Diver describes rescuing man who helped rescue Thai cave boys

Edd Sorenson tells "GMA" how he saved Josh Bratchley, an elite British diver who helped rescue youth soccer players and their coach from a cave in Thailand, from a Tennessee cave.
4:25 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for Diver describes rescuing man who helped rescue Thai cave boys
Now to breaking news overnight. That dramatic rescue. The diver trached in a Tennessee cave has been saved. Let's go to Steve osunsami who is on the scene in Jackson county, Tennessee. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. Cave diving is one of the most dangerous things to do on the planet. The entrance to this cave is underwater, and the divers use a thin type of rope to guide themselves in and out of the caves and this diver lost his. This morning, it's the rescuer who needed recueing. Josh bratchley, one of the most elite cave divers in the world was trapped inside this Tennessee cave for more than 36 hours. Bratchley walked out alive, refusing medical treatment. I'm okay. Reporter: Bratchley is usually the one doing the rescuing. Last summer he was part of the same team of divers that helped a soccer team escape from a cave in Thailand. He spoke about the experience on "Good morning Britain". To find that the kids were safe was just amazing. Reporter: He went missing Tuesday afternoon while diving an hour outside of Nashville. Divers who were in the cave with him searched for hours, but couldn't find him. Local authorities called the specially trained diver to help. The cave in gainesboro, Tennessee is about 400 feet long with water roughly 40 feet deep. Temperatures are 55 degrees and there are air pockets inside the cave. They found the lost diver in one of them that was quite large. They were hoping against hope to find him alive, and they did. For most people, this type of experience would be somebody instructive, but this diver says he is already planning to dive again. Amy? Steve osunsami, thank you. Let's bring in EdD Sorenson who rescued bratchley. Thank for being here, and if you can tell us how you found Josh and how you got him out safely. Thanks for having me. It -- it was difficult. It was low, silty, dangerous. The line was broken. The only way that a diver would have to follow out, so it was -- it was quite a difficult task just finding him. And where did you find him, and can you tell me what his reaction was when he saw you? He was up in an air pocket. That's where we were hoping he was if there was any chance for his survival, and when I first breached the surface, I was looking directly at him, and it was a fairly big air pocket. He was about 12 feet away and he just said, thank you, thank you. The interesting thing for us lamen who know nothing really about diving or cave systems, to have such an experienced diver get trapped like this, what were the threats he was facing and how does something like that happen to someone like him? Well, in any cave, the guideline to the surface if things go wrong, that's your only way home. So when that -- when he got lost off the line, and it's just feet of pure silt. So one slip and the visibility goes from whatever you had to nothing in the blink of an eye. So once he got off the line, there was really no chance for him. And I know as I mentioned, you have done rescues like this, but what is it like to rescue a fellow diver, and someone who has spent much of his life rescuing others? Was it more special or -- just give me a sense of what it felt like for you personally. Well, rescues are very, very rare. Any time I can bring somebody home back to their family and not in a bag, it's a great day. So bh I first surfaced and after he thanked me, I started asking him estions, how he was, what his health was like and he just looked at me and said, I'm not used to being on this end of the rescue. Well, thank goodness you were there on the other end. EdD Sorenson, thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me. Wow. Yes. He had exactly the temperament you would want for someone to rescue you you. Doing the job. Doing the job. We have a new round of

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Edd Sorenson tells \"GMA\" how he saved Josh Bratchley, an elite British diver who helped rescue youth soccer players and their coach from a cave in Thailand, from a Tennessee cave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62478244","title":"Diver describes rescuing man who helped rescue Thai cave boys","url":"/GMA/News/video/diver-describes-rescuing-man-helped-rescue-thai-cave-62478244"}