A transformer explodes at California Oktoberfest celebration

The injured included two firefighters.
2:48 | 10/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A transformer explodes at California Oktoberfest celebration
Whit, over to you. Oktoberfest celebrations turning into chaos when a transformer blew sending a fire ball into the sky. Kayna Whitworth is joining us now from Huntington Beach, California with more. Kayna, good morning. Reporter: Good morning. You can see behind me workers are trying to replace the transformer that exploded sending fire balls shooting some 70 feet into the air during the oktoberfest that was happening right here. I spoke with the festival hall owners. They said they had to evacuate some 1,000 people and it was the quick thinking of the restaurant owner that saved them. Overnight a California oktoberfest celebration rocked by an apparent transformer explosion, sending that massive fire ball into the sky in Huntington Beach. You could see the fire roll up the sides of the building. We could feel the heat of the flame on our foreheads. Reporter: Festival Goers say they saw multiple explosions. People started running. That man pulled me out of the booth. That's where the final explosion Reporter: The owner of the hall alerted people to a strange smell. That's when people were evacuated. His sister spoke with "Good morning America." Your brother escorts the fire department down to look at the transfo transformer. That's when the explosion happened. The minute he went to open the door, he turned, that first explosion hit him. He caught on fire. Reporter: The first calls coming in just after 8:00 P.M. Local time. Officials rushing to the scene. Affirmative. We have several crew members burned. Give me five ambulances for now. This man was at the festival describing to "Gma" the shear moment of panic. Throughout the chaos as people were running by and the security guards were screaming to people to get to the next exit. I just grabbed my fiance's hand. We started heading out the door of the event center. That's when the second explosion happened. Reporter: Officials investigating what caused that underground electrical vault to explode. They were guided to an underground vault by a security guard. When they went to see what was going on, one explosions. Electrical fires, vault explosions, they create a lot of there's a lot of energy potential, a lot of heat. Reporter: This could have been so much worse. Right now the restaurant owner is in the hospital with second and third degree burns. He was taken to the hospital along with two other civilians and two firefighters. Right now power is out to the entire area. Lucky it wasn't a lot worse. Kayna Whitworth for us there.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"The injured included two firefighters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66092392","title":"A transformer explodes at California Oktoberfest celebration","url":"/GMA/News/video/transformer-explodes-california-oktoberfest-celebration-66092392"}