Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold sues USPS

Griswold is concerned about USPS mailers sent to registered voters which contain inaccurate mail-in voting information.
6:11 | 09/13/20

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Transcript for Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold sues USPS
The government facing a challenge on another front. Colorado's secretary of state announcing her office filed suit against the U.S. Postal service. She joins us now live. Good morning to you. Let's start first, overnight, a federal judge responded to your lawsuit, temporarily barring the U.S. Postal service from continuing to send this mailer. What about the mailer has you so concerned? Thank you for having me on. That's exactly right, you know, as secretary of state it's my job to make sure that coloradans have the right voting information. Two things on the mailer that were inconsistent in voting with Colorado, it urged people to request a mail ballot. In Colorado we send a ballot to all registered voters and we ask voters to stop returning them through the mail eight days before election day and instead take them to a drop box and the mailer had inconsistent messaging on that also. Many people have already received these mails, isn't the cat already out of the bag, what are you hoping will happen here? Well, it's very unfortunate. We were alerted that the mailer would go out on Friday. So we just learned about it, we filed a lawsuit Friday night. We haven't had confirmation yet that every coloradan received the mailer. It's important, again, as secretary of state to make sure that coloradans and other voters in the same situation have good voting information. In Colorado, we believe in easy access, you just register to vote and then you're sent a mail-in ballot, you can return it to the drop box or vote in person. We want to make sure that that message gets out to coloradans. Let's talk about the president's tweet we just heard in Andrew's piece, to the people of North Carolina to quote, make sure your ballot counts, sign it and send in early, go to the polling your location, to see if it was counted. You responded to the president, this is encouraging voter fraud and I will refer you for prosecution if warranted. Are you concerned about voter fraud and the validity of this election? Well, I have total confidence in our election in Colorado. We're considered the safest state to cast a ballot in today, and we also have one of the most accessible elections in the nation especially during a pandemic. Eva, I want to share with you that my mom's a nurse and she's been working to save lives on a covid unit. Vote by mail which we do in Colorado is like wearing mask. It allows for accessible elections and it allows for social distancing during a pandemic. I'm fully confident in our elections in Colorado. But it's shocking in 2020 to inform the president, and last week it was informing the U.S. Attorney general, that it's illegal to vote two times. And I really encourage him to stop urging Americans to commit voter fraud, we have a good system. And folks should really rely on secretaries of state for election news. Thank you so much for being with us this morning and for sharing this information. Dan, over to you. Eva, thanks. There's so much going on. Let's bring in our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos who's going to be hosting "This week" later this morning. Good morning, sir. We're hearing so much about mail-in voting, we just heard Democrats upset about the Republican leadership of the U.S. Postal service and then, president trump overnight again saying that this is going to be a rigged election, those of us who are watching this, we all want a free and fair election. How do we sort through these competing claims? Let's talk about voter fraud, in every piece of evidence shows there's no widespread evidence of voter fraud. Every once in a while you see some kind of fraud. For both mail voting and in-person voting. But what the real concern is, because there's going to be so much more mailing vote this year, that voters can be disenfranchised. Because their votes don't get to the polling places in time. They're not counted appropriately. The other thing that we have to watch for this election, because a lot of the early votes, mail votes won't be counted until after the polls closed, you could have this disparity where say, president trump is leading in some states in in-person voting, but all of the mail vote is out, that would not be counted for several days and show that he didn't win. A state. That would lead the president to say, that's not fair. That's the concern of a perception of a rigged election. It could not only be an election night, but an election let me ask you more on the present moment here, this new ABC news/ipsos poll out this morning showing the president's approval handling of covid-19 at 35%, more data here, two-thirds of the country say the president acted too slowly. How can the president change this dynamic and how dangerous is it to him? That's the question, only seven weeks left until the election and it seems like these views of how the president handled the pandemic are kind of built in right now, and they're getting worse not better because of the revelations we saw last week in the Bob Woodward book. But what the president has to hope for in the coming weeks that progress is made toward a vaccine, the number of cases do come down, the death toll continues to come down. At the same time, Dan, we're only days away from that death toll hitting 200,000 Americans. A grim, grim number. George, thank you very much. Really appreciate it coming in on a Sunday morning. Tune in later this morning to "This week." George will be talking a about the wildfires with the governor of Washington. Plus, senior advisers from the trump and Biden campaigns will be talking about the latest in the presidential race and on Tuesday night, at 9:00, George is going to moderate a town hall where uncommitted voters will have a chance to pose questions directly to president trump.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Griswold is concerned about USPS mailers sent to registered voters which contain inaccurate mail-in voting information.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72980674","title":"Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold sues USPS","url":"/GMA/News/video/colorado-secretary-state-jena-griswold-sues-usps-72980674"}