Rescues underway for animals caught in Michael's destruction

Animal shelter employees describe the danger they endured as the storm made landfall.
3:35 | 10/13/18

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Transcript for Rescues underway for animals caught in Michael's destruction
The faces of the victims of hurricane Michael aren't all human. That's right. Rescues are under way to save all the stranded and runaway animals in the devastation. Let's go back to rob in Panama City with more. Hey, rob. Good morning again, guys. You know, for those of us who have pets, they are truly members of the family. If you are evacuated a lot of the shelters will accept them. Some have to stay in their home with their animals then some of the animals that we found that don't have a real home at all. New this morning, a scramble to save the animals struggling to survive in the aftermath of hurricane Michael. Like these little guys who I found huddled together in the wreckage in Panama City, Florida. I want you to meet some storm survivors. These are four little kittens. We just discovered them in this home. We talked to the owners of this home and they told us a story of how they rode out the storm and as they were leaving because the ceiling was collapsing on them, these kittens fell out of the ceiling and into the kitchen. They didn't even know that they were alive up there. Weak, hungry and scared we managed to get the kitten to a shelter in ft. Walton. The humane society tipping us off to another shelter they thought might be in danger. Are you guys stuck in there? Yes. You're kidding me. Made it through the trees. Here's the shelter. It's hurricaneproof because of the shape but no windows and the ac is down. It's hot and it's smelly in there and you can hear the animals. The manager of the shelter describes the peril they endured during the storm. I got to the point where we were scared. I didn't know if it would be safe to bring them upstairs. It was pouring water into all of these kennels. Reporter: With those shelter employees, 35 dogs and nearly 70 cats in the dark in oppressive heat and unsanitary conditions. The walls are sweating, the animals are hot. We can maybe get through this day but we've got to get them out of here and get them transported. Reporter: With time running out the escambia county animal control answering the call coming down to evacuate the furry friends making sure all are accounted for. We got bones. Reporter: And taking them somewhere safe in the hopes of finding them a forever home. I need a home. Reporter: Such a relief to get those animals out of there. It was not good conditions. No doubt about that. You know, there's so many great organizations. You can adopt some of these storm animals from the humane society. Aspca and come on down here and go to one of the shelters and pick them up because our hearts go out to them as well. Quite an experience down here in Panama City but the animals are being saved too. Those little kittens were so precious. Absolutely. All the puppies. Precious. I know. Rob, you have a cat and a dog. What are the chances your family grows a little bit after this experience? Well, there's been a little pressure from home on both sides so we're still weighing the options. I wanted to take all four of those kittens home and then the puppies in that shelter too. They're all adorable. You just want to take them all home. But I have a feeling after seeing some of the pictures on our air they will find their forever homes and proper families. People will come forward and great work by all those workers at the shelters too. And to you as well, rob. Thanks for bringing us the

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Animal shelter employees describe the danger they endured as the storm made landfall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58475475","title":"Rescues underway for animals caught in Michael's destruction","url":"/GMA/News/video/rescues-underway-animals-caught-michaels-destruction-58475475"}