Wendy Williams talks about forthcoming movie and documentary

The talk show host's new projects, "Wendy Williams: The Movie” and the documentary “Wendy Williams: What A Mess,” premiere this Saturday on Lifetime.
6:46 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for Wendy Williams talks about forthcoming movie and documentary
We are very excited to bring in our next guest, the host of "The Wendy Williams show." And she's proven ain't no mountain high enough. The talk show in its 12th season. Over 1,000 episodes, you heard me now she's telling her story in the new lifetime movie "Wendy Williams: The movie" plus a new documentary and Wendy Williams joins us live this morning. Looking good. How you feeling these day, Ms. Williams? I feel wonderful. Good morning. And thank you for having me back. Always. I know. I wanted you to do it. I wasn't going to try to attempt to do it. Not one but two films, the movie and the documentary, which has a great name, tell people about the name and how you came about it. Lifetime and I, we were on a call, big conference call, lots of smart people and they gave me some ideas for names and I said, all these smart people on the phone, nobody would believe that we haven't named the movie but the movie is done, so is the documentary. I said, oh, what a mess. And they said, perfect. I said, what? And they said what a mess. I said, well, that actually is perfect. So it's turned out to be quite messy but quite a learning experience for me. Learning about myself and also hopefully people, robin, in between the tears and the laughter and I can't believe this is what she survived. Hopefully they'll learn a few takeaways for their own lives or else just be entertained. Let's follow up on that. You've had a lot of challenges over the last few years. It's been no secret at all so what exactly did you learn from this experience? That I'm fearless and fearless to a fault. You know, I'll walk right to the edge, look over and if it's too high I will not jump but, you know, this is my story. It's my factual story and the documentary is a must see. The movie is a must see but those are actors and we can only fit twoours worth of my life in there. The documentary, a real -- is real people who have actually lived my experience with me, whether it's been through observation or through actually knowing me, being around me, doing stuff with me. It's more than just, you know, my family, because then that's a coined documentary. All they say are good things about you and just when you were little. Me being a little girl is a part of it but a small part. And the rest of the story is, you know, people who have hired and fired me at radio. People who did not believe in my career and said one of the worst days of their career is when they got rid of me or doubted me and all those relationships have made up. We've all grown. I feel like -- I feel like I'm the best Wendy right now. You know, mentally, physically, I am running on all 55 cylinder, 56 technically. That is really good to hear because that wasn't always the case, Wendy, as you know. The movie portrays that frightening moment on Halloween back in 2017 when you collapsed and I know that we actually have a clip of that moment. Welcome back. It's time for how you -- Halloween costume contest. Let's get started. Our first caress -- oh, oh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Did you see that. Medic, medic. Sglf Wendy, ultimately you were diagnosed with grave's disease but I'm just curious. I know how painful that moment was for you to relive but watching it reenacted, what was that like? Well, I didn't have grave's disease. I was diagnosed about 20 years prior, so that wasn't unusual. But I was deeply, deeply -- my doctors were saying the worst case of lack of vitamin D they have ever seen. They immediately prescribed me with high doses of prescription and I had to get it crunched at the apothecary and my thyroid is fine. My water intake, they said I was dehydrated although I found that to be odd because I drink a lot of water. But they said it's the way you drink your water so I've learned a lot about myself. The secret 25-year-old girl in me don't recognize that everything inside does not tell a lie. I've gotten so many bone scans and C.A.T. Scans and I got -- have you ever had your marrow studied? Oh, yes, oh, yes. Oh, my gosh. Uh-huh. That's the way to go. 12 season, 12 seasons of "The Wendy Williams show." Yes, there have been ups and downs. Let's talk about some of the ups. What is the first thing that comes to mind that just brings a big smile to your face over the 12 years? The day that I gathered all of the intern, the secretaries, the crew, my staff to the floor where I do the show and I had them have a seat and I hired a caterer and we had a party and I wanted to celebrate that my ex-husband would no longer be allowed in the building, you know, in this one or the one across the street and that the divorce will be finalized soon but don't worry about me and he is no longer working here, they will clean out his office and mail the items to wherever he says. And they were awkward. They didn't know whether to stand up and applaud or what and I'm always casual around them, street wig, no lashes, no makeup, a robe, a glamorous robe but a robe and I had to beg them with tears of happy -- they were so happy and then they hired -- well, Bernie young, my manager, he hired a local marching band to March out of my double doors and they were the ones who serenaded us with "Happy days are here again." I know how you love walking out those double doors as you do. I do. Wendy, I know your documentary is "What a mess" but what a mess still blessed and thank you, thank you, Wendy Williams. You please, please wishing you all the best and, everybody -- thank you. The movie "Wendy Williams: The movie" premieres Saturday followed by the documentary, 'Wendy Williams: What a mess".

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"The talk show host's new projects, \"Wendy Williams: The Movie” and the documentary “Wendy Williams: What A Mess,” premiere this Saturday on Lifetime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75484814","title":"Wendy Williams talks about forthcoming movie and documentary","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/wendy-williams-talks-forthcoming-movie-documentary-75484814"}