Will Trump's Feud With the Khan Family Affect the Presidential Race?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the growing feud between Donald Trump and the family of the fallen Muslim U.S. soldier.
3:55 | 08/02/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Trump's Feud With the Khan Family Affect the Presidential Race?
So that backlash continues against Donald Trump's comments about the content family and political strategists on both parties say this. Could be the tipping point for his campaign because he's not going up the politicians now he's gonna happen grieving parents of the war era. And he was saying you know it is getting hired to watch and try to talk his way out of this and it seemed to be so many things he's throwing in the way. So what do you think is this an issue. I think the problem is is that he's gotten this far by behaving like that said he went after John McCain has a POW. He went after not only ten current remember he went after ten Cruz's wife who didn't deserve that. So he's kind of had this powder and he's been successful. So he doesn't see the need to stop I do think however when you deal with the military. People on both sides of the political out different Democrat Republican independent views are than men and women that are dying for us they are putting themselves on the prop line. And sacrificing their lives I think if there is a moment for pat. Where he's gonna have a problem this is going to be up well you didn't sign it didn't work when he attacked John McCain and John king of the politician you're you're you're not a tech job he has. Political ties people who hate her public able might not ordered about it he attacked and that didn't hold her back and all I had my meeting I kept got when he makes you have that even allow media got easier for a can't candidate isn't making. Late in the eastern each groups that bring on their own criticism anyway basis sacred ground on both sides of the aisle as people scrambling is there isn't there are families all over this country. Whose children whose husbands whose lives are putting their lives on the line and the differences they Earl more of them. Out there whose children have doc yep and if you are talking about sacrifice you know there is no greater sacrifice for this nation. I'd I'd I don't think it's gonna stick I mean III thought when he insulted McCain that that would sit back but when he insulted the disabled reporter I thought that would sick I thought people would be offended. By what he said about tech Cruz's wife. That didn't work I gotta tell you I I just don't see it happening if you look at the the rally that Mike Pence was that. We're gonna get some happy when it learned that people weren't supportive of the confound I've heard many people say able to constantly put themselves out there they put themselves out. Into the political sphere because they spoke at the DNC. And they are fair game as I I don't want among his supporters. It's gonna make any difference how best. That's tragic but I don't independence though because I think you're right I think there's a segment of the population that's gonna vote for Donald Trump and it seems as thought about a what he says for some reason. They have this hero portion of and they think he's a saint or nothing sticks. But other people are watching the rest of the country's washing there's a lot of independent voters who aren't relevant Hillary Clinton and aren't filled its combat have been saying you know what I'll give trump a shot when he says something like this guess what those independent voters have family members who are in the military strike has insulted my and my daughter I need to get its. It at a different it's it's different. As you said you know you talk about John McCain say yep that was a bond petty and stupid thing to say am I OK but when you go to the real people. To real people who you say you care about who were greeted with the people who you say are your back bomb and you pull bottom line this. They're not that I don't think they're gonna go when it went. June sacrifices are about building building. I mean accepting human moment that wasn't even something that could be political when you look at anyone doesn't matter what they look like Whitney season not losing a child that's the best lost. Not just for this country here as a military percent losing a child they say is the greatest pain you could ever experience. A moment where all of it feet away you're like oh my goodness my heart goes out he had a fact he did even have a little. It and that's not only I have empathy he kids doubling down gas attacking India the woman for not speaking. Many sabotage and that's our job to sabotage it Donald. Drop you can't get it take it went from us.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the growing feud between Donald Trump and the family of the fallen Muslim U.S. soldier. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41071560","title":"Will Trump's Feud With the Khan Family Affect the Presidential Race?","url":"/Entertainment/video/trumps-feud-khan-family-affect-presidential-race-41071560"}