It's tampering with the scene so I'm I knew that that happened. Because I have walked through Rockingham on the day after the murders and saw what was on the walls. And so when we went that day for the jury view the lawyers walked through first. And I saw that everything was changed completely changed and I went outside and I said to the judge I wanna hearing right now we had a hearing on the front lawn. And I swore in the detectives to talk about the way it look as I said this is nothing like the way it looked in the jury should not be allowed inside. Because it's not the same seat if you want to see his house seeing his house but don't do this and the judge. Overruled me of course. I was just keeps getting. I want an issue here's why can tell everybody that after that trial you have written for crime novels and your fifth. Blood defense will be released this makes house I like wow. So far she thought if members of our chance to going home with her new novel blood.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Prosecutor Marcia Clark discusses the real American crime story behind \"The People v. O.J. Simpson.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36692104","title":"OJ Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark on New FX Series","url":"/Entertainment/video/oj-simpson-prosecutor-marcia-clark-fx-series-36692104"}