Spice Girls to release ‘Wannabe 25’ to celebrate 25th anniversary of hit song

TJ Holmes reports the buzziest stories of the day in “GMA” Pop News.
4:19 | 06/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spice Girls to release ‘Wannabe 25’ to celebrate 25th anniversary of hit song
Well, no Lara today so I'm going to try to pick up the slack here and do some "Pop news," and we begin with some breaking "Pop news" for you two, and I followed your homework assignment, and I watched "The devil wears Prada." There you go. From yesterday. I'm not the only person on Earth who hasn't seen it. Good to know. I follow instructions. Other "Pop news" now, I'm going to tell you now what you want. I'm going to tell you what really, really want. That's the spice girls. We're talking about 25 years since their debut hit "Wannabe" rocketed them to international fame, and that was 1996. They're dropping a new EP that features the original single, but of course, a remix by deejay junior best west, and an unreleased song called "Feed your love." That will be available to stream on July 29th, and vinyl and cassette on July 23rd. Yes, folks. Top ten debut single of all-time. Now an exclusive we have. It's coming to us from a friend we have, Ryan Reynolds. Maximum effort teamed up to show us a match made in hell. Did you see this? In the year 2020, hooked up on a date, and now Ryan has partnered with the dating site once again to bring us another ad, and let's see here. What's popping in to "Pop news"? Mr. Ryan Reynolds himself. Young fella, how you doing? Very well, thank you, and thank you for having me on the show. Please tell me that you're a little more hopeful in this year's ad than the devil, a match made in hell. What's the theme of this year's ad? Oh, no, no, no. This is a lot more hopeful. This is a piece about getting back to love, you know, maximum effort, my company we adore and love bringing people together, and, you know, obviously in 2020, brought people together in a slightly different way. Now we're trying to do it with an all-time great song which is what we have here. This is -- sorry. Go ahead? You've got a sneak peek for us. It sounds hopeful. Take a listen right now. Come on, get your hands up you need a match, and we're going to set your heart on get back to love it's time to make those wedding plans get back T love, so we can reunite the band So we're seeing wedding singers here imploring everybody to get back to love so we can get back to work. What's the idea behind this one? Well, you know, I think -- look. Wedding singers is a group that doesn't come top to mind, but it's a group that nonetheless has been deeply affected by the pandemic with so many of their gigs getting canceled, if not, all of their gigs. So, you know, we thought it would be interesting to bring these guys in. It's, you know, it's a bit of overkill that we love to do over at maximum effort, and I'm working on a musical with Paul who you might know from "The greatest showman on Earth," "La la land", and "Dear Evan Hansen," and Harvey mason Jr., and I just wept when I first heard the song because it's not just -- it's not just emotional. It's also really funny if you listen to the lyrics. It's a funny song, and catchy. It's hilarious, hopeful and talking about people getting back to love and dating. You and your wife have been married almost ten years now. You haven't been on the dating scene for awhile. Do you remember what dating was like? I kind of do because at least I was there with my wife. The last date I went on with someone that wasn't Blake was actually a double date where Blake was with someone else and I was on a different date, and we all went together, and then a couple of months later, she and I ended up on rain together to Boston, and that's sort of where the sparks flew, and yeah. The rest is history. The rest is history, but you have more to talk us to about this morning. You're going to come back talking about with Salma Hayek, your co-star in your new movie, "The hitman's wife's bodyguard." We'll see you in a minute. Nice to be here. Thanks, guys.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"TJ Holmes reports the buzziest stories of the day in “GMA” Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78287277","title":"Spice Girls to release ‘Wannabe 25’ to celebrate 25th anniversary of hit song","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/spice-girls-release-wannabe-25-celebrate-25th-anniversary-78287277"}