Struggle inside hospitals as outbreak shows signs of slowing

Doctors and nurses are still working to help patients with coronavirus in hard hit areas as the rate of hospitalizations in New York dropped but dealt with its highest day in fatalities.
3:56 | 04/08/20

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Transcript for Struggle inside hospitals as outbreak shows signs of slowing
task force in just a moment. But we'll continue our coverage with Tom llamas at St. John the divine being turned into a field hospital. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: Robin, good morning to you. For weeks we've told you how the hospitals here in New York City need help and now a new life line. As you mentioned St. John the divine, the largest gothic cathedral in the United States. That truck behind me loading in supplies, tents and beds and to think that medical patients are going to be treated inside of a church during holy week is far from normal but now it's necessary. This morning, growing evidence the outbreak may be slowing. But go inside hospitals, and you'll see painful reminders the coronavirus still has a grip on America. Three people died. One after each other. Reporter: That reality playing out at maimonides hospital in Brooklyn. Doctors taking us inside one of their icus. Come, let's go. Reporter: Dr. William Pascal alerted a patient is having extreme breathing problems. Her oxygen and blood pressure dropping. The doctors and nurses work together to flip the patient over. It's a maneuver called proning. They tell us it helps the oxygen flow and that move ultimately saved the patient's life. What happened just now is an absolute emergency. It's a life-or-death situation. Unfortunately, that's what we're seeing with a lot of our patients here. Reporter: In New York the rate of hospitalizations is dropping. But the state also dealing with its highest one-day total in fatalities. That 731 people who we lost, behind every one of those numbers is an individual, is a family, is a mother, is a father, is a sister, is a brother. Reporter: Michigan also facing a prolonged battle with the coronavirus. The state's largest hospital system, Beaumont health facing staff shortages. 1500 nurses including 500 nurses off the job because of coronavirus symptoms. In Detroit, the mayor imploring people to stay home, social distancing could be working. We are at a time where I think we may be bending the curve but we're at a very dangerous time if we don't stick with what we're doing. Reporter: This morning, we're also hearing the powerful stories from those on the front lines. In New Jersey, nurse Vicki Hilario going beyond the call of duty working 12-hour shifts then volunteering to conduct covid-19 testing. It's all about being selfless and able to think about other people beyond your understanding. It's just you love to serve others. Reporter: As the fight against covid rages on, America in some areas struggling with so many abrupt changes. In Wisconsin, long lines of people wearing masks, not looking for care, looking to Voight. State leaders and the courts unable to compromise on how to change the election date. Voters defying stay-at-home orders and long lines also in south Florida. People lined up to pick up forms to apply for unemployment benefits. A lot of masks but not a lot of distance. We had a lot of people show up way too early. We gave out hundreds and hundreds of applications but now we're printing up hundreds and hundreds more because we just have more demand. Reporter: And those images of those long lines you just heard right there, more signs of how so many are struggling financially right now. We also want to mention this morning there was a family down in New Orleans that lost four members, the Franklin family, officials now telling us all four of them tested positive for the coronavirus. Michael. All right, Tom, tough news to hear. Thank you very much for that.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Doctors and nurses are still working to help patients with coronavirus in hard hit areas as the rate of hospitalizations in New York dropped but dealt with its highest day in fatalities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70037639","title":"Struggle inside hospitals as outbreak shows signs of slowing","url":"/GMA/News/video/struggle-inside-hospitals-outbreak-shows-signs-slowing-70037639"}