Is 'Sara Haines' going to run a marathon?

Sara welcomes "Sara" to the show to promote the 2019 Shape Half Marathon.
2:42 | 03/26/19

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Transcript for Is 'Sara Haines' going to run a marathon?
How are you? I'm pretty good. Pretty good. Pretty good? Yeah. Before we got started I wanted to tell you something. Something really cool I'm doing on April 14th I'm hosting "Shape" magazine's half marathon in New York City. Because I'm in fine running shape. Registration for the race is now. Visit You have until April 12th to register. Do it as quickly as possible. This is a race you need to get in a special mindset. This is the latest issue of "Shape." There's a full page in there about the race. It is an honor to host. I've run in the past with Amy. This was a race she did when she hosted it. It will be cool to have Sara Haines run it too. She's going to run it too. Why you saying it like that? Why you saying -- Because Sara Haines will definitely be running in the race. Why do you keep saying it like that? Because Sara Haines will be running in the race. Who in the hell is that? Who's that man? Ask her. That's TV Sara Haines. Yeah, it's me, TV Sara Haines. She's amazing. I looked far and wide for a body double. We're practically twins. If you really look at her, you can barely tell us apart. You can't tell us apart, can you? Yes, I can. That's because you know me really well. If you're just a casual fan, you can't tell us a part. Give her a test. Ask her a question. What's Sara's favorite animal? How could I possibly know that? We've got a little while before the race. We're working out kinks right now. Go to register at I'll see you at and in the race. You're so cute. I'll tell you right now -- We are so cute. We are. Those pregnancy hormones are doing a great job on your beard. I love you, Ryan. The future is female. I keep trying to tell him that. That's great. I'm glad you're doing that. I remember when you and Amy did that. I think it's great. Women exercising and all that stuff. Thank you, Sara Haines. Thank you. Something else that -- we

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Sara welcomes \"Sara\" to the show to promote the 2019 Shape Half Marathon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61955777","title":"Is 'Sara Haines' going to run a marathon?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/sara-haines-run-marathon-61955777"}