Sara Gilbert talks returning to the set of ‘The Conners’

The comedy is back in production for season 3 and for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic.
3:49 | 08/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sara Gilbert talks returning to the set of ‘The Conners’
with the star and executive producer of "The Conners," the hit ABC sitcom. It's the first broadcast comedy to be back in production since the pandemic and there she is, let's say good morning to miss Sara Gilbert. Hello with the wave. It's good to see you and we want to start by putting up a picture now of the cast back together and certainly things are different now. Everybody is wearing a mask with that iconic couch pattern on it. What was it like? What is it like to finally be back together given all that's going on the past several months? Well, it's wild, you know, to -- you spend five months not seeing anybody and then to be around people you love, I feel grateful we get to come into work every day. It's definitely different. There's a lot of masks and a lot of space and it's not exactly the same, but I do feel very lucky, I'm sure people relate, you know, it's hard to stay home and not have any of your routine, not see your loved one, things like that so definitely it's been a lot of fun. Sara, T.J. Mentioned at the beginning that you guys were the first broadcast comedy series to get back to work. You mentioned the masks and space. What are some of the biggest changes you have going on on set there. Well, I would say definitely the masks and the spacing and then there's a lot of ventilation, you can see there's different Zones. You can see that like where -- which people are allowed to be in which zone. A lot of face shields. We even do run throughs and all that with masks so only for a few minutes when we shoot do we ever take the masks off and even then we're generally pretty spaced out. And, you know, a lot of testing, testing of cast and crew several times a week. It's pretty extensive. Was it a tough decision to go back? It was really involved a lot of people and a lot of health experts and things like that and I think no decision is being taken lightly right now and I think everybody no matter who we are sort of weighing out what we can do and can't do and what feels safe. I think, you know, we're so lucky that there's people keeping us safe and looking at protocols and all that because it is, you know, a bigger number of people coming together. Did it change your story line? Everything that's happening in the world now, did it change some of the writing? Is this being incorporated into the show? Yeah, definitely we want to reflect what's going on. I think people look to when they come to watch our show they want to see some version of what's happening in the world or in their lives and I think it would be strange to just be sitting at a restaurant with a group of people and a scene when that's not what's happening in the world, so, you know, we're definitely trying to balance that with there's also some fatigue, people probably also want a break to some degree and not to always be hearing about the pandemic and what's going on and so it's -- there are story lines that touch on it. It affects each of our lives in terms of our livelihood the way it's affecting many people, but we also have a lot of story lines that aren't related and you see masks and you see things like that but it's not always front and center in every story We know you guys don't shy away from the tough topics so are looking forward to this season, Sara, thank you so much. "The Conners" returns Wednesdays this fall right here on ABC but

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The comedy is back in production for season 3 and for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72646246","title":"Sara Gilbert talks returning to the set of ‘The Conners’ ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sara-gilbert-talks-returning-set-conners-72646246"}