How Biden's administration will increase COVID vaccine supply

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joins to discuss the new administration's plans on COVID-19.
6:03 | 01/23/21

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Transcript for How Biden's administration will increase COVID vaccine supply
Joining us now is White House deputy Press Secretary Korean John Pierre Korean thank you so much for being with us on for the first time in your new role we do appreciate it. We have a lot to cover so want to jump right to it and the pandemic here. Governors across the country their baking for more vaccine we've heard president Biden promised to invoke. The defense production act to help speed up the roll out. But what specifically. Will the administration do right away to increase the supply of vaccines. It's it's a good question it thank you so much for having me is look at the present understand that there's no time to waste. And he has taken action he took action on day one which is what he promised the American people during the campaign during the transition. And has been very honest about the challenges ahead and so what he has done on day one he signed fifteen executive orders. Executive actions and one of them and many of them had to is is dealing with cove it. On day one in the he's signed signed many others a last today's almost thirty more than thirty and so many of them deal with cove in making sure that taking action on on wearing masks. The hundred day asking folks who to Wear. Max for a hundred days taking action on vaccines. Taking action on the economy on equity. On climate and so there's a that we are dealing with multiple prices and bills are the ways that we need to. To move forward but vaccine distribution as you're still just your last story just laid out is so critical it's so important and that is part of the American rescue. Rescue planned that he has these put forward to congress to make sure we get on top of that as well tell you got to know her you talk when you think about. Him for. Forgive me I'm sir there's a bit of a delay there you laid out a few things but we're focused on the supply. I do I do want to transition to this though because Biden has promised 100 million shots this first 100 days. That may have been an ambitious a month ago but many health experts argue that that's still not good enough especially as new variants spread across the country. Will the president pledged to increase that goal. So here's a thing I mean what we first laid out that plan people said it was ambitious. People said it was not you know it was a difficult thing to do. And if you look back in history not when no other country in the world has ever has ever done this tried to do a hundred. Million vaccines. In a hundred days so this is on precedent within itself and not only are we. Do we have to do that and we sang that we're gonna do that and we will is that we have to we have a harder. A harder lift which is now we have to go into the communities. When the truck administration started they were they did it in the hospitals and nursing homes where there was majority of the population now we have to go out there and meet people where they are so this is already a big a big hall that where we're trying to do and we're gonna get there. And so and we have promised the American people you were asking me about. You know getting vaccines out there yes that you know that we that he signed the DPA and that went into action yesterday and we want to make sure that we have the materials. So that the vaccines kid can get out there are so that is another way. That work trying to move is an administration that the president is leading on so there are many ways. That we have seen in this past week that the president Biden has taking cold it very seriously and understand that we cannot waste anymore time it as a government we need to act now. I do perhaps a move to another important question here leaders in the senate agreed to delay the impeachment trial. A former president from for about two weeks is that enough time to install president Biden's cabinet picks. And more importantly to most struggling Americans out there pass his massive Covert relief bill. So as as you just juice you just said the president's priority is making sure that we take care of the American people. He leaves impeachment to the legislative branch that is they will decide that they will decide how quickly to move. With that and how swiftly whatever it is that they want to deal on that side his focus is making sure that the other prior to ease that you just mentioned. Are done and here's a thing there's a precedent here you know the congress is able to walk and chew gun at the same time and we saw two of our. Of our cop cabinet nominees get confirmed this week so we're really excited about that more to come next week so that is moving. But we have to get to work for the American people and that's what this president did on day one. Because we are in multiple crises that we have to deal with. Right now we can't wait two weeks from now we can't wait three months from now. We have to deal with all of this right now but do you think you can get it done the cove at a relief bill before the impeachment trial. What we're gonna trying do the best that we can't write we are listening we are talking to people Anderson thing. The recovery but though the good the plan that we have put forth to congress it wasn't what you know the number that we put the plan wasn't taken out of the blue sky. Rate this is something that we looked at the scope of the problem. And we put together a plan that kid that addresses the moment that we're and and this is not a partisan issue great this is not you know go back look speeding up vaccine is not a partisan issue getting kids back to school is not a partisan issue. I wouldn't be you know we've heard Mitch McConnell last month talk about how getting vaccine is incredibly urgent. Marco Rubio senator rubio sent a letter to the president saying you know 2000 dollars giving the American people 2000 dollars in incredibly important. Sutter how only said the said the same 2000 dollars is needed so we have heard from many people from Bernie Sanders to the that you know commerce chamber of commerce. And they are they have they have supported. This plant so there is bipartisan support and we just have to continue to move Couri jumpy air thank you for your time this morning we do appreciate it. Dan already are you so much for having.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joins to discuss the new administration's plans on COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75443337","title":"How Biden's administration will increase COVID vaccine supply","url":"/GMA/News/video/bidens-administration-increase-covid-vaccine-supply-75443337"}