Rumors swirl of LeBron's last game with the Cavs

Ahead of Game 4 of the NBA finals tonight against Golden State, many wonder if tonight could be LeBron James' last game in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.
3:20 | 06/08/18

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Transcript for Rumors swirl of LeBron's last game with the Cavs
Now with the big game tonight the Golden State Warriors are going for the NBA title. Trying to quote the cavs in this wave and take home the championship. And if the cap loose tonight it could be LeBron its final game playing for his hometown team. AB CTV homeless here in Cleveland and that's always he did you guys off. Phase straight take a good look man it's a hard thing to imagine. We could see something for the last time on this floor and that's LeBron James being NH hands. Jersey we could see he would for the last time here of course the fans here is one thing to have to deal with the fact that you lose a championship but they're now contending with the possibility of losing a LeBron James and again. Down three games to none. Golden State for the repressive comparable hardware at the Cleveland Cavaliers are gearing up for would could be another heartbreaking loss. And not just the possibility of getting swept in the NBA finals many old wandering. If this could be LeBron James last game in a cavs Jersey. When he becomes a free agent this summer. The most challenging. Diagnoses among career home from a standpoint of what's the normal mall closed door mourned until one sister's old. The rumors are swirling that he could be headed to Leahy after the lakers president Magic Johnson. Allegedly chatted with the superstars agent courtside in March according DSP and there are even reports. James may meet with the warriors to join their all star roster. They gave me the joy and yeah. Of course this wouldn't be the first time the team left his home town team cavs fans got downright hostile when he announced his move to Miami Heat eight years ago. We'll take months house assault beats. And to undermine him. But after returning in 2014 and leading the teen to its first NBA championship two years later. The fans have embraced him. And Ford least one more game. James is standing with the. All right so what do we know about what LeBron James is going to do stray and I can confirm that we know. Nothing about tank pumps are very tight group of folks around him he has said I'm not going to talk about this out of respect for my team for the city. And for the season so he has not hinted. At all but there's plenty of speculation people to put together numbers about which teams make sense which ones could afford him. Which teams will put together good championship contender as well but he has not giving a single hit about where he might go or what he might you. I deviated saints still solemn with a unit big arena. Yeah such honest reporting TJ in wheat we appreciate. Yet and they have the black shirts out here is this kind of a somber mood in the confidence. Well no I'm not think if it what is the talk of the town is not about a championship it's all about this kind of a foregone conclusion before a lot of people that. The warriors are gonna win so the thought now what is going to happen with abroad that is going to be being taught as soon as this series is over. I think you so much TJ and down maybe he could pull off a miracle when Cordero are you seeing games for. Of the NBA finals tonight at 9 PM eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Ahead of Game 4 of the NBA finals tonight against Golden State, many wonder if tonight could be LeBron James' last game in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55744853","title":"Rumors swirl of LeBron's last game with the Cavs","url":"/GMA/News/video/rumors-swirl-lebrons-game-cavs-55744853"}