This summer's wackiest ice cream trends

Carla Lalli Music of Bon Appetit Magazine breaks down some of the boldest ice cream trends and how you can recreate the flavors at home.
4:16 | 07/05/18

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Transcript for This summer's wackiest ice cream trends
It is hottest week of the year so F in New York City and what better way toy cool in the summer heat THA with little cream. E flavors are getting crazier crazier and "Bon appetit"'s rla Lalli is here to show us the wackiest flavors and how make your own at . Thanks for joining . Y ice cream flavors, sour LE, cheeto ice M. Why are they trending O E? The way I like to thinkbout it, creams going through its rebellioustage and doing whatever Ian to get you in and get you to take a picture of it. Like your teer comes home with thereen mohawk, you know, just warrants to know do you stlove me? I guess Vanessa B, chocolate is not enough anymore. 'Ll do a little test.I he a blindfold. B blindfold it il he see if I can guesshat is in this, all right, sals, bring out first flavor for me. Here we Michael. S that a bigpiece. Thaa big piece. Ike barbecue Very good. Whate are you getting? I Wright. It's exa right so this is om Clementine's. This is an iceamvor actually made with barbecue sauce and ion't know how else to tell you but there is mt in your eyes cream. Gesing to say something delicious about but I something th I don't really want to try again. Fair enough. Fairenough. All right. Let' number two.bring out T second one. See if I can go 2 for 2. -MM. Beer. Nope. Nope. Try again. Try again. Beer. Peach. Cse. All right. So -- What is it. La one had meat. This OAS cheese. This isoat cheese and cy cream. Think of it a lit bit like the ice creamsion of what you put on a cheese board and cheese isnding png off the dairynd the ice cream. We're seeing goat cheese, sour yogurt. All right. I would have neverrdered that one. More to go. Let's do this nextone. Right , Michael. Thanyou, Here we go. That takes like nach ome kind of cheese. A nacho? No. Not even guessing the second time. Whatas that? Arifying color so this is vegan base withivated charcoal from actual burnt conut ash so this is a big healstrend rightnow, charcoal we're seeing in tote, inizza dough and th what is given it that sinter flavor. Time I'molded on this show. You ca do all of these things ome and experiment but I that isn goo enoug add charcoal and barbecue sauce. I would playhat save sorry, salty, sweet avor. Have some of that stuff right here and we broke it up into three drent te, right? So have a lot of differenavors here. Creamy, there'shy and want to , if you'reaking your own is think abthat bce maybe salty like peanut butter. Popcorn. Weot torun. But I want to tell on the Commer break we'll have fuwith some of that and you can have the Funt home as well. Carl thanks for jning me. I appreciate that.

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{"id":56377854,"title":"This summer's wackiest ice cream trends","duration":"4:16","description":"Carla Lalli Music of Bon Appetit Magazine breaks down some of the boldest ice cream trends and how you can recreate the flavors at home. ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/summers-wackiest-ice-cream-trends-56377854","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}