Make a batch of creepy ‘Cockroach Donuts’ this Halloween

Cat Cora shows us how to make Pinterest’s top-trending Halloween recipe — Boston cream donuts shaped just like cockroaches!
5:07 | 10/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Make a batch of creepy ‘Cockroach Donuts’ this Halloween
Opera's down off in feelings that Lynch's. It's patriots top training a recipe for Halloween. I may yet. How much dry ingredients into the mixer. It's an honor that the assault. And our. They now at and wet ingredients in my mind audience. You know and about it. And when and he's with a warm water. And really simple. Turning. Side. Well how free are now got it. I'm out here now dominated them. V.s and mobile. This water to make it stick someone could gloom. Look at death Bruins aren't in the Clinton. Skinny Cochran. Think this. It look like little legs and India looks talent pool into me. Dropping his oil with about 350 degrees. And methods fry out. Oh. And every little decision you don't want probably threw just make a little incision is. With the tip of the paring knife straight across the headline. And carefully. It. Another person is taking little factual. There is but nicely. From both sides sense. Snapping relations is dead at Madden it smells better than Brian. It. A next step in making hasty creek. Billy boy caught her body sent our security is more my now. Here are. That's they get nice and warm words for. The inning on an access. Right there and me and really wow us. Kendrick together that I can act all of my milk mixture in here. But it its porn stars. Great pace units. And now my taste Ukraine have been cooler and I. Feeling. Now it's really fun it is. They actually. Pastry cream not whipped cream and I just clicked and tell us that he can imagine that peacekeepers. There. Yeah. Okay. But not. Pastry cream my slightly case became an act I think magma and it is an attorney over and then just Thelma maybe up. Nina and McMahon. Now it. It hop off. Actually. I don't. More. Altogether. Nice. You play. These Cochran's eyes and dark. Now to decorate down. Animals stressed. So when and if you can caramel Heath. Candy. Enrolling bow wow nice looking. This is part Annie. Can obtain a little bit of black coming. Is it than mine and he's. These cockroaches don't this is not version and you can just follow let off. I'm glad it. Reality analysis lying inside and grossly analysts.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Cat Cora shows us how to make Pinterest’s top-trending Halloween recipe — Boston cream donuts shaped just like cockroaches!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73910637","title":"Make a batch of creepy ‘Cockroach Donuts’ this Halloween","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-batch-creepy-cockroach-donuts-halloween-73910637"}