Cast of ‘Modern Family’ celebrates farewell season

The stars of the long-running comedy gear up for the final season, which premieres Sept. 25 on ABC.
3:35 | 09/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cast of ‘Modern Family’ celebrates farewell season
Comedy is celebrating the farewell season can you believe it of modern fan. Take a look. Adopted a baby here. And off I can't turn off its light film the music is music. Matthew. Yeah. We lost a baby in the car and people are judging I. They are quite relaxed ultimatum really. You're gonna struggle. I've experienced. I don't takes you back. No that is that you and your come out your mom's lady per. God daddy. There's always a special girl. Never made me work your baby. Did your father now. And none media. Yeah and. And I lead he held a charming free. Success when she's fellow. Oh MG my WT whether. You damage. And the united here in I'm confident. It just fuels inappropriate being dressed like this. She could to endure with the cap slash. Are you. Our children are downstairs right now and they're probably trauma talking old come on I'm sure it's not that pounded. It's I used to seeing it could simply that this happened over the ain't really nothing whenever it was a look like I was winning. It's a distinguished professional board towards self. Determines a big deal he won a gold. Globe win an Oscar you buying Golden Globe thank god of foreign threats for this tremendous honor there's all kinds of milestones and life birthdays. Graduation news. If you let your wedding or 2 I am privileged to pronounce you spouses for life. Or even a new addition to the family then there's the kind you never dreamed you get to live through guess that's the best kind of want to get a new title. Great grand aunt who telegraph the wrong one here this I'm going to count to 30. A split. There are dreamers. And there are realists in this world. Everybody wants to be different. All you want to do is go home. To the comfort of your. I would do it or low. Going to be tough to certify it. Invest ten years. A modern farewell begins Wednesday September 25 funny BC.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The stars of the long-running comedy gear up for the final season, which premieres Sept. 25 on ABC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65592501","title":"Cast of ‘Modern Family’ celebrates farewell season","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cast-modern-family-celebrates-farewell-season-65592501"}