Inside Taylor Swift's record-breaking night at the AMAs

Swift started the American Music Awards with a sizzling performance and ended it by taking home the show's biggest prize and setting a record.
3:34 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Inside Taylor Swift's record-breaking night at the AMAs
We are back now with the American music awards. The night started with a sizzling performance by Taylor Swift and it ended with her taking home the biggest prize and setting a record in the process. ABC's T.J. Holmes was there and he joins us now from Los Angeles and, T.J., the night, it really belonged to the women. Women, so the night started with a performance by Taylor Swift and ended by one with Gladys knight and with J. Lo and Mariah Carey and sprinkle in cardi B, Missy Elliott, Ciara, Carrie Underwood and Camila Cabello. It was a night of women and a night we saw a record fall held by Whitney Houston and a night you might have thought it was Sunday because that Aretha Franklin tribute took us to church on a Tuesday night. One of music's biggest nights started with a bang. Taylor Swift decked out in a sequinned black bodysuit. ??? I did something bad ??? ??? why does it feel so good ??? ??? you say I did something bad ??? Reporter: With an assist from a massive cobra commanded the stage. The night would belong to swift. Four awards including artist of the year. The 28-year-old now holds the record, most amas by a female artist. During her acceptance speech she thanked her fans and also pleaded with them. Get out and vote. I love you guys. Reporter: Host Tracee Ellis Ross had her own show stealing moment. Her opening number. Dancing to a medley of some of the year's biggest hits. ??? This is America ??? ??? wait a minute ??? ??? girls we run this -- Cardi B! Reporter: The first award of the night went to cardi B for favorite rap hip-hop artist. And I really want to thank my daughter. Reporter: Cardi B came back later to give an epic performance of one of her biggest hits. ??? I like it like that ??? ??? I like it like that ??? Reporter: Her performance got this reaction out of Taryn Killam. His reaction got the Twitter treatment. One wrote his face during cardi B's killer performance is the best thing to come from the show. Pop divas owned the night. ?????? Reporter: Camila Cabello also had a big night with four awards including favorite new artist and best pop/rock song. I want to thank all my fans really. Reporter: The night ended on a high note with a rousing tribute to the late Aretha Franklin that had the audience on their feet. ?????? All right, Strahan, robin, George, I have to go back to that Taryn Killam moment. I talked to him on the red carpet. He came to me for a quick interview. Cardi B was close behind him. He couldn't focus on me and he was talking about her the entire time. It wasn't an interview. He just did commentary about cardi B. So he was fanning out about cardi B way before that moment you all saw. Hurt your feelings, T.J.? Seems like it's legit. That was legit, guys. He was authentic. He was all over CDC that night. Now they're forever linked. And you're not done, T.J. You'll have more on the amas in our next hour so we'll see you then.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Swift started the American Music Awards with a sizzling performance and ended it by taking home the show's biggest prize and setting a record.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58402157","title":"Inside Taylor Swift's record-breaking night at the AMAs","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/inside-taylor-swifts-record-breaking-night-amas-58402157"}