Multi-millionaire due in court on new sex trafficking charges

Some of the alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, 66, told ABC News they will be sitting in the federal courthouse in New York where Epstein is expected to appear.
5:32 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for Multi-millionaire due in court on new sex trafficking charges
We'll begin with the arrest of the megawealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein due in federal court today on new sex trafficking charges after a raid on his Manhattan mansion Saturday. Amy is here with the latest. He already served time on past sex charges. That is correct. Allegations of sexual misconduct involving minor girls has swirled around him for more than a decade and some of his alleged victims are speaking out telling us they have been waiting for this day for years and that they will be sitting in those courtroom benches later today. This morning, megamillionaire financier and New York socialite Jeffrey Epstein now in special custody. The 66-year-old money manager who has been associated with some of the world's most powerful people including former presidents and movie stars and owns a private island in the caribbean arrested in a covert operation in New Jersey after his private plane landed from France, sources say. His New York City mansion raided by the FBI. Investigators seen wearing masks as they carried out boxes of evidence. The indictment still sealed but sources telling ABC news Epstein faces charges of conspiracy ray sensex trafficking of minor girls in New York and Florida. It was here at Epstein's mansion in toney palm beach where they began investigating her. Michele la cotta was 16 when she said she was creigh cuted to give Epstein a massage. He said, god, you're just so beautiful and sexy and gorgeous and it was making me feel really uncomfortable. Reporter: She told investigators Epstein sexually assaulted her. Then he wanted moo he to rub his back and then he kept asking me to go lower and he was kind of talking to me. Reporter: She was 1 of 40 possible victims identified at the time. Courtney wild, another one of his accusers telling ABC news about an alleged encounter when she was just 14. I was 14, I had braces on, like I remember standing in his kitchen and like gash and he also had a lot of girls there all the time. Reporter: In 2008 the Florida broker struck a controversial secret plea deal serving 13 months in a county jail on state charges registering as a sex offender but securing immunity from federal charges in Florida for himself and his alleged co-conspirators. The federal prosecutor who authorized that deal, secretary of labor Alexander Why would you cut this deal with Jeffrey Epstein? Why would you immunize not only him but all of his friends and employees and everyone who helped him get away with this big scheme? Michelle Licata telling ABC news overnight this is the day she's been waiting for. The first moment finding out Jeffrey Epstein was put in jail was so relieving to me. I felt safer. I've waited for this one day just to happen and it's finally come. Now both Michelle and Courtney are set to attend his court hearing later today where we are all sure to learn more about the specific charges leveled against him once that indictment is unsealed, George. Thanks. Let's bring in Dan Abrams for more on this. This will be the first time he faces federal charges even though federal prosecutors did write a draft indictment last time. Last time he pled guilty to two relatively minor state charges and part of the deal basically putting together the federal and state and saying, look, we're putting this all into one bucket and we're saying to you, plead guilty to these two state charge, we'll make sure you're not prosecuted on the federal charges. That deal is technically still in place so the question becomes how are they now charging him? We'll learn for sure today. It's being run by the southern district of New York but also the public corruption unit. He's not a public figure. That's right so two questions. First, how do they get past this nonprosecution agreement and the answer these have to be new allegations. These have to be ones not covered in that 53-page -- To avoid double jeopardy. And avoid this nonprosecution agreement. Then you're right, very interesting that the public corruption unit. They have a unit that deals with sex trafficking and appear to be a minor part of this which should be O Epstein because the question then becomes, well, what were they investigating? And could there be additional charges here beyond the ones that we're seeing, so that's got to be something from his per -- He's connected to powerful wealthy figures. It's true and that's what apparently helped him last time but I don't think people should be concerned about that this time around? Why? Because these are prosecutors that went out of their way to indict him. There is a nonprosecution agreement in place. You want to make this go away, you can just say, you know what, there's a nonprosecution agreement, this case is done. These prosecutors have basically said this is serious enough, we're going to go out. We'll find these additional victims and it seems and move forward with this case anyway, so I think that the sort of idea he's got well connected friends will help him this time around very unlikely. Dan Abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Some of the alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, 66, told ABC News they will be sitting in the federal courthouse in New York where Epstein is expected to appear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64187455","title":"Multi-millionaire due in court on new sex trafficking charges","url":"/GMA/News/video/multi-millionaire-due-court-sex-trafficking-charges-64187455"}