Democrat John Hickenlooper enters 2020 race to solve ‘crisis of division'

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that he is running for president because he can beat President Trump and can “bring people together.”
5:56 | 03/04/19

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Transcript for Democrat John Hickenlooper enters 2020 race to solve ‘crisis of division'
I'm John Hickenlooper. I'm running for president because we're facing a crisis that threatens everything we stand for governor thank you for joining us this morning what is that crisis. You know I think this is a crisis of division I think it's. Probably go though the worst period of division of this country since the civil war and ultimately I'm running for president because. I believe it now time he Donald but that I am the person that can bring people together on the other side and actually get stuff done. Divisions keeping us from addressing big issues like. Climate change in the soaring cost of health care you know that disruption in the workplace are gonna come from automation in. Artificial intelligence. On got a history both in the private sector but also in government of getting people together getting stuff done I think that's. No in Colorado we now have almost universal health care coverage. We have been able to achieve the level of collaboration between industry in the ailing the only gas industry in the environmental community to get met in relations. It reminds you President Obama when you Senator Obama back in 2000 forcing there's no red America there's new blue blue America he wanted to heal the divisions as well. He didn't defeat him but he couldn't solve that problem how can. Well I think that a lot of what's going on in America's people like we're now listening. And I look at. When I wrote when I won reelection in 2014 a terrible year for Democrats you know I went. Out to the world areas I listened to ranchers worrying about where they're gonna get the water I'd. Talk to the people's small towns in the suburbs where about their jobs I talked women. Families all over the state about you know the cost of housing and how they're gonna make sure they can afford their health care. These are the basic issues people care about and I think people feel like bill when Washington has been addressing it. Yeah this is going to be huge field on the democratic side maybe build more than two dozen maybe thirty candidates in their the first challenge for any candidate. How do you stand nice talking to governor James Lee of Washington yesterday he spoke his whole can't focusing his whole campaign on climate change what sets you. Part. I think I'm. Really the one candidate out there that has a very strong record of bringing people together and getting things done and that. That sense and we've got to be Donald Trump that's essential. This is not sufficient and when you look at who does have that. That experience of being able to. You'll get things done. On there we got that but I said Dillon gas initiative what the environmental community to create methane regulations they're now being rolled out across Canada they've been copied in California. We're almost a 100% coverage in health care. Wear purple state that got universal background checks past. You're that you see here the doer not a dreamer in this race who the dreamers. I think it's not question of dreamers it's and we need dreamers on a dreamer right we need vision. Might would also need people that get stuff done. And all my realizes CEO of a restaurant and a group of restaurants. For fifteen years tonight was a me every years and I was a governor for eight years. One thing I've shown I can do again and again is create teams of amazingly talented people and really address these issues are issues that are the they're the critical issues facing this country. The past you describe yourself as a moderate back in 2012 I think he would say he failure to moderate we expect to win the democratic primary. It doesn't seem like moderation is in tune with where democratic primary voters are right now. I think you know I been to New Hampshire and Iowa to Florida. South Carolina I don't think voters are interested in labels anymore I think they really there's an appetite for people that can get stuff done it can show that. You know when the chips are down. That the candidate is a person who could who the most successful cat will be the person get people to put down their weapons and and collaborate to a point where they get. A real progressive change and I look at. Know what we've done in Colorado is a cheap progressive goals I'm not sure what other states have done that to me when I was a mirror. I got all 34 mayors two thirds of Republicans or conservative independents. But 34 Marist a universally support A the largest transit initiative in the history of the country we caught Fastrack 122 miles of new track. Mean that's how you address climate change is creating. You'll groups of people they're committed both it and forget about Republican or Democrat but how do we get things done. Let's let's put some meat on the bones you elected president to come in Mitch McConnell Republican Mitch McConnell still ahead. And listen they still have majority what's the first thing you do with him what can you work on here but I don't. Just like anybody. People are responsive to people that they can't respect them and they feel hurt others in the restaurant business but some of angry you don't you know. Fight back on them or argue with them you repeat back their words and Mitch McConnell cut I got. Came in that was when I come and office. I would go to Mitch McConnell to his office I would sit down with an insect don't know what is the issue again and we would talk and I would continue to speak backed themselves silly right. But that's what this is what I did with the suburban mayors and they hated the city Denver you go to any. Metropolitan area in the country the arguments between this the big city mayor and the super Maris there almost endless with a one place where this has got. Got done and I think they'll work to Washington to see that movie too good day he can be the morning American here closure for. Oh my gosh it's it's so strange so I know I love music that I went to Woodstock. You know I sold by Janis Joplin played Jimi Hendrix playing there in their primes. And when I ran for reelection in 2014 again terrible year for Democrats but we had this tough. Fought victory. I took my son we went to Iceland. For you know just from five day weekend there's a nonstop flight from Denver and we got there and they are the airport disclosure who. Ten days before we both thought of seeing him bolder and we've gone backstage and met him and hung out at the nicest guy in the world and at really one of the most talented young musicians anywhere. We'll be hearing from in and it thanks for joining us you thank you George.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that he is running for president because he can beat President Trump and can “bring people together.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61453318","title":"Democrat John Hickenlooper enters 2020 race to solve ‘crisis of division'","url":"/GMA/News/video/colorado-governor-enters-2020-presidential-race-61453318"}