Attorney speaks out after FBI arrests longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate

Brad Edwards, the attorney representing more than 50 alleged victims of Epstein, discusses the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell on charges of recruiting underage girls for the convicted sex offender.
6:35 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Attorney speaks out after FBI arrests longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate
But we begin with the FBI's arrest of Jeffrey Epstein's longtime associate, Ghislaine Maxwell. The British socialite has been charged with helping recruit underage girls for the convicted sex offender N a moment we'll speak with Brad Edwards representing more than 50 women who say they were victims of Epstein but first Adrienne Bankert has the latest on the case. Good morning, Adrienne. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. We are out in front of Epstein's mansion on the upper east side of Manhattan. Now, according to investigators, Maxwell allegedly befriended these girls and took them shopping and to the movies, grooming them before turning them over to Epstein where he would abuse them at his properties like this one in new this morning, Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged co-conspirator and ex-girlfriend of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is waking up behind bars. The 58-year-old charged in a six-count indictment including conspiracy and percentage accused of facilitating his sex crimes by helping him abuse three unnamed teenage victim, one as young as 14 years old between 1994 and 1997. Maxwell played a critical role in helping Epstein to identify, befriend and groom minor victims for abuse. In some cases Maxwell participated in the abuse herself. Reporter: The FBI arresting Maxwell Thursday in Branford, New Hampshire, at this 156-acre property that she bought for more than a million dollar. She slithered away to a gorgeous property in new Hampshire continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago. Reporter: In investigators say that property was carefully purchased in full with cash by an anonymous LLC and alleged Maxwell had been carefully attempting to avoid detection since Epstein's death moving at least twice, shuffling money between more than 15 different bank accounts and using a fake name for mail and deliveries. For years Maxwell has been accused by dozens of women of helping to procure and groom young girls for Epstein, allegations she consistently denied. Jeffrey Epstein's network of enablers stole from me. They robbed me of my youth, my identity, my innocence and my self-worth. Reporter: The indictment alleges that she would normalize sexual abuse by discussing sexual topics, undressing in front of the victim, being present when a minor victim was undressed or being present for sex acts involving the minor victim and Epstein. My office and the FBI remain committed to doing all within our ability to bring justice to individuals who enabled, facilitated and participated in the acts of abuse. Reporter: Maxwell's arrest comes one year after Epstein was charged in a federal indictment with sexually abusing dozens of underage girls. Weeks later he took his own life while in federal custody. She kept a low profile ever since rarely spotted like in this headline-making photo apparently eating at a California in-n-out burger two days after Epstein's death but authorities say they never lost track of her whereabouts. We moved when we were ready and miss Maxwell was arrested without incident. Reporter: And Maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison. Eva. All right, Adrienne Bankert, thank you. Joining us now is Brad Edwards, the attorney representing more than 50 women who say they were victims of Jeffrey Epstein. He's also the author of the book "Relentless pursuit." Thanks for being with us. Let's get to it. You said, quote, the day brings us one step closer to justice. Maxwell has been pretty elusive for years, several of the victims have long been calling for her arrest. How surprising was this arrest to you and to your clients? Well, the arrest was more surpriing to my clients than it was to me. I knew at some point in time it would come but regardless it was a monumental day yesterday and my clients are very relieved. What have your clients said about Maxwell and what did you discover researching your book about her role in Epstein's alleged crimes? Yeah, you can't overstate her role. Without her, there would be no Epstein. Meaning the monster that we all know could not have existed without Ghislaine Maxwell and my clients are overwhelmed with emotion but also know that there's a difference between an arrest and a conviction and we have a long road to go so they're really just hopeful that more people will come forward. There are a lot of other people out there with information. They want more people to come forward. Speaking of that long road how strong do you think the case against Maxwell is and what do you think her defense might be? Well, it's a historic case obviously. We're talking about a time period from '94 to '97. The victims are extraordinarily credible. There are other very credible witnesses so from a factual standpoint it's a strong case, but it's a historic case so are there legal technical defenses? Maybe and I expect that's what you'll see from her. Federal prosecutors publicly encouraged more victims to come forward. You just mentioned that as well this morning. Do you think more victims will come forward and where does this case go from here? Absolutely. I think it's going to be very similar to what you saw when Jeffrey Epstein was arrested a year ago and after he was incarcerated a lot more victims started pouring in and calling me or calling the FBI and the case only began to get a lot stronger. That's what we're going to see right now but time is of the we want it to happen now. There's also a civil case against Epstein's estate. Can you kind of give us an update on where that stands and where that goes as we look to the future? Sure, after his death we filed many lawsuits and then we began working on setting up a victim claim program so that there would be an alternative for the victims to pursue compensation that they all really deserve without litigation and the program just I expect because we spent a lot of time trying to develop it ourselves, I expect it's going to be the most successful of its kind so long as it's administered fairly and I have great confidence it will be so that just got under way last Brad Edwards, thanks for being with us this morning.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"Brad Edwards, the attorney representing more than 50 alleged victims of Epstein, discusses the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell on charges of recruiting underage girls for the convicted sex offender. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71593386","title":"Attorney speaks out after FBI arrests longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate","url":"/GMA/News/video/attorney-speaks-fbi-arrests-longtime-jeffrey-epstein-associate-71593386"}