What we know about COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against variants

Dr. Jen Ashton answers viewers’ latest coronavirus questions.
1:50 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for What we know about COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against variants
All right. Move on to Dr. Jen Ashton joining us with some of the questions you have been asking online. First question, will president Biden be able to travel to meet leaders in other countries if both parties get tested? Key word in that question is tested. We have not heard anything formally released from the president's medical team. However, remember, the president has now been doubly vaccinated as has the vice president. We hope other foreign dignitaries and leaders. Will get vaccinated. I'm not the president's personal physician. If I were, I can tell you there would be a massive bubble of protection around him in terms of covid exposure. A quarantine of the people he was going to meet with for a period of time before, ideally two weeks. Multiple tests and vaccination and then those mitigation measures even when he's with them. All right, a noncovid question now. Board certified ob/gyn. Very appropriate for you. What age do you usually recommend women freeze their eggs? Is there an age where it's too late? Not really an age where you're too late or too early. There's no set recommendation here nationally. Most infertility specialists will say ideally it's before the age of 30 but now we are in a great time for women and men for reproductive health. That paradigm is shifting for elective egg freezing to change that mindset from treating infertility to being proactive about one's fertility. By the way, it's relatively straightforward in a young, healthy woman. Can be done in just a couple of All right, Dr. Ashton as always. Thank you all for submitting questions. Continue to keep them coming to Dr. Ashton @drjashton. "The New York Times"

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Dr. Jen Ashton answers viewers’ latest coronavirus questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76254266","title":"What we know about COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against variants","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/covid-19-vaccine-effectiveness-variants-76254266"}