Divers swim alongside famous Deep Blue shark

The female great white shark was photographed by divers off the coast of Hawaii.
2:35 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Divers swim alongside famous Deep Blue shark
We are back now on with that exclusive look at the shark the world calls deep blue, stunning divers swimming right behind him, T.J. You're here to tell us the story. Look, I've gone diving with sharks. They were about six, seven feet, caribbean reef sharks. This is a 20-foot great white and they chose to get into the water with this thing and would you believe it had a happy ending. Believed to be the largest great white shark on record anywhere in the world, deep blue as she's called made a surprise appearance off the coast of oahu this week. A team of divers was observing other sharks when deep blue showed up and the divers jumped right in. 20 feet long. 8 feet high. This queen of the ocean was a gentle giant as diver ocean Ramsey swam alongside. She calls her the grandma shark and thinks grandma might be pregnant. She's that big gentle grandma cruising around doing her job and using our boat as a scratching post and being quite calm. Reporter: It made it here from Mexico where it was last spotted five years ago. Ramsey describes the breathtaking moment the shark appeared. The dolphins start to come up and with the dolphins, she started to ascend and it was kind of like she's being he -- escorted. It comes as Ramsey pushes for stronger legislation to protect the mammoth creatures of the sea. What's most important people are getting images and message of conservation. Sharks are not moensters. I'm happy and overjoyed to be able to be approached and to share the water with her. We say 20 feet. Great white, big shark. An idea, 20 feet, what's a 20-foot shark? That's a 20 foot shark? Now, I know she said these are calm docile creatures but if you got something two tons this big in the water with you, that is going to scare the mess out of you, all right. But still we have to understand these creatures, we're more a threat to them. Dangerous what she was doing. Do not do this at home. I can't believe I had to give that warning but they're unpredictable but this one, it was a calm shark. It didn't mistake her for a piece of food but a great educational tool to see how they behave. Who swam with sharks? Not us. You're the only one. I'm the only one. Makes me smart or stupid? I don't know. The footage is really beautiful. We're glad you made it out. From would you swim with sharks to would you take a

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The female great white shark was photographed by divers off the coast of Hawaii.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60466376","title":"Divers swim alongside famous Deep Blue shark","url":"/GMA/News/video/divers-swim-alongside-famous-deep-blue-shark-60466376"}