Scott Glenn dishes on new disaster thriller, ‘Greenland’

The actor previews his new film and gets a “GMA3” birthday surprise.
3:52 | 01/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Scott Glenn dishes on new disaster thriller, ‘Greenland’
Imagine this, comets hurling towards Earth causing chaos and desperation. I can see that actually after what we've been through. That's a light Tuesday these days. All part of a new action packed disaster thriller "Greenland." Take a look. My Mary went to heaven in this place and when the good lord is ready for me to join here, I'll be right here in this place too. Bags packed. Wow, I actually saw the movie. It's a total thriller. That was actor Scott Glenn alongside his co-star Gerard butler. We're happy to have Scott with us to tell us about this incredible thriller. Scott, I'm telling you, you're on the edge of your seat. It's kind of nice to have a different disaster. What was it about this role? The director called me up and told me he had a disaster film he wanted to send me. He wanted me to play a small part of it he described as the bleeding heart of the film. I read it, loved it. At the time none of us had ever heard the term coronavirus. Now it gives the film a real bite. You said now in the times we're in with the movie out it gives it a real bite. What do you mean by that? We all are -- the experience we're sharing with a comet coming towards the Earth, even though the timeframe is different, the whole target is the human race. In order to survive that kind of an event, I think even more the pandemic, we need discipline and discipline has to be shared. The only way it can be shared is if we all care about each other and work together. I really, really took that away from the film. There were so many lessons there you could apply to what we're dealing with today. I know so many of us are grateful in ways we haven't been before, sometimes even for just turning another year older, which is what I understand you're doing today. Happy birthday, Scott. Happy birthday. Amy, come February 6th, happy birthday to you too. That so cool. He's on top of it. I'm just a few weeks behind you. Guess what, though -- I hope you get this soon. We're sending a cake your way. We have a cake in studio. Wish we could give it to you. There it is. Chocolate. We'll get it to you. Do you have any special plans for today, Scott? I'm sitting here with my girlfriend and wife Carole and, if the weather stays the way it is, we'll probably go skiing. You have wrapped up this show beautifully. We had a nice theme of laughter it's good to see you. Congrats on everything. Happy birthday. Thank you very much. Happy birthday. "Greenland" is available to own on digital now and blu-ray and DVD February 9th. I love to see how excited he got about his birthday. About the cake.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The actor previews his new film and gets a “GMA3” birthday surprise. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75491752","title":"Scott Glenn dishes on new disaster thriller, ‘Greenland’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/scott-glenn-dishes-disaster-thriller-greenland-75491752"}