Go Inside the World of Professional Gaming

Professional video game players can pull in a six-figure income as the gaming industry grows in the US.
2:04 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Go Inside the World of Professional Gaming
It's a past time -- thinking is symbolic of slackers of teenager is killing time. But video gaming is now a professional. Sport complete with pro gamers who make a living at this. Some making six figure salaries. -- a lot of friends are pretty jealous because -- strictly implement. Will Hartmann admits his job as a professional -- sounds like all fun. But explains he and his legal legends teammates lived together and focus countless hours on perfecting their -- The son Justin now master -- they -- takes a lot of discipline because we don't practice with sort of a goal and things you want to accomplish. And this is big business not just for the players -- wrong. Huge audiences so much so there is an entire online broadcast network dedicated to it welcome to the -- jobs five. Major League gaming operates and broadcast competition events that draw thousands of spectators and sell out arena. And and -- focuses on the day's highlights from gamers playing at home. You want to -- your favorite team your favorite player to see how they're doing seeing how they're performing and you know just like sports center. Buddy. Our -- them. All going to stand -- news on home home Jason Kendall my uncle can make up to a couple of thousand dollars a month. -- doing X. The father and son streamlined to the Internet and congressman -- Running ads in offering a subscription to fans who log in to watch -- play call of duty twelve. Sixty -- -- -- nonsubscribers. The back and actually have a college fund because of gaming. That's business. The profits aren't the only things so many think is awesome about this industry. Next month for the first time. Has -- some say that gaming is one step closer to becoming a mainstream and scored. -- Gonzalez ABC news new York. And.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Professional video game players can pull in a six-figure income as the gaming industry grows in the US.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23803561","title":"Go Inside the World of Professional Gaming","url":"/Entertainment/video/professional-video-game-league-major-league-gaming-world-23803561"}