‘Shark Tank’ stars help give Ellicott City, Maryland, a small business boost

This community is fighting to recover after surviving devastating storms and the pandemic.
6:37 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for ‘Shark Tank’ stars help give Ellicott City, Maryland, a small business boost
It is now time for our open for business series and this morning we're not just highlighting one business but an entire community, robin. Town fighting to recover after surviving devastating storms and the pandemic. Now this morning they're getting a small business boost with expert advice from the sharks, Scott is right there on main street in Ellicott city, Maryland. Good morning, Rachel. Reporter: Hey, robin. Good morning. You know, the pandemic has rocked the nation. So many small business owners are suffering and the ones here on main street say this was just the latest gut punch. They have had to deal with one disaster after another and they told us they really didn't know who to turn to for advice. We have just the friends who were willing to help. Sweet cascades opened in 2005. I'll take your order and box it up for you. We specialize in Mexican food and love the town. My father and I are the ones that run the business. Reporter: This charming little main street lined with family owned business and picturesque shops perfect as a postcard. Amazing. We have the best, most supportive community here and the best customers. They've supported us through so much. Reporter: In the past four years Ellicott city weathering devastating storms. But first those deadly floods. Maryland's governor declared a state of emergency. Reporter: Deadly flash floods decimating the town. Both floods were like tsunamis because they picked up everything in its way. It was incredible. You could hear the classicing of the bricks coming down the street with the water because the water was pushing the brick Reporter: The raging waters high as eight feet. Washing away forget me not factory and Georgia gray's cafe. The door flew open. I started crying. I knew everything was going to be gone. We lost everything in about a half an hour washed out of the store and floated down the pretty unbelievable. Reporter: Storefronts like sweet Elizabeth Jane and park ridge trading condition completely gutted. Once the front windows got hit by one of those cars, it just wiped out the interior completely so we had to remove walls and floors and utilities. Reporter: Lisa relocated her salon to a nearby barber shop. We basically landed in their salon and just kept running, so both times we were lucky enough that we had somewhere to go. Reporter: This town was determined to rebuild. The community rallying together to get main street back up and running. We've already cleaned out about 12 tons of debris because we want to make sure we're prepared for that next storm that we know will come. Reporter: But no one was prepared for what would hit next, covid-19 forcing these recovering businesses to close their doors again. What has been one of the biggest challenges for you during the pandemic? The challenge is the unknown. What next month is going to be like. If we'll be able to hang on. How difficult is it right now being a small business owner. We probably had to let go of 80% of our staff. I haven't been able to fully change the website to order online. It's a huge project. It takes a lot of time then I'm going to need more staff to answer the phone and I really can't afford to pay more staff to do all of that. For years this community has relied on each other for support but we have a surprise for them. The sharks are coming. enter "Shark tank" tie-ins, Kevin o'leary, a/k/a Mr. Wonderful. She said bad things about me. Reporter: And real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran delivering special messages of opportunity and optimism. Hi. I know all about your town. I'm going to come to the rescue. I'll give you everything in my brain to help you along. So cool. I'm talking to you, sue, Paula and Simon. Let me help you build your business up. Wow. Oh, my goodness. I'm nervous. I'm sweating in the morning. Reporter: Mentoring these deserving entrepreneurs. Awesome. That is like a dream. Oh, my gosh. That is very exciting. Very exciting. Especially to be able to talk to another -- a very strong, powerful, intelligent successful woman. Just to get a couple minutes with Barbara is like super exciting. I'm really looking forward to and the knowledge that he brings is I think going to be great for all of us. Absolutely. And for the town and everything. Yeah, yeah. Reporter: What a special surprise that was for those small business owners. Each one of them will receive a private one-on-one mentoring session with Barbara or Kevin over the next several weeks and they said that so much of their business has really relied on foot traffic here on main street so need some advice with moving things online and that's advice that so many small business owners are looking for right now. We are going to be there to follow their journey right here on "Gma" and, hey, the new season of "Shark tank" is coming soon on ABC. Catch up on season 11 streaming right now on hulu. Robin. It's wonderful that they're going to help out like that, Rachel. Give us more of a sense of what it is. That's typical main street usa where you are right now. Can you give us a sense of the people and the community there? Reporter: This is such a tight-knit community, robin. You know, they really have relied on each other for support and something that really struck me was how much they are committed to being here for one another and being here for this they don't want to close their doors they want to stay here and have remained here, disaster after disaster, they are staying open through the pandemic and the residents here are rallying behind this community, trying to help these businesses stay afloat, robin. Yeah. So resilient. You see that time and time again. Rachel, thank you. Thank you and thank you that you're going to keep this touch so we can tell how the sharks are going to help them out there. We appreciate that. Thanks, rach.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"This community is fighting to recover after surviving devastating storms and the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72301321","title":"‘Shark Tank’ stars help give Ellicott City, Maryland, a small business boost","url":"/GMA/Living/video/shark-tank-stars-give-ellicott-city-maryland-small-72301321"}