Disney launches 'Dream Big Princess' for International Day of the Girl

The new project aims to give a voice to aspiring storytellers and inspire young women around the world to help them achieve their goals.
7:57 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Disney launches 'Dream Big Princess' for International Day of the Girl
Tomorrow is international day of the girl and we're kicking off the celebration. We're kicking off the celebration with some very special young women. Disney teamed up with the U.N. Foundation's girl up initiative to empower the next generation of female storytellers. 21, those 21 young women you see in the monitor there got a chance to go behind the camera, make videos about the women that inspired them. Want you to take a look. This morning, as we peep for the international day of the girl, Disney launching an inspiring new video series. Dreams, they allow you to see beyond your immediate circumstance. Reporter: Called dream big, princess, giving a voice to aspiring storytellers. I've always wanted more. Reporter: Young women from the U.N. Foundation's girl up initiative. Producing and directing interviews with 20 trailblazing women from around the world about what you can achieve when you dream big. It's not only allowing women to be able to see what they're capable of. It gives to the whole world. Reporter: From doctors and movie studio heads to actresses like award winning Emily Blunt and athletes like paralympian Victoria Arlen. Each video sharing a glimpse into a success story and offering advice for other big dreamers. You're going to make mistakes and it's okay. I made mistakes and it was okay. En5 you know what, you figure it out. Like 18-year-old Marisa Umeh who came to interview me. Sometimes the dreams you have yore four yfl, what someone else has in store for you is even bigger. Amazing young women, all of them and they are here this morning, so let's stand up, give them the red carpet welcome they deserve. Please welcome the dream big princess filmmakers. Oh, wow. ??? Suddenly I see ??? You got this. A standing ovation for you all. Wonderful to have you all here. And, okay, we want to get to know you all so say your name and where you're from. Where are we going to start? Good morning. My name is regard have gel and I'm from New Zealand. I'm Louisa Chappa from Mexico. And I came from Chile. My name is kusana and I came from Morocco. I'ma resa Tory. I'm Jessica zing from Massachusetts. Hi, everyone, I'm from Mumbai, India. I'm Kayla Adams from California, usa. Hi, my name is Louisa shiti and I'm from Brazil. I'm from France. I'm from China. Hi, my name is mold and I'm from England. I'm Eugene that and I'm from Argentina. I'm Alyssa gand. In and I'm from Brazil. I'm Miriam Raymond and I'm from Canada. Hi, my name is neval Raymond and I promise you're not seeing double and I'm also from Canada. Good morning, my name is Lui and I'm from Houston, Texas. My name is bethel and I'm from England. Good morning, my name is Marisa Umeh and I'm from los Angeles, California. Love hearing good morning in all the different languages. My math, we said 21. There are 20 here because one is missing because of school commitments. She's in Malawi and cannot be with us so we're so grateful you all were able to be here and Marisa, you had midterm, right? Oh, yes, hopped on to the plane right after midterms. From uc Berkeley. First of all, was a pleasure to sit down with you and honked you chose me. What did you learn in this process? I think as a documentary filmmaker I'm making films about other people. But I think what you really emphasized is like the power of a personal story and how what you learn is more so it's about what you learn but it's about what you share. More so it's about what you share. So when you were very candid about your health journey, I really realizes like what seemed like a valley with my personal experience with my mom's battle with cancer, it really was just more so that I could operate in the realm of I know and like I've seen versus I heard so I think that was the biggest takeaway for me, especially as an aspiring journalist. It was beautiful how you put it all together and I appreciate it greatly. I really do. Bethel, all right now. So what are you hoping that people who are going to be watching all of these beautiful films, especially young women, what do you want them to learn, take away? I just want all young girls to realize that there's no dream too big. No matter what obstacles you're going through, for example, my interview subject was a perfumer and she left school at the age of 15 and she's battled with dyslexia, but she was still able to start her own successful perfume business, so if I was to give one piece of advice it would be if you have a passion, just go for it because there's no harm in trying. Not at all. I know that your passion is filmmaking, everybody. So creative. So creative. Also what I love about this initiative is that they asked you all to identify a heroine that has really inspired you and, Louisa, what was that for you? For me it would be mulan because she's the epitome ofselflessness and broke gender, S 0 show girls can be smart and girls can be strong and she saves all of China so I mean if that's not girl power, I don't know what is. How you identified her, that's what we can say about all of you and I hope that everybody will be able to see these different films on different platforms and just be inspired by them as we all have. Right after the show, I know that you all are heading to -- All: Disney world. You're going to Disney world. You're going to Disney world. We can't let you go empty-handed so we have a little surprise. Do we have the personalized gift bags that you all will be receiving? Yes. Oh. A lot of fireworks. You get your personalized and also you will have a $100 voucher to use there at the stores there at Disney world so $100 each and all that. And, hey, guys, be sure that you check out their videos from every -- for every like or share on social media, Disney will donate $1 to the U.N. Foundation's girl up initiative up to $1 million so remember that. Okay? And do you mind if we tag along and go to Disney world with you? Oh, yes. Okay? It's happening. Of course, I can't ever go but someone will go with you and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram and see all of their Disney fun and adventure so, thank you, ladies.

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{"id":58404380,"title":"Disney launches 'Dream Big Princess' for International Day of the Girl","duration":"7:57","description":"The new project aims to give a voice to aspiring storytellers and inspire young women around the world to help them achieve their goals.","url":"/GMA/Family/video/disney-launches-dream-big-princess-international-day-girl-58404380","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}