Celebs call on politicians to respond to Elijah McClain's death during fatal arrest

The 23-year-old died while detained by police in August of 2019.
5:11 | 08/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebs call on politicians to respond to Elijah McClain's death during fatal arrest
Collins mayor Mike Kaufman city attorney dean Preston the attorney general bill lied for. If any Norton people's costs so to speak to you. A little louder. Arora Colorado was once the home to an incredible 23 year old man named Elijah McLean. A lot of it wasn't primaries. Who played for kittens across the street just to keep him company. A creative so planning to art school. On August 24 2019. Allies who was walking home from a convenience store when someone spotted him on the sidewalk wearing ski mask and called 91. Collage routinely wore a ski masks to keep himself warm because of his Anemia. Lisa Guerrero and colon and not been accused of the crime. The right to little room on an article. In our president and learning. An easel where Lee. Statement or. Officers through reduced school tackle them. And applied carruthers control rooms that probably cried. And pleaded actually pretty. I have my view right here. Name of art McLean my house I was gone on the upper undisputed. All I'm so sorry I have no gun don't do. I don't do I want attacking me. I don't think he'll flats. The lives of continued to say. Crier forgive me. Well I was trying to do was become the old to hold anything sacrificed my affinity to live. Moon for in the look beautiful. Trying to figure. Not me I'm sorry I'm so so sorry. Al that really hurt alternate theory strong. Hostile sorry I wasn't trying to do that I can't agree correctly. He proceeded to pump because of pressure that officers. To its. Jamie don't have enough essentially another opposite quote move your camera. Aware of what was being reported. And minutes it would use and I do so time the medical professionals and since to be it for someone who likes science. The likes of suffered a heart attack. On the way to the hospital. And he was declared brain dead the following are. Is supposed to be taken off life support. And used. Pronounced dead thirty. Since he's not. Several officers I'm not saying I'm mocked alleges that I'm speaking during Carter's smiling and claim that Iran and an uncle I think you know. Two of the officers in the photo were honest here guys. The officers associated with the process that's since been fired for taking. But that's not it. Officers were let go for the photos but no one has been fired for murder sound. Nearly a year later and we've yet to see action from Aurora or call around to provide justice for her life has death. Three officers have been fired from mocking the killings. But none have been held accountable. For the killing of a lives. So I'm here today there along with millions of other people from around the world they EU. Colorado and their Florida officials take action we know was economy changer. Mayor Mike Coffman and city attorney David Bronfman and the right thing. Bring justice analyzes them when. Are those responsible. Attorney general Phil wiser. File criminal charges so as my mind Kaufman east and hired him at this time sensitive issue. Show us Colin rock that you are taking steps to ensure the state protects all citizens. Elected officials. Solis. Source that you actually represented interest of those who would have which would office. All its. There are. Where. The penguins aren't read to you redeem the deal in them toward. Erica murderer Jordan on work. There and Dunston rape rooms petered should check in your vehicle trust us we say we won't settle for anything less than justice for a lot. Climb the wildest. Watching. The world ski. The world is at least in the justice. You're working. That you want to be remembered. As the one who didn't act when the world call for justice. Kind and that is times that times time is act now act.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"The 23-year-old died while detained by police in August of 2019.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72153610","title":"Celebs call on politicians to respond to Elijah McClain's death during fatal arrest","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/celebs-call-politicians-respond-elijah-mcclains-death-fatal-72153610"}