Terry Crews on how being hungry helped him become a successful actor

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star stopped by ABC News' "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to discuss his diverse career and artistic interests.
25:11 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Terry Crews on how being hungry helped him become a successful actor
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's popular in the culture and one pop more. Then Brooklyn nine. Which is going tomorrow night to end season for happily renewed for season five so my guest here Terry crews. You're happy guy you did you did you do the chorus girl or it ripples when you get pregnant. Belly. Super happy we just got news or are the season. We already had 91 episodes in the now we get to crossover. In June the hundreds of missiles and appropriately. Students. Chicago. Huge celebration. On 99. Episode which means all sense what happened. Broken 99 when they celebrate. I don't know I don't know what that play physical Peabody the inevitability idea relievers burgers now hundred episode residuals beer billions billions. Georgia 8 1000000 o'clock in them out there D'Amato law. In this climate. The you know when people say they episodes people's. You know. Yeah he's right you know it's really a new climate where you it's very rare that you so reads an episode Wednesday. So this year. Counsel her fans love the show and we want to keep it. You well you will have to I'm watching the muscles ripple and I'm thinking. What does that have. You have to be happy. Richard F percolate. Patrick Hercules Italian people had seen an average year don't win go about it. I just threw everything. There what. Six years old when you woke up and and now this is what happened I had no girlfriends. About the diesel noted that drugs album alone an oath and other. It look this little boy who they have not be. And if bill corporate leaders adults and just do stupid things premiere and it depressed all be twelve Euro over the general. With those getting to do this Oklahoma or not it's just that there's no way for the order to do that. Oh it's well no I was well but but the Eagles should I have heard. And it starts very small. We wouldn't need an electrical prods. That you always have the energy they. Do they come. It comes from its is that my energy sees. Google will but to make a decision to be happy at the Tate the day in what happens if you don't take every day. Eventually put here now to take. You would you how to be you don't understand so all day. Unit or the rest like few weeks and months and years and you don't realize you're the ticketed every day. So is the decision. About a lot Google it because appealing. And that is that's like bears you know I've liked breaking news into everything in America that it's. Yielding. But you decide to be in. It out of AF once magic where is all about a year Marie after one what you're saying it I'm agreeing with you I liked it one. Do you mean you're not found out who happy yeah you aren't but the feelings. Some days it's a great or. And he. Don't know if you go by the circumstances and you go about what's around obviously and uses along with way the whatever I decide today. It's going to be good and you may get a good look at what's good what's query of what's happening. Start to realize OK and all of sudden. You know feelings follow actions this pillar OK but I am talking Terri Crist I'm happy. Well just go with that. Let's talk a little bit about your character because it is the last season four you're not gonna tell me now because what lies about what actually happens on shall write I'd love this Sargent because. You know the dying had a real weight problem this he Adam me your weight problem and he always I'm surprised you're not eating this popcorn. Concord. They have never had odd ball idea complexities and then there was its when it retired. Basically the always known as and a what happens. Way news via the press. There's something that happened. You sit there like used to be it's. And would like Jews call the transition and every one knows what it is an entity that's a lot of football players that you see in the news. A hard time going through. The transition. Is that it's used because of the news into the case that were. It you giant Houston where the life and all of a sudden they don't know inane building in numbers are enough things like the buyer. And I want the depressive. Well do. That was set up our number one. Is back would have busted videos like today a local get a video get a movie is an area in eat hamburgers. It. Holy. You know cookies and gain. Remember. My wife came up it's my. And I'll by the way. And I was mad at our and its QQ. I don't like. I don't. Touch me bodied man. With them being. How big NC Mosul the gain since Little League but it was the Russian. Lot of you being and any problem with eating a lot to do more with. You know and I discovered. It just changes. And I went into the didn't work out there cents and a that they you know what you'd be. When you're working now are doing something else you this in the news that you do what is going on yeah you know it's used. Listen to audio books will be argue the like the that's in the history you'd. Stuff like you know is planning to buy in schools you don't like you don't you don't believe it and I don't. Own. And our world war two's. Audio book is that it's okay. I never stopped joins. Us that things. It's Waban about seeing where a lot of people when school would like armed government agree to a bill like never I'm never going to stop learns grabbing a book. Learning something that is there way now people usually hears me now out and lay around I don't have to do this no well right. What's your secret. He ZG. I'm sorry you call yourself Terry you. It's because of planning and scary very. Friday with the Q you. A terror. Am. All man. What do it okay. It's. No purpose and yours is seeing. Program. It was it was it was I think with the pew or. Abject terror into the care. What it is translated to what is oh. Outlook birth date world ever. Were actually scared me years. After that. The economy. Companies you know illustrate. You're expendable and he you know. One would. Machine guns and depth clarify is but. It's weird. Comedies now. But that means it's it is government. You know that maybe it's not like ten years history you know and he was living. The way. In all its economy. It corrects. You did at that he. Had his moments. There. I loved him mold because he had a price. You know things I was starting. The vote me I throw away. I didn't think. It's acute. And she. Thought. And what's so amazing them. I was. Holds the awards show would go though those heartless. The we were. The so awesome this guy comes up to me out of nowhere in news. He's crying. He's. Always wanted to be each and it's you know low with. He's that you were mine example. Of a to me. And live the gated big if like me this is awesome you know you don't Knoll. How you're influencing. You know what I mean that it was ago. Hear them and the walls the but it's one oh I'm sure time is probably 1213 fourteen. You know it's like I don't know that influence in the large scale him. That a character elect for people especially in American public low and didn't experience. There. New Zealand. In it was just he was in tears and just admit it is it is wise we to do it made so. What you today like you've got five kids by an agreed order for tomorrow for girls it's. Seven program mine. One. Does to buy an eight. You know mr. brown when that's right all right all you had no change. Bear and threats of weapons if you can. More. Human being. There's the guys to. Masculine. He comes if it weren't we all in the oh port with a lot of anti. None of them. All is that all that's the nightmare it's a shower don't. You know well too much validity of the problem. Area. Evidence and balances me now. Do really coup. But when I see Brooklyn 99 and a leaking it you're connected based team to be healing your life although Jim crane. Yet but you know they did an agent away because they both talked about a talking produced the Bowden. The split. It. All these told them laws oh that the main. Is the best vehicles for oh here we are where you are. The meaning absolutely amazing do you have more than two Jews. You can put it what about it's like mobile but apparently but. I'd also put it this show. Meaning it up. And it became already is still already Joseph. You know and well what they didn't want apples though they had taken Amy driving my minivan when it made so cool but. It's good because the character is nail I'm the only cared it's actually register so is Terry Jeffers Terry crews in Mickelson. You should be double paid you shouldn't these because they're stealing you know let's talk through it. I think you all want their vote where dime them to do. I remember seeing you on some show and they were saying what actor on the shows most likely to act. It's you. If all else is completely different. All they keep giving me daughters area the year two and other daughter on the show season though and although I'm sure that the court artist government the board but what or probably more kitco so we ski is likely to be view you know your from Michigan. But haven't. You grew up around. What was your reaction. You would growing up as compared to characters they play. You know it's buying. Look at you know going up and split it with guns that Clinton will split with the time. It was General Motors with the number one corporation in the world it was like being in an apple war or who rule that it Michael Moore's Roger exactly gotten them that. You mid lived Roger and eighties won't be and what happened one. It all collapsed and I mean it was like going home Palo Alto and San Francisco chew war. Not and I went through and also at the same time that was the crack at which was easy. If it was while everything was stolen people were you know that. It was a while time and I knew I believe it two go pencil sports with that we're now but I was an artist. Training drawing little pain but I think some of them they were gonna get me right scouts now it yet so I had to put football. And but I knew you know because I saw it was bawling and and you know. What's lot of over the last few years to see what happened with them you know the whole war or crisis. It's been going all or long long time at the space Bill Clinton war. That's what's so crazy even after the election. After all the president did is they don't need your home it's not only do what can do you know doing what can you do that's the real question is ready energy to do that either my vote. Let's that is what right now whistle while. And is while. It I live in LA. At the treatment you need comes up at about litmus but the people who are in Michigan decided you know we got to leave it at somebody else to do them. Michigan you are they year. You know what's happening is that a lot of us like two states which is kind of craze there is. Live proper and as the nice cities that are all around there and we're totally ignoring. And it's right there it. I'd say. Why are you you allow us the war of the governor why that the government Michigan's government. Should be one way or Otis yeah and buy new ones. Anything which makes me let an uncle Mike. It. Politicians called me. He'd come over there do something. The state. In May be me you know oak. You've. Got. And that you can't I don't wanna plant mark right now. And vote me. Very crude that that you could be read like it's a little bit that because he decided at a nowhere after football I'm going to be an act. And no training you weren't at the actor's studio though he's been how many do. That go broke. I don't. Yeah. August it will. 102. I want it means that. And I don't hate her base line. When the stomach is ground real excuse that he. Public outcry auspreys. That he's amazing it's a real coming up. I'm hungry like New York. Hold Terry crews lots of me which worked rates Rio. I had a twelve year old kid that trying to make that pecs ripple is not going to be able do it. And I thought that they can't really say that you managed to be natural. Even when your plane against. You're just because. They wanna stereotype you Europe African American man who's gonna say you can be third. Drug dealer from the leftist. Supplies and people with a reasonable doubt that this is the reason I'm here in New York right now is to debut. My new furniture line Bernhardt is whole line of furniture that. All my old my with what it is an expert its premier it's actually right at jobs and a right now. Premiering July dietary carries gloom. Collection Bernard back when we got. You become an inactive. Because you will need to be annular painter. Yes artists all I would not seeing it hates Chris where you're having Father's Day and we see you line around. There you are that the French beret and oil painting anything. Act could have been yeah. And Israel honeymoon but it's but I'm an artist. A lot of things that Lugo in the weekly news. It's one of those they've I don't know what on the new units are really don't know but I. Are there like I'm a guy who's. You know floating downstream. I'm going to go where I need to go it's it's one of state righteously yes you have to say yes you have to be open. Everything I've never bottles going to be. Never thought ever in a million I was thirty years go before it started acting. And I didn't know it was calling. I had no idea and that's the thing people try to put it to its that you I have figured it all out but I didn't. But figured out but it could go to be willing and all of a sudden you're somewhere you're never been universe you'll. I can't believe I'm. I can't make them furniture that's what. I don't know what. Any. And wanted to BA. It have been influenced merger what I hear you also let me human. You always blocked that we would. After football. You watch in the media not all of mud bug a great thing that we packed up yet out of Baghdad that my career with bro. But double B is welcome mama spears loses and we wouldn't. The cute all the I don't really look at that not a last all week I would but sports. I would well with the music would allowed to plead to do go to movies everything I do now. Out everything we want all of you never did yeah. What is with. It makes it bird prepared Wednesday. Even those nineties. We. Let us stow. Please please. The the week it's 101. Just can we sneak and deeply does happen again what we won't watch all of look up and grow local. But can we go into that theater it's he's so Angeles. It. My activists in the it's all Star Wars and it changed mine lied this. I'm going to be involved with it somehow some way I did note of actors it somehow some way. This change mind our all star award it blew me away and now with coach but it came buried. No follow me build that you know junk I'll but she ready yet. Get out from what he'd do it that you always always part I don't know that oh that debate in London then you don't have to feed them always. While mr. Gordon theater which ones will be where. Or weird. It. Where. I wanted to help three Aaron. Now he needs to get out one after new hope there's a whole other problem they are. The empire does strike. When spike Lee's army and in and bill will be deal. The offspring spiked to this day. Like Star Wars do the right thing those two movies and you. There was you can't meet a lot of those people generalize ago to do that that's Craig accused pretty cool. But how much it appalling. I. Write you know would be real. Borrow. Okay. Gambling. Gambling orders all these Abdul. Gained you. Family. The problem with that you know at. All the date appears to be that there is you know you want played so you know you can be this could be that it you know you have nothing ills and I think it played on the back and they'll. Anything else was sold. Always tell players. Gains. You know me and let. Problems. With though with the hole in the opening because. They treat you like property your literally. Cattle and I've always have a problem you can take a moment. Yeah. Well it would like celebrate note that personality. Because your number and is one and number retired you go away we were pleased with another number. A good but it could mean we never hear it. Again god the but. Always you did it that fit I think it's like the greatest thing. All the players that they could you guys you know. So it's great. Local law so great sport. But the weight women treated. The wave players to do women and a whole thing and and that's this'll misogynist or ways of dealing. With life as an electrical masculinity and that they would cost more on the world. An eyewitness. And it. We soon Brazil look worth it Appel scored what that. I went to. And it was nowhere and I think you know what we sold a bill would that the elements of the worldwide sport. Aaron is. Not all worldwide. Though I did. But that's right. We got a worldwide. You know package. You know I get that you ran on November equipment Newton got. You shall always. All of the white. I mean I think it's been here now with before. But what effect are really. What did she say we need. With the first moment. You know. Law rumors that all its. And we were doing via. We did that moment it was one. One. Vote up it was one. Keenan ivory weighs less. He them the director he would move he was by Terry. We're done. We're done. Our people working unit people behind it caramel gore old guy. I knew it was a moment you know if you'd it has its green. You little piece of walking with spacious bathroom home about. At a rate Perry because I want the best of America has the great Reggie usually keep about. Colin or aren't. He got it meant that.

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{"duration":"25:11","description":"The \"Brooklyn Nine-Nine\" star stopped by ABC News' \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to discuss his diverse career and artistic interests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47588923","title":"Terry Crews on how being hungry helped him become a successful actor","url":"/Entertainment/video/terry-crews-hungry-helped-successful-actor-47588923"}