How to make the ultimate chili recipes for game day

Chefs Ryan Scott, Marcus Samuelsson and Pati Jinich "MVP Your Meal” with their special chili recipes.
6:37 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for How to make the ultimate chili recipes for game day
It is time to MVP your meal. We are teaming up with all-star chefs to bring you the ultimate tailgate food and tackling the food that's so popular it has its own international society and official appreciation society. Which we are both members. Because we are 25uking about chili. Right. Thank you. Great chefs are braying their "A" game, Ryan Scott with Michael. Pat tin jinich with me and Marcus samuelsson. You're going down. Audience members at our tasting table with rob. Let's get right to it. All right. Ryan, here we go. Tell us what we're making and I know this kind of has a corny name to it. It's inspired by your birthday I guess. Happy birthday chili with everything in here. This is my -- this is almost my frito pie beef chili loaded with everything from avocado, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos, you name it. Get over there. In here we've got ground beef with spices and what's cool about this, everything could come from a can, canned corn goes inside here. Canned black beans goes inside. We've got diced menners that you can buy down at the store, onions can also be done and because we're not kissing anybody today we got garlic in there. A little bit of jalapenos and here's the thing, Michael, you always want to toast your spice, chili powder goes in, Marcus, you smell it. It's called defeat. We're winning. A little bit of ili, salt and pepper and chilies go inside. The cool thing about it, put a lid on top of it after you add canned co-mate tos. Anybody can make this dish. You come over here, three hours in your oven low and slow and the way we finish it -- I love the way you say it's frito pie style. Bake it in the oven for three hours if you want, you put it inside your favorite chips. Rob, what do you think, Robbie? Huh? Good, buddy. It's delicious. Then you build it any way you want. If you want cilantro on top. You can go like that and add a little. Bam. It's done and it's in a little bag. Two big dudes and a cute little bag. Right. I love it. Thank you for the birthday chili, man. I appreciate it. Lara, you're up. Pati's kicking it up a notch. Tell us a little about yours. Tex-Mex and emphasis on the mex. It's a Tex-Mex with a super heavy accent on the mex. Cute little bag and cute little hat but we have the most amazing chili. I'll tell you why. Yes. Yes, we have, we have chunks of beef and we also have ground pork. So you have the bite of the meat and then you have the texture of the ground pork. This is for real here. This is for real people. Yeah. And then we have onion, we have bell peppers and then the crazy thing, the amazing thing is we're going to play with different kinds of chili peppers. We have fresh jalapeno in there then you'll add chipotle sauce. A lot of kick. Rustic, sweet and then we'll add everything you see here, it's in judicious amounts. We have cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, paprika, we have ground chipotle. We have oregano, cumin, salt. I got you. And everything in here. It's like a -- stir it in, everything but the kitchen sink. The amazing thing we're cooking all of the spites in the fat of the meat so that the flavors will glue. We're not throwing everything together like someone there and then add some beef stock. We're over here eating. It's so delicious we can't even hear you. We are layering the flavor. We are layering. We're adding tomatoes. We're adding some vinegar and pinto beans. Sophisticated chili. This is a heavy Tex-Mex then you cook it for an hour and -- Unlike three hours this is only an hour. Exactly. And then you -- I love this. You pick your favorite team and you put it in a little mug. But look how hearty, nutritious, filling and the flavor. Yeah. Let's check with rob and our tasters. What do you guys think? Amazing. Plus the accent and the health factor. Health factor. Did you say health factor? We'll throw it over to Marcus All right. You guys, best for last, right, Marcus. I think that's cute. Thank you very much for sending out the first quarter and second quarter. Very cute but you guys -- Yeah. This is the fourth quarter chili. Emphasis on chili. Everybody knows that it comes down to strong defense. My friend J.T. Told me that and stra used to be my defense before he changed teams over there. The other part, chili with big strong flavors in a tiny bag? That makes no sense. No sense. Big bowls. How do you do it. About big and bold. Onions, garlic, chilies. This is going to be so delicious. Meat. We'll cook it for a couple of hours and then we shred it. This is about brisket, big stuff, big defensive stuff. And then don't come over here with that tiny little bag. Don't come over here with that tiny little bag because this is a big bold flavor. This is delicious. Yes. All about ethiopian spices. Berbere. I don't know what happened. But then -- Retirement getting to you. All about flavors. We got avocado, this is all about spices. Oh, that's delicious. Do you taste that? This tastes so good I'm going to give it to these guys over here. I'm feeding over here. Come over here. Right? I don't know. The guys with the little bags. Trash-talking. All of it on "Good morning America." Flow a flag on him. All of our chef, get all these recipes on our website,

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"Chefs Ryan Scott, Marcus Samuelsson and Pati Jinich \"MVP Your Meal” with their special chili recipes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67192519","title":"How to make the ultimate chili recipes for game day","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-ultimate-chili-recipes-game-day-67192519"}