Trayvon Martin's Parents on Forgiveness, Honoring His Life and New Book

Sybrina Fulton and Tracey Martin discuss how difficult it's been after their son's death in their new book, "Rest in Power."
9:31 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin's Parents on Forgiveness, Honoring His Life and New Book
So I'm not asking put indicating any extra favors. I'm just ask people what you would export as a pair. I'm no I can not bring. AB day. But I'm sure. Going to make changes. So that this does not happen to another I am. Five years it's cherry Mon Martin. An unarmed seventeen year old was shot and killed by a self appointed neighborhood watch. Who was acquitted. Of any charges igniting a national outrage. But. Blacks shame on story lives on in a new book. Rest in power the enduring life of trade Mon Martin's written by its parent Sabrina Folsom and Tracy Martin. Good to see all welcome well. Next month. Well arcs five years. Time. Movement. And we all have written this amazing book. Call wrested power apparent story of love and justice and the birth of the movement. What made you decide that this was the time. How did you what was sent you we need to put this down on paper X. Playing what went all. Initially. One of our attorneys mentioned to us to just jot down some notes because. We might possibly write a book. But we never even in fees and writing a book we never even had a desire to write a book. And we would steal healing that was steel you know very wrong very painful and we just couldn't do it. And so may be about to win a half years ago from our own. This the idea came back to us a Guillen and now about a book came we relied you know we talked about it. We decided that we was started right unit and we DN and it took. Two and a half years later had two armed hit the book written and published in reviewed and you know we and is our feelings about how parents feel when. It was a town right. Traci George Zimmerman has not kept a low profile since the acquittal he's had multiple run ins with the law he opts. Also recently tried to auction off the gun that was used how does it. Dealer how does that sit with feud that he's out there right now. There's a better fielding. Because we meal with this every day. It's been five year almost five years to his day for you guys put forward for us as parents has been 1800. Days and that's how this how much we miss him because we keep up. Exactly what everything that's going on so just for him to be out going to things that he do and and knowing that our son is deceased and no longer witness. Is troublesome. And Sabrina. You boy said he wanted to find in your heart to forgive. Do you still feel that way. Tom I absolutely feel that way I haven't gotten to that point yet to plea deals. Because like I say that even though the calendar says it's been five years it doesn't feel like bad years that sealed a big old and my heart. And I just I'm not there yet but I certainly know in order for me to move along would not yielding. And it has to be some type of forgiveness but I'm just not there yet. I was in the courtroom when you guys every single day. It's good to see you again. It. I remember sitting in the courtroom and trade buying your son was painted out to beat this dog. In a hoodie and I learned so many things about him can you share with our viewers who your son really really in its. He was very home home he was. Very affectionate he was a mom oh boy got detailed he would get all the time even though he probably wouldn't walk me just say it. Com heat he was very affectionate he was that average teen Ager he liked to listen to music. I'm he did everything for me arm you'll see in the book he called me cupcake. And that's because I would pretend that I couldn't do Winnie the end. Because I knew he would do it for me so I really miss those plans are really miss like one on C he'd try to makes who've been through all of those beings. When I pulled up in the car at the drive way he would run out to get my grocery dismissed those things about him. And is just unfortunate bit at seventeen he lost his life subsidy hat. Is definitely have plenty injuries via hopes at the end of the night will be Carmen. Aviation mechanic. Big goal and aviation things in. His dream was cut short. What the book. Goals in detail about how he. What would Berenson and ten teams thought is. Aviation career as a young man. And those some of the character witnesses. That. Tests and who he was and that didn't really get to come out in court missile in the book we we going detail of who exactly true while world. And now you know we've seen this. More times than I think anybody ever anticipated with the various people who have. Lost their lives seem. You know stupidity. You know best selling whacked him describe it and so out of this comes this amazing movement called black lives map so when you. Seeing these things continue to happen what is it you want to say to people what is it. What you think. Wall will be the thing that was stopped both sides. While police and anyone who's doing something to take a beat what can you say to people about taking a beep when they do. I think we start would become a more diversified as as. Country. And start understanding each other and a lot of force to understand each other myths that Ireland be able to talk with beats him. I can't I don't know how you live in your household the final sit down and conversed with some. So it starts without involved SARS and understanding so. I think we up the gaullist delve further to end and we need to put prayer back in this country gets country. But times are on these tragedies happen because it's not a story for us. Is a tragedy because I like doesn't just go online -- life stopped on that day unit was interrupted but I think eight but most doing the work that we're doing that we're helping other families we're helping people who have not lost the child to senseless gun violence or Il missile exit who have not lost atop. To kind of be compassionate to the ones they have so that they can show some action and participate and do some things rook. I'm. Yeah that's how oppressive power talker your son what else are you doing to keep his memory lacked. Where would definitely very active in effect that was the foundation. Supreme of course has circle of mothers. Would she bring him mothers and helped rescue. Restore they're hoping their faith and I have a program called circle of fathers which we bring to me and in and we educated more on everything from. From mental health illness in our communities. Two you know because we're played with Mitchell health issues that we don't understand. Are young and young women getting pregnant at the age of thirteen of fourteen. Those government as soon as so we bring to fathers in and we. Teach them all of these different. Situations. And we want them to go back in their communities in and be a part of their communities and video voice and be heard in that way in get a good control of our young me and and young women and that way we can solve some of our issues. We're very very vocal with Hillary Clinton. Supporting her and I hear you think be interested in perhaps. Running for office that was of course they. What and that one reporter asked him not answer did not count at them myself and Traci into the political arena home but what we're doing now that's more of a long time goal we attack and we're just trying to just explored the positions that are available and how we can help how we can help our community how we can help fla. And how we can help this country so we just looking right now at what positions we need to have a Iowans don't we can make changes. It change in the laws and change in people's minds and attitudes and things like. I'm well. Analyst William Babar solves this is never gonna stop out. This is never gonna stop happening analysts we all make this decision. White black Asian what ever call you can imagine that's what topped map thank you all for comment and ten topics. Massive power to enjoy life uptrend bottom line is out tomorrow and you know once all your each getting a copy.

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{"duration":"9:31","description":" Sybrina Fulton and Tracey Martin discuss how difficult it's been after their son's death in their new book, \"Rest in Power.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45149116","title":"Trayvon Martin's Parents on Forgiveness, Honoring His Life and New Book","url":"/Entertainment/video/trayvon-martins-parents-forgiveness-honoring-life-book-45149116"}