Selena’s family speaks out 25 years after her death

Abraham and Suzette Quintanilla reflect on the music star’s legacy as a new Netflix series on her life is released.
5:00 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Selena’s family speaks out 25 years after her death
Back now with an ABC exclusive. It's been 25 years since Selena, was tragically murdered at the height of her career but she is still as popular as ever and this morning her family is now speaking out about her legacy and a controversial upcoming series about her life. John Quinones us with more. Good morning to you, friend. Reporter: Selena has been called one of the most iconic artists in all of latin-american music. People loved her here in Texas and she was right on the cusp of becoming a huge international star when her life was cut so tragically. There was no one else like here. those iconic beautifulier, the purple dress and that voice. Reporter: Still bringing chills to so many of her fans. Selena, the vibrant mexican-american force that dominated Latin music charts in the '90s but then suddenly it all came to a tragic end. Now 25 years after her death, her family is speaking out in an ABC news exclusive as a new Netflix series takes on the lives of the quintanillas before they hit it big. I think that it's going to show a lot of our journey as being really young to ultimately, you know, making it where we were before she left us. Late at night when all the world -- Reporter: Selena was on the verge of a major English crossover when she was murdered by one of her employees. A close friend. It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years. What's the impact of that kind of tragedy on this family. Death is a Ver painful thing, especially if it's your child. And it's -- it's a pain that will be there till we pass away. Reporter: For the past two decades the quintanillas have worked tirelessly to preserve her legacy producing the movie "Selena" in 1997. Anything for -- Reporter: And now Netflix is set to air a 20-episode series about the Quintanilla kids who would become -- On the road witna. Reporter: B without controversy. Many online unhappy with the walking dead's Christian seratos cast in the iconic role claiming she doesn't look like the star. A similar reaction to when another actress stepped into Selena's shoes more than 20 years ago. When J. Lo played the part of Selena, there was some criticism because she's Puerto rican. Here in our office in the front, people were protesting, how dare Y pick a Puerto One thing I feel bad about Christian, she's coming into not only having to portray Selena but also Jennifer. Selena was kind of like a role model for her as well and a lot of Latinas and said she hoped she did her justice, I think she did. Reporter: The Texas native spearheaded a movement of that music bringing it into the mainstream and still as popular as ever. Her makeup line sold in more than 50 countries and according to billboard her ones album released in 2002 hit number one for the first time earlier this year on the vinyl charts. Billboard then naming her one of the greatest Latin artists of all time. Why do you think she remains so popular to this very day? I've always said that in Selena's case, it was not just the artist but the person. What you saw is what you got. You know, she was funny, she had this amazing laughter and she had this amazing charisma to make everyone feel like if they knew her for a very long time. Reporter: Now, the amazing thing is people still know her so well. You know, in 1995 I covered Selena's funeral here in Texas. And little did I know back then that 25 years later I would be back here still talking about her amazing popularity and her impact. Selena's legacy is truly a beautiful one. Yeah, it really is. I remember exactly where I was in high school French class when she passed away. A girl said Selena passed away. I want to thank you for your work and the whole team. All of our team of producers, you worked on this from the very beginning and full circle to still talk about her legacy. What an impact. The way you were singing during that piece was incredible. I know every song by her. A lasting legacy, no doubt. For Selena. Coming up next you got to

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Abraham and Suzette Quintanilla reflect on the music star’s legacy as a new Netflix series on her life is released.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74535363","title":"Selena’s family speaks out 25 years after her death","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/selenas-family-speaks-25-years-death-74535363"}