'Cosby' actor speaks out after being job-shamed online

Geoffrey Owens speaks on "GMA" about the swell of support he's received with the hashtag #ActorsWithDayJobs after he was photographed working at Trader Joe's.
7:43 | 09/04/18

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Transcript for 'Cosby' actor speaks out after being job-shamed online
You Ju ow. Now we have the ABC N a photo of hi working at trader Joe's and some Aring to job shame. So manthou, cg tis defense. We're goino hear from him live in just a moment first abc'linsey dav H his Stor good morning. Eporter: Many inly multiple side jtoup yoursf as a working for 15ths he D that G at trader E'nd said shoppersecognizedim but it was nnue untilnow. Can I me? ? Do you have to. Ter: He played the ever optimistic Alvin, cliff and R's dutiful son-in-law. I'm soy, Mrs. Huxtable, I didn't think youhat kind of thing. What kind of thing? Reporter: Getting big Lau fo pting his foot in his Serve him. Infamous for wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Caction. Reporter: But this morning, Y after "The Cosby show" went off the aire is going viral all because a shopping ate's sna phot of him working at a new rsey Groce ore.outlets poced pting the pictures anied by adlines leis ct actor Geoffrey Owens spoagging grocie at new jerseyder Joe's. Many on social media areeeing it as form of shaming coming to hisdefense.ews write I swept rs aft the NFL. If need'd itn. Good honesork I nothingto be of paia Heaton tweeted, why is news? When ike on "Thirtysomething" I was a summarizing depositions to pay my rent. 'S been steadilyn en off recently appearing in "The affair," "Divorce" an"elementary." I'msophie's worked as a at Yale and start working a trader Joe's oessity and the store gave him flexibi too on E digits and Tak ting jobs while S working there. Owens says since "The Cosby a job that last more than ten weeks in 26 years as forrader Joe's he quit because of all unwanted attention but the score has sa has option to come back any time an robin, I hope some casting directors are paying Tention. I think that they wi be. Linsey, thankyou.ing us now for anve terview wi Geoffrey owens.you very mh for Alling us ts opportunity. Thanks for having me. I see you have your badge on. Ourse. Know, many peopl speaking out on yourbehalf.people you know and actors. What's theliik It's, you knowt's really overwhel. In aood way. I meaningt's -- I kind of and ill a sudden and has no ideahere it om. It came out of nowhere.I really want to thank out family, friends, holld, communi and T or the incredible support, the amazing support and positivity THA they'vehown for me. Reall -- it's Q Ng anden Really turned the story around. Did youlso feel thatse iniaeports W trying to job shameyo Idid. You know, whenirst S the pie, they photoshopped pictures, by the way. Of co, the You know I don't look D. But I was actuay preparing for my role as fall in a production ofeniv S in a ocery store but I mean I was ally devastated, but last -- it wa -- the period evastation was so short becaho afr that, respon my wife and I started to readhese responses from like literlyver the world of support and so fortunately the shame part erylo. It's just -- it's amazing. So -- You kno wh Geoffrey, beust like , Y got to make ends you got too wte need to do for fami T what you were doing? Exac it got to a point where I've been teaching, acting, direct for 30lus years, but, you know, got to a point where, you know, it just - it just didn't add up enou you goo do what you wanted todo a job I could have some flexibility. Try to stay in thebusine, I didn't advertise was, Y I didn't theinmentommunity to say he's not pursuing acting anymore. I felt I had to be careful about Howong did Y work there? Did people recognize Yo I wd there 15 months be whole broke and people reczed me every day and they were very cool about it. Sometimes too cool like there would like,, work here. Oh, cool it was N rely, that's no big deal at all? Haveeen getting any canow, acting jobs. Younow whatot really. There have B somhi, interest and stuff. Yoow what, hone, I actually -- I knows M sound weird, I wldn't feel mfortable tt actinobs from this event. You know what I mean? I wouldn't mind getting tions. I don't mind if people Calle to out for things due to what's HAPD but I actually uldn't fee comfortable someone giving me a bec th happened. I nt to get a J I'm right person for that job. On merit. But there's all kds of interest because O this and that's Ni. Feel like I'm more of a celeit now I've ever . M more a cebrity than when I tually was a celebrity.hat M sense. Oh,goodness. Do want to say this. That got shamed for working atde joe's,hat will pass. Is going - in some measure of time tt going pass away but I hope what pass ieople are now thinking this rethig about what it means work, you know, honor of working person and dnity of hope T this period now where we have a heightened sensitivity about that a re-evaluation of whatit meansor and T a re-evaluation of the idea that J better than others because that'sually not true. There is no job that I B than another job. Ight pay better it might have betterbenefits. It might look bet on a resume or on paper but actually it's better. Every job is worthwhile and valuable and if ve, you know, a rethinkhat because of what'ppened tome, thatould be eat. But no one sho sry for me either from aositive or a negative perspective.I'ad a gre I've had great career and'ved a care that most actors would rely for. So no to feel sorry for me. I'm doing fine. Geoffreowens, ladand ntlemen. Geoffrey ons. It's true. Well said. Wellai . Happen geor Wt a great lesson you have

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Geoffrey Owens speaks on \"GMA\" about the swell of support he's received with the hashtag #ActorsWithDayJobs after he was photographed working at Trader Joe's.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57586546","title":"'Cosby' actor speaks out after being job-shamed online","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cosby-actor-speaks-job-shamed-online-57586546"}