Behind the scenes of Robin Roberts' appearance on 'Empire'

Ahead of guest-starring on an episode of the hit TV show, Roberts takes "GMA" on a behind-the-scenes tour of the set.
4:06 | 04/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the scenes of Robin Roberts' appearance on 'Empire'
show "Empire" every week but few lucky enough to goehind the . Well, ahead of muest starring role Toni yes, you heard me right, my guest rol -- if D hair it D be flipping ckthem at "Empire" gave us all access tour reveal secrets from their extraordinary set. You all remr me. I'm cookie lion, I'm unforgete. Before my appearance caught up with taraji P. Henson who we alnows miss cookie Lyon and got tips. I'm going on your turf. Yes. Tell me what I got to do. Stay away from ssie. Ate you. wellrested. Don't take a nap. Don't C youryes for a second. If you do sleep with onepe because he likes to prank. Can believe how many seasons you all have doing this now. I can't believe it. Justeally great. It's likoing to work with familyry day. So now I'm prepared. Jussbring it. I'm ready for you. You ready?'re not going to get . She got prepared. Jussie. Robin. Jussie. Reporter: Welcoming me to the empire" set is jussie smol How a you? Who plays musical prodigy Jamal Lyon, thedle son the Lyon family. We family. We stick together. Why you think -- Reporter: Keeping herdvice in mind -- It freaks people out. Reporter: I was ready for a wild ride. No! Jussie -- This is my favorite. Reporte showing us GHTs from the I like that. This is -- This phenomenal. Pretty phenal Ts right here is the great cookie ly apartment. Whoo. Henson. Cookie is cg home. Reporter:mal prints everywhere to give the feeling of that animalisti know, fi, ferocious type of vibe. But it it isn'tlly overdone. Rr: Those Amal prints and Fu- This right here iswardrobe Reporter: Also the inspiration behind ie's biggest fashion moments. Anks to told andrful work of costume designer paolo niadu. I remember her com out O jail. Th leopar Thatam from forever 21. Are you ready fore "Empire"? Work oulder. Work the shoulders. I like that. Es. Episode two oso four, she into luscious's -- hey, hey, know I can't afford it. Ain, a faux. Faux, people. This is the first Tim cookie went back into luscious' office. I dresss her for Halloween couple years ago. Just get me up, baby. Needed the hat. You needed that. Repor no tour ofre" is complete without checkin out E house that cookiebuilt. Taraji. Up next. Yes. I'm on your turf. You are in the mansion. What this money done to you?what has happeto you. Ma, ma. Reporter: A few rehearsal later and I'm as ready as I'll be step into the world of "Empire. Amera and action. That'hat we call a tease. I don'now if many people realize even though T story is based in nk it's shot in Chicago. I had no idea I'm hearing some Emmy buzz and not about taraji P. Henson but talking Abou. There's nzz. Only buzz is with my Famy because I've got cred with my eces and nephews.very family atmosphere and a joy to be around so I thank them R that behind-the-scenes look.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Ahead of guest-starring on an episode of the hit TV show, Roberts takes \"GMA\" on a behind-the-scenes tour of the set. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54377974","title":"Behind the scenes of Robin Roberts' appearance on 'Empire' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/scenes-robin-roberts-appearance-empire-54377974"}