Top 10 Holiday Movies of All Time

Peter Travers, host of "Popcorn with Peter Travers" offers his list of all the movies you need to see this holiday season.
10:28 | 11/25/16

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Transcript for Top 10 Holiday Movies of All Time
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is a special holiday edition popcorn where I'm getting it kill you. What the top holiday movies on my book that you can say what he now. I like this one I liked that one OK get your own show now. Go on and tell them what viewers are but these are going to be my top ten holiday movies from the start with number ten and move up. Number one said number ten. To me is bad Santa. Okay he would say what twisted kind of person would say. Billy Bob Thornton plane age sex craze alcoholic Stan. Is a holiday movie for the whole fans what yet you'd have to be crazy if not for the whole thing. Bad Santa is for people who are fed up with the whole friendly attitude toward Chris. Don't want anything like and this is the antidote when he had too much all of that could she year. Interest thinking about that sent that it was Bill Murray that was supposed to be plain Santa and the Cohen Brothers were supposed to be directing. And I'm sure that Bill Murray could have done something amazing with it. But the fact is this is one of Billy butler's key roles and to watch him just past them. Is where are some get a move to number nine now and pick a traditional community which is called miracle on 34 street. What is it this is the only movie where an actor's name was Edmund Gwynn who played Santa Claus be columns of Crist cream. Won an Academy Award for playing. Who else I defied Daniel Day-Lewis or somebody there to play Santa Claus and win an Oscar for doing it. And the great thing about miracle on 34 street is that you get to see Edmund went pretending to be a Macy's Santa Claus but actually be in the real. And that scenes he does with Natalie Wood sitting on this flat corporate. So it's on my list but you notice it's far from number one OK number eight. The best man holiday you know on the big fan of the best man that first movie because in addition to being funny. It took the risk of dealing with people. And some of the tragedies in their lives some of the things that weren't so good so when they made this holiday me. Mean it's basically an African American. Christmas movie that doesn't exist. Anywhere else and it just works because the quality of what's happening in this movie it's fifteen years after. The first best man and they came back and it wasn't done for the central gonna make a buck on this that they would have done right away. It's a different kind of Christmas movie and it works. OK number seven number seven we have stop motion animation in the nightmare before Christmas. This is Tim Burton production directed by and resell like. And we saw on this sort of stick figure objects Godlington. Who was fed up with how he get on a scare anybody he wanted to get interested in what Christmas wise. And why he's so clever about this movie is that we see. Christmas bashing up against how we two different kinds of years there's something about Christmas what we don't want to be fright at. But Jack's in nineteen having a hard time blending the two it's just the beautiful piece of animation. And I could watch it any time but it's especially appropriate for now for the holidays. Number six L. Else how do you resist. Will fare this me. He's he's a guy who's really human but he's somehow taken to Santa Claus land. He doesn't fit in he's so big and clunky and you know he can't believe there's a big world out there somewhere. He's just the south and he. The finding this what he does this is is just incredible there's a scene in this movie. That I particularly love and it's a scene in which Peter Dane Coolidge. Plays a businessman. Who is meeting Will Ferrell as the Al. And he begins to get insulted that he's being called it el. I will Farrell's character who goes bizarre. Conference room. It's just a beautiful piece of comedy but the whole movie it's and it has silly question do. Which I was think makes a moving one step up I would give it an extra starches that. All right number five. Home alone home alone Macaulay Culkin remember those days playing Kevin Magee ouster. We've seen this child. Left behind by its ban on Christmas and so he's in the south. And first things I don't have mine going family anymore. You can call it in order nice she's needs it fast friends. And all that but in the end he gets Joseph Pesci. All he is getting involved in his eye and he a but that moment that scene became the poster is him trying on after ship as a child and stinging him and him going. Number for a Christmas story and Dwight fall for this I just fall for every time. I mean it's set in the 1940s. Jean shepherd is just telling this story about. The Christmas all he wanted lies in the whole world was a red Ryder BP. And his mother and everybody saying Yost future I he can't get this guy. Why it was his quest. Teams he gets its strange weapon so moving and funny at the same time I don't know. But I can watch this every single holiday season. Number three. Another one of my feelings about holiday movies being things that should make me really laugh and this is National Lampoon Christmas vacation. Okay I admitted I also like nationally. And a miles. National anthems Vegas vacation I'm just into the grits Waltham line. And Chevy Chase to Beverly D'Angelo and all of their twisted children in this case Juliette Lewis who is a recent guest on the show played. One of the children of degrees Waltz. And she was really angry that he had to his family was visiting chair A room with her brother and she said. That's sick and twisted and disgusted and her mother played by. DeAngelis at look I sleep with you Bob. Why does that get me it always yes. It's National Lampoon it's Christmas it works. Number two is it time it's a tie because. The two actors in this would the two best people who ever played every user's group. The first one is ouster stem British actor who did in 1951. Version. And it is never anything that has ever met what Dickens described as Scrooge than house distance performances. He's just bar hum. I hate this I hate that. And win Scrooge is reformed at the Anthony opens that window realizes he's alive. And makes that little boy on the street go down to town and get him the biggest Turkey in the wind up. And he decides he's a delightful boy every one in every aspect of human entity that's group case is now something he loves. When anybody asks me do you know actors that should've won an Oscar for something that weren't even nominated. Oust him as that guy it we all watch it every Christmas and the guys great. So who is he tie with -- tie with Bill Murray in Scrooge because Bill Murray managed to update. This whole dickens' tale. To the corporate life that's happening. And for some reason everything about this movie just clicked for me including. A bit that Carol Kane death as the ghost of Christmas present. In the usual Christmas Carol stories the ghost comes and says I need to remind you of your past and of the importance of love and gentlemen if she just. Had a hand she ditched his film. It's the life. So those two are must. All right number one what's he going to be what is. It's another movie that we see every Christmas every holiday season it's called it's a wonderful life. It was made right after the second world war in 1947. Directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart. In a performance we all remember because it's a wonderful life doesn't. Reach anything at you. It shows a guy whose life is falling apart and Jimmy Stewart plays in this guy as near suicide. It says. Life can be so despairing we can all be walking around not knowing why the world shook us out. And then find something find something and in the community that we live it. That they will gather with us and help help us to nurture and help with them in line you can't ask more than that. And at the end of its a wonderful life we see Jimmy Stewart reunited with his wife Donna Reed in this kids. And he knows that the Angel who had come down to help them. Wanted so much to be an official language and he had said to him every time a bell rings. And Angel gets his wings. See I'm already I'm ready to get a little for club opened what that is because it's such a great line. And such a part of this beard of this season so. If you had never seen it's wonderful I don't know where you've been living. Watch it because it's not only a perfect movie for the holidays. But. Here's my list.

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