Ryan Michelle Bathe discusses her role in BET’s 'First Wives Club'

The actress talks her new role, 'black love' and upcoming projects.
23:10 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for Ryan Michelle Bathe discusses her role in BET’s 'First Wives Club'
Kenneth millions ABC radio of course always excited to have a Mellon native queens sitting right across from me. And cry and missed out act say. So good to have you how are you doing I'm so glad to be here I'm great how are you. Weather but you know let me get through it because the talking you. Great series I get you talk about reason is on BE ETE new streaming sermons he clung. Launches on September 19 along with this theory first wife's. And pat gray hat a time but. Definitely worth it so first and foremost and not worry you're a fan of the original. Com lady. And what are your thoughts when it was first introduced Q because times. People always feel like we want to mess with the good being the other original look so good and I I'm dying Ki moon you know. Now. Asked rioters had mettler. All the time yet you know yell. A Hayes sell didn't it is okay there's a lot yes I was the huge fan of the very first movie. Armed and what I love about this is that this is not a reader may. I am also a fan of like he can come up with something original we saw that irony is eating. But when you think about the first wives. And you think about what it was actually about it's really sort of like a basic story that's all many women go through whether they had the first wife the second might not a white ours girlfriend I mean I know a lot of like you know. Starter wives and girlfriends who elect women of Nevada and she got in. Cell I think that. For us this is not this is this is I think we use first wives club the movie as a jumping off point because he can't eat you can't mess with perfection. You can't not rape you can't redo it but you can pay and pay homage to you know you can say. See which did ladies and men in taking gonna take it to the next let you know what I mean and I think it's more that and trying to redo the movie. Absolutely and contemporary type with that in mind you know something that's so believable as you mention it really touches on the dynamic of three different women from three different bases in any kind of what they're dealing with as wise former wives. In that process now you'll see as the episodes unfold kind of what's going on and and I want. Uncle Walt up I do have to see this from Traci Oliver Barack. And strip hello. Oh yeah yeah yeah and then Tyler Perry's and we know that two powerhouses. And new console when you kind of yelled says okay all of board. What your first inkling was like okay now I know on the part of this. Can do I need to like no Annie they would do any type of prerequisites that you had jumping on board saying oh am and I wanna be a part of that is. But I need input on my character with anything already planned out for you because I get your character. (%expletive) that's some really really good question wolf first fox mr. Perry was not involved because initially we were not on BT Platt writes all a lot of that. A lot of lot of shifting and changing thing so mr. Perry is definitely involving BT plus you're gonna need his whole catalog offense like he was not necessarily him cock and our shadow in the creation inner anything in our show harsh it was dying. And then it sort of transpired over going to be worked in his. We'll match he's at the very magical man by his magic didn't having you with effort. I can't act becoming only the right pieces or does the entrees I give credit where credit is due Paul Tracy Holland has her brain child they came to her. And they were like we're gonna do in this what's your spin on it and she just had this what I feel it is a really genius and and sell you know it's funny because that was. I don't think that was my pre requisite that was my kind of harks Tracy and I sat down offers all the top marathons. And and we sat down and realize I was dealing with the bottom Melanie clean my god felt like I was not only dealing with the Melanie clean but I was dealing with somebody who knew how to showcase. Are clean and need leaks. Mellon need to mess Vietnamese she was really clear outlook like this is a woman who I have to believe hasn't experience of being. At some point in her life ever involved in the African American community and culture are. Right like a lake that's something that you cannot teach you know whether you need to be the best actress on the planet by. In LU goddess you gotta study and immerse yourself in a culture and a lot of times. That doesn't happen because I mean who has time to be like oh I'm from a star Eminem gonna pretend to be black in. Imus many year just hanging out with some black girls like that time for that. So I am you know obviously a black woman I have. Black friends I have been black pretty much all of my life. Ford time I thought as Barry's opponent starts. Point is is that that my name when Tracy sat down in an explained to me how important it was that this story. You really rooted in the African American experience an African American woman experience and sisterhood. And how important that was to her than I was like. Everything else is great soul and yes old things that. In me. Now look at your your character on his and his attorney now she's helping her husband and as he takes physics at the right around rally Montgomery. I am I so dynamic because you know you you see her kind of you know compared contracted anyway. But I think like a fixer to some degree you all right it's kind of like figuring out beings and you know obviously was with her husband initially didn't do them Aaron and he and the role she played. Now. Her friend. Let's terror so she kind of nudges herself there's aerial images and has turned out. Feet hurt kind of reclaiming her voice as far as what she who she is in the scent of this power house. To me in mind though not talk about a preparation for this role because. I think that sometimes I assume that there's always a little bit of the character. And you deny he embarrassed so wasn't anything that you Giroux for what specifically can really put on this type of you know. Faith. Yeah you know how tiny I am. Amy graduate. Leniency in Virginia university and if all of my friends are not doctors they're lawyers like. Litter at least is Gil I am prime minister Rory. And I am my my my line sisters literally it's we've got to surgeons. And a lawyer. You know Hochul and in the other she wanted to be doctors and decided to do other things that their lives you know. And there's me who's you know is damaging odd ball. But so I I I had a lot I watch. Very carefully and how to up close seat to what it was Steve little loss limit was two. You know that journey for women and to the women in my life that you know I I admired so much you know my sorority sisters and friends and and so I had I didn't realize that going into but I army had a lot to drop. You know because I had this sort of like Barry very powerful women in my life that had to sort of been watching as the odds of growing our careers. And so I I instantaneously sort of new hard instantaneously knew her life and her world and you know it's interesting because she's. We've we've when Mimi her hasn't been that long that they've been she's been that's critical political way and she's wearing two hats it I think is what makes her sort of like. Crack in the end is because not only is she his wife seed to beat his political wife which I don't think that she's really like. In two but she's also his campaign manager. Two very different things we learn nothing from misses us. But you know those are two different things and she has the play these two hats and yes to be his boss but she also has to take a backseat. Because that's what political wives do and so I think we'll Mimi her she has all of this energy in all of this you know. Vin and vigor and she wants CNN and she wants to fix things but she's being. She hasn't been. Given a choice you know because she wanted to be the dutiful wife says she said OK but she really does not want to run hits and one run his campaign but you know Ari is. Good it pretty much everything she does. As a that's kind of like her her Achilles heel is being good at things that people put it on Aaron really you can do it and she's a cat I can do it. But you can ask me if I'm wanted to do. And that's the difference and I think that's when we meet as this this character she's literally asking herself the DG ask me I want to. Amy you know I I financial adjusting because you know again I want people understand that you relate emotional it's not just. A black comedy series comedies anybody Kimberly two absolutely and so that you know you understand. A little bit why she does what she dies you understand the pressures that she as she wants. You are fairly be successful chewing their homes and get where he wants to be commended meantime she's awful itching to really he. Beat this firecracker that she so used to beat ice bank. You obviously. The whole theory back on the episode to get back and I want you for me to check it out because it's so worth while the mean the fact. You feel but it does flare I'll mention the dinner now wrap. Yeah. And I at but again just talking as a whole I think this you're usually brings together something that people can can watch and enjoy just laugh but also kind of like a meaningful. Type of messages well that's about working with these ladies hello Larry it really great to watch on three and Jill I'll. How might mention he's far. Oh yeah that's great tight I get dynamic with the three of you you Brazil we appearances. Amazing singer performer. She kind of take the little knots from that. I have been a Morrison car and they aren't his hair Carrick to guarantee dad she's out she's very very quirky love I owners stay yeah he had OK we don't talk about how you guys kinda came together mean did you come together to kind of you know I do this anymore chemistry read history dating him mystery all time and we did not it's not. We didn't feel OK so initially. I donated to as a back story of where we went where where where we were initially but initially we had a January 20 in nineteen air. So Tracy was given his project it was like hurry up cast hurry up right hurry up she because we're going to be ready in January and she was like great that's in four months. You're right. So that's literally no time like anybody who's in. I mean it doesn't mean joining a new enemy of eighty degree program content. So he knows is she really was under the gun so heart casting process was writing and casting in creating. And doing all of us up at the same time and today just wasn't. The luxury of a of a chemistry read and we got really lucky because we sat at that table I mean truly the last week that we set at that table read and it was like. Like you could. Be all you can feel it. Me Michelle Jill and and and fortunately. Were also different but we all share a common. Idea about what sisterhood is you know on a mean and I think that was that's rare but it's also the basis that all three of us have started from. And sell and you know I love the fact that way you know home where three women. That art is you don't see all of this it's not you know you Jill we know her obviously is is amazing performance and cottages. I'm an anybody SeniorNet in concert says that but. You know Michelle came from the comedy world and I can't you know I'm an actor and see you're all actresses but. I don't feel like weird three faces achieve seen over and over and over and play the same role over and over and over again you know so there's such. Isn't interesting in new flavor today shell because of that the Korean Massimo we bring and it's so specific. That's why I think every month and eleven because of more specific you get them more universal artists now and again I'm happily paying September 19 which tackle which he plans not very for an end to watch are out and make party out of it honestly is going to be the kind of thing the cheering on a one. The you don't want to talk about this that next day say you may as well have a party seeking top about it as soon as the show was over and if you want to bantam and taken down. You know does saying it not happened yet gotten through more things than. And there are so physically like watching a moon the MR. You're wearing now talking about just you know having a party having a lot of fine. You know you have so much fun with your husband's in the I think because I was watching black low. I'm always soul I follow couple goals this and the ferry how. It feels to be in this bases the I can't imagine people Conte did let. I love your donation. Yeah issue I can tell me about animation right. But. UUS. Currently have been you know kind of featured on have you al-Qaeda. Conversation about what's Dylan young. It's incredibly so every call because I'm lake. Appointed. Expert than anything our laws and are less fire that partisan part of we don't know all right we can rapidly you know along. Just like everybody out I don't like some people of Iraq Michelle like David Newhan it. Why isn't the reason I'm as long as we have they got a key it's crazy they're good like you know I mean like I kind of like eggs jinx and Meehan a little bit about like. Let me get my kids raised lest they may again another time when he years and then I humid night. OK and this is this is what to do so here you listening yes listen to me and I don't indictment like but right now I feel like is that it's a little bit like what they call the impostor syndrome. It's a little bit like that because he'd only did Blackwell we just love we love them so much Unita mean that Chordiant commoner like amazing. And they just I just by. We were just time optimism Hugh blank people who had a cute little blanking you don't think he. Went garrote anywhere and make. For the black love will you address that how. No way I had no idea was going to be broadcast in the homes and bring a body of the day. As so it's a little bit. Overwhelmingly. Says surreal in a little impostor syndrome because you know we go through staff and our ups and Aaron Townsend. Sometimes as a part of me that wants its sweet about it but I will you know he did this. Though I doubt the allow about it and now he is eating up all. But isn't it like a bad but they now have begin with there. If I sometimes that petty in meeting is like okay Ryan. May be sweaters and a complete food and your marital grievances. So yes it but it is very serene and it's it's also I can feel Angela I had to think it's off off fleece me you know when ninety's come they are you know Webber and their display. You know I have a union in some nice people are so cute they did sneak attack that might. And who don't know me and I know you got to land going home right now perhaps when a team on those of you real littlest thing Q could you keep going go keep price first all right almost eight. They go it. Executed. It is usually without light you know add to his older black lady managed comes you know. You know like they're gonna press a little peace amid a permit in hand leg room key Christ's birth you'd end up hope. I guess this visit the can be yeah. Baghdad has Goldman don't you don't want Lleyton who get into that now meet the need to tickle me because you know. It's interesting I I know you guys actually worked together before I mean in. Well. Board to where you're interested in order to kind of like the oh how sweet to golf separately. Let me. Carrey's about that you have been acting as a Democrat nominee who is something that you look forward to as an actor. Yeah I do a hundred peed yeah. Hi I'm sorry I went it will first moment. Stamper together. And and we went MI you together we didn't go together like. All we're together so let's go to the same schools we met at Stamford has started dating we both ended up at in my year. Seoul. I may have a great deal of respect and love for him as an actor I do for all of my classmates and my EU and it is is. It is eight joy and a pleasure when I can work with my classmates graduated. Confrontation you know grad school is only sixteen of us and every last one of them is I wish I could name them on out and I'll forget somebody in the and that person you'd remaining. But they are all some of the most talented people that I've ever met and I've ever had the privilege of working went and so anytime I get if I could if I can do. I don't know improbable on the corner with anyone of them I would so it would be nothing but vigilant to be able to work with sterling as an actor because. You know I don't see him as husband our father or anything I just I might call you like it's just pure. That that hue or artistry. He met with I would. Anti U what does all not know them Iron Man Allen. Let me. Higher telling me England in the shade thank you I imagine life. I love that I loved and now I I know we have to go on the on the. Scene one at united check out September 19 replies I'm of this woman right here she and that you make it latch it crap food. But you enemy he built them sayings and in addition that I was reading a little bit you have another project coming up that was announced. I soon learned the still we need to eat eat eat. It's based in New York it's about this couple that meet new York and I don't want to that there star crossed lovers. And Sylvie is played by Tess Townsend she's the it tight tickets tickets should teach it and act at. How do digesting for Downton Abbey SI amp and you know it's when I read it I just with play. I remember reading dampening down I think this is the sweetest Villa after Iran aids just it's like a it's like a little jewelry box of movie needs just sell it sparkles and she's amazing tacit is like outside. I'm you are. Everything that you seem to be on screen and more like she's just sort extraordinarily generous and and I didn't have any scenes with Nnamdi he was. Producer and star and he told me don't ever do that I sit as checking to see how he feels. May he act his sister actually went to Stanford and I knew her and had no idea that you know these many years later we would all sort of re connect. General idea in fact in my. But it's just this eats in the end though the man Eugene who wrote it directs to -- he knows this world so instantly because it's about through -- how he grew up in his mother and you know his aunts and their friends and how they would stress in the 60s50s and sixties and like you jazz. In the big inning Jad is an amazing backed up for anything in and it's you know new York and is the fifties and sixties and it's as did it says this woman who decides. That she's gonna have more and her life and how she goes about that and how she fits love in the parent. And this beautiful love story I mean it's just I I really I I I am so proud of it and I've even seen it yet but I'm really really proud of. Now can you talk about your dollar is not a cinemanow viral is very I I play. Her mentor was actually what I really really loved about Ari. And so she didn't berg I'm coming from radio and television. And sheep behind this black woman out of nowhere who just happens to be like ones that I had of Hari knowing and needs and assisting and it's about the you know she kind of grooms her and she you know separates her and it's like in it's so wonderful to see that this is how we got to where we are eight. One person but that one person was like Newton I'm taking you with me. You know that's how we that's helped any of us art anywhere you Meese sitting here late quite literally it's because. However many years ago some meaning black woman who had a van who had not even I don't classy unaware they came from a brick wall. Yeah I mean you know would you it looks like pig like clear. But now it by Garrity is don't crosses line but somebody was at how many take you right. To the line. So you push that line a little bit further and now we're in this sort of amazing time in this. You know we've we get to sit here do all these wonderful things but it's only because somebody came first and brought somebody with them. Sound. Green mean now there's an oddity and yet right. And well we leaving early tiny tiny. Only eighteen were jumping into Newton. About it and then doing Google at about that at. It's it's it's that's. Good story plot lines. Weak the beautiful. Between me Phil Lee you time and ours. Or. Sad and now -- game. BT plus for those of you who didn't like a case it because a lot of people are still got might amount mother like. Its own. Online Allard hammers the BET plus you're not going to be able to find it on BET Allen cared ET channel thirty off forty wherever you they do not get on beads he don't turn your TV thinking that the are now. You heard it here are it is going to be on BET plus which is the streaming. Platforms you I have to get half or get on a computer or dealer Smart TV have you wanna do but please don't turn on channel article or speaking OCR's wives club in this I I I theme I am not telling us stories BT Platt. They ICI Netflix by laughing at the out. Yeah yeah they are now Manning had a month I did not help but that prize I would native born and nabbed by Tina nun and a nine month been well worth it because the all of this marinated greatness moving down on food at her own. There. Can't line signing off thanks again for letting me talk to me. Gotta go public you know due September 19 earth why aren't.

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