Jeff Foxworthy talks his new show, 'What’s It Worth'

The show, which premieres Tuesday, follows Foxworthy around the country as he searches for truly unique possessions and collectibles that are surprisingly valuable.
6:20 | 08/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jeff Foxworthy talks his new show, 'What’s It Worth'
We have Jeff Foxworthy. He is the host of the new A&E show "What's it worth?" Working with a team of experts searching for hidden treasures from the comfort of his home. Thank you so much for being with us. While you're not in our studio in person, you are kind of in a way in our studio because we have you on your new monopoly board game here in the studio with us. We know you're involved in creating it. So, yeah, there's a little you here. Any insider tips on how to play the game, win the game? Well, you know what I did, I played monopoly as a kid and I had no idea what park place was or where it was. I just knew it was valuable and so when they approached me about doing my verse, I just took the world that I knew and started at the least valuable properties which was something like a yard sale and work your way up to the park place of my people, which was a water park, you know, and so, it's all the strategy of monopoly and hopefully a few laughs built into it as well. We know there will be a lot of laughs on "What's it worth?" But you had to do it from home because of the pandemic. What was that like? It was interesting. I was a little pessimistic in the beginning. Immediately once we started doing it I was like, oh, this is great. To be able to go into people's homes because, you know, they're filming themselves, if I want to find out what the dog's name is or why granny is sitting in the corner watches "The price is right," you know, it was just a blast. In fact, there was one episode where this couple had bought a statue back when they were dating and they had had it in their living room forever and wanted to know what it was worth and so about the point that I have the experts coming in virtually, their youngest child decides, hey, this would be a good time to take my pants off and just run around the house and you don't get that on regular TV. I think we have a clip from that episode. Let's take a look. We gave this to Chris weeks ago and he has more information than you can imagine. Hey, Chris. What do you think about this statue. Okay, put your pants on. It's okay. It's on. Just came into the room. Like with a look of I'm in the shot, right? Thankfully you have the statue of the patron saint of pantsless wonders in your home. Yes. That's amazing. I know you're a collector yourself and we see you have some of your favorite treasure there is behind you. Tell us what we're looking at. Yeah, I collect all kinds of things. I love to look for native American artifacts, but I have probably the weirdest thing is I collect autographed baseballs but not just from baseball players, from everybody, if I'm doing "The tonight show" I take baseballs with me so I pulled one out like one night I was throwing out the first pitch for the Atlanta brave, I live in Atlanta, always been a braves fan and they were in the playoffs and I threw out the first pitch and they hand me the ball and say wait here while we do the national anthem and I look over and president cart ser seated in the front row and so I'm like, oh, Mr. President and I hand him the ball and he signed it great first pitch, Jimmy Carter and so I have five presidents on baseballs, I have all kind -- I have Tiger Woods. When I handed it to tiger, he said you don't want me to do a golf ball. No, I do baseballs and he started laughing, okay, I'll do a baseball. I remember handing one to Johnny Unitas. He said you know I played football, right. I said, yes, sir, I know that but I do them on baseballs so it's just kind of fun when people come in the office to, you know, just look at the unusual collection there. So you're going to put us to the test. You got three articles there. We'll try to guess which is the most valuable? Yes, well, and what I learned doing the show was, just because something is old, it doesn't mean that it's valuable and if you need proof of that I can bring my uncle don in here. But I was surprised because like a lot of people we're just sure, they were sure this thing they had was worth a lot of money and other people had stuff that they were almost about to put in the yard sale or throw in the trash, well, the people that were sure of it were almost always wrong and the people that were about to get rid of something were almost always surprised. We've got a few things for you guys. Let's see how good you are at this. Yeah, you have a rare teddy Roosevelt pin, an Elvis Presley stage worn jumpsuit and a princess Diana beanie baby. So what should we be looking for in terms of which one is more valuable? I can't hear you. I'm so sorry. I go with princess Diana. I'm going with Elvis' jumpsuit. So, here's my question, what would you think they're worth? Let's do that real quick. Elvis' jumpsuit, I would say, I don't know, half a million dollar. Oh, am I wrong? I'll go 100k on princess Diana's beanie baby. Okay, so princess Diana's beanie baby is worth 15 bucks. See what I mean? And just because something says limited edition, that doesn't mean anything because anything is limited. A billion is limited. The teddy Roosevelt pin is very interesting. It's teddy on there commemorating him coming back from Africa. Only an inch and a half thick, worth 8 grand and Elvis' jumpsuit which had built in extra padding in the armpits, I don't want to know why is worth $275,000. You were pretty close. The first time I ever beat George at anything. I will totally savor this.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"The show, which premieres Tuesday, follows Foxworthy around the country as he searches for truly unique possessions and collectibles that are surprisingly valuable.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72161773","title":"Jeff Foxworthy talks his new show, 'What’s It Worth'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jeff-foxworthy-talks-show-whats-worth-72161773"}