Scientists race to rare volcanic eruption in Iceland

Experts hope that the eruption of Reykjanes Peninsula's volcano after nearly 800 years of dormancy can help teach scientists about volcanoes on other planets, like Mars.
3:53 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Scientists race to rare volcanic eruption in Iceland
Now on GMA celebrating a birthday this week in taking you to one of the most incredible places on the planet. This active volcano in Iceland the nation is opening to tourism. To people who are fully vaccinated and that includes our will read he's there live this morning. Will tell us what you're seeing how it feels. Amy this is amazing I'm not sure if words or images didn't properly convey. How spectacular this is we do have a drone. To help us out this. Is the farm right off jobs volcano. It is erupting behind me as it has been for over a month experts say it will keep doing so for months and years to come out long back there. 2000. Degrees plus fare nightmare swirling gases with these winds that I had this gas past disposal we artists whose distance. To explore this natural wonder. It's an eruption nearly 800 years in the making. And causing quite the commotion on this Icelandic peninsula. They're all about momma will be. Our rob. Breaking through the Earth's surface in March additional Fisher's continuing to open. Forming an ethereal landscape. Iceland's eruption is classified as effusive when tectonic plates poll part exposing glowing rivers of red lava. Eruption is happening and just about the best place it could because it's happening in a place it's quite far from any human habitation. And it's quite far from final. Helicopters circling around floor and taking down the portable lawn of the by the day. Earl Long now scientists are racing to Iceland not only for what it can teach us about our own planet but for what secrets it might hold about other planets like Mars. Ice and admires admiration Meyer in that they'd both have no matter relation right right. I'm that volcanoes on Meyer as we haven't seen one of those are out we know that they've erupted in the last couple million year to billions of here we never actually. Back here on earth warnings to be cautious people need to take care seems to be a nice enjoyable eruption. That is plenty of dangers in the area. As thousands converge to bear witness to a breathtaking spectacle. This really does look like another planet and it's so worth the trek to get here it's not a far drive. From the airport and you have to hike up a little bit to get here or you can take a helicopter. You do have to be careful though there's. Lots of these gases we have these meters that when they go off Houston got the way you put your mask on we actually did do that yesterday morning you were we are here filming. But all good right now we're staying vigilant. Yeah because well I was gonna say even more impressive than that pronunciation was of that volcano which I will not attempt is just how close you are. To that eruption but I in his I know you're keeping states they just explain that perhaps. Yeah we're words did received his influence mindful of these gases with the mass senator Byrd far enough for a from the volcano that we're OK we do do you mindful of earthquakes now. Last night as I was going to bed my room started shaking. And I realized soda that's how this volcano started in the first place they expect that new fissures we'll be opening up I don't have to come back and take a visit this is in my first. International trips I am fully backs you know falling all the CDC guidelines and international travel or fallen protocols for Covert here on the ground. And feeling incredibly lucky. To be in such an amazing place. It is it is so incredible to witness will thank you for your reporting and we want to tell everyone what was back in our next hour. With even more from Iceland Michael I wanna hear him say the name plus.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Experts hope that the eruption of Reykjanes Peninsula's volcano after nearly 800 years of dormancy can help teach scientists about volcanoes on other planets, like Mars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77210765","title":"Scientists race to rare volcanic eruption in Iceland","url":"/GMA/News/video/scientists-race-rare-volcanic-eruption-iceland-77210765"}