Trump attends UFC match as impeachment inquiry looms

As the impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings is now formal, several documents held secret in the Mueller report became public.
5:27 | 11/03/19

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Transcript for Trump attends UFC match as impeachment inquiry looms
That a president trump in New York this morning after his trip to a UFC matchup Madison Square Garden last night. The president gearing up for his own fight in the impeachment inquiry as he heads back to DC. ABC's cure Phillips joins us now from the White House and cure a new details also coming to light from the Moeller pro. That's right good morning went well just when you thought it was over we are once again talking about the Moeller investigation you'll remember. A lot of is 448. Page investigation was rigged acted and shrouded in secrecy but now after a court order. But is speed has actually obtained and released a try old. FBI documents now what's making news this morning wet are the documents that detail how Paul man a fourth the president's former campaign chair. Or who sits in jail still. What's pushing the unfounded conspiracy theory that Ukraine was hacking the democratic national committee's emails as early as 2016 in as you know. This is now part of the impeachment inquiry that we're going through. This so called document dump from the Justice Department will occur monthly now for at least the next eight years. 500 pages dubbed Muller's secret memos that include everything from witness interviews to. Former key figures. Inside the campaign but that's not the biggest challenge the president faces as the impeachment inquiry goes further now this probe into president trumps. Dealings with Ukraine has for the most part. Been held in secret and behind closed doors but now that the house has voted and made this investigation formal. We are going to see in hear more details as they're made public when it. And Carroll on the impeachment inquiry some big name witnesses could testify before the house committees this week. Out of their big names all right we're talking about going. Deeper inside the west wing here investigators have summoned Jon Eisenberg lead lawyer for the National Security Council Michael Ellis as senior associate counsel to the president and the biggest fish of them all thus far. Former national security advisor John Bolton the fiery foreign policy Hough as you know he could be the marquee witness in this impeachment probe. His deputies have already testified that Bolton who left the White House since September due to many disagreements with president drop. What's serious would Rudy Giuliani was leading the pressure campaign on Ukraine. To investigate the Biden's there is a lot to look forward to this week. No question about that Kara Phillips at the White House for us thank you stamp. Thank you with so much to talk about this morning so let's bring our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos is going to be hosting this week later this morning in some corners that current conventional wisdom holds that trump. Will be impeached by the house. Acquitted by the senate. And at the end of the day will be status quo and perhaps even the president might be strengthened through this process do you see upside here for him. I don't think the president wants to BP Sicily let's say that is one of the reasons he's fighting and I think it's very likely as you say that he does get impeached now in the house we saw that parliament vote on the inquiry. This weekend do you have. Just a few senators even raise questions about its I think it's very possible that he gets impeached but dead but also. Is acquitted but I'm I don't see how that would actually help of one of things we've seen. In our poll is that in fact the president support among Republicans has dropped from the high eighties to the mid seventies. Over the last couple of months now. He hit it may not cracking me not lose all Republican support but it's hard to see an impeachment or help them gain support going into next year's election. Is thinking of our poll which you just referenced that we heard Rachel talk about this too there's this number in the poll 53%. This is about the Democrats running for president. 53%. Say they'd either consider another candidate or they have no preference so is that an opening first second tier candidates like food people injured when you have on the show this morning. There's no question the race is still fluid even though Joseph Biden is still on top in our poll Warne and Tim is close behind there's still a lot of movement if you look at the if you add up. The first and second support for all the candidates Warren is actually. Leading Joseph Biden right now we've seen people who judge on the move in in Iowa so much is gonna depend on what happens in the early first caucus state. In idealist someone comes out comes from behind for example gets a head of and Joseph Biden could scramble the whole race going forward so yeah it's it's very early the race has been stable until now but I at a particularly lot of twists and turns going through. So much debate on the trail this week and we decides and Rachel's peace. About Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for all planned as a general election strategy if that candidate goes into the general election against trop. With a plan that would take away private insurance from tens of millions Americans is that a big liability. All right now it pull it does not poll out taken with private insurance for Americans historically has not pulled blows big vulnerability that a Barack Obama had to address. When he was trying to passive trying to pass Obama Canelo warns argument is that you need big bold ideas to energize. New voters get them to the polls next here but right now. It does appear that this is going to be a vulnerability she has cancer. George thank you very much always a pleasure to see you on a Sunday morning I want to remind everybody George has a big show this morning as discussed he's gonna go one on one with twenty Tony presidential candidate mayor peak load a jet plus. They'll have the latest on the impeachment inquiry and more. With the powerhouse roundtable it's all coming up on this week later this morning right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"As the impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings is now formal, several documents held secret in the Mueller report became public.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66722262","title":"Trump attends UFC match as impeachment inquiry looms","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-attends-ufc-match-impeachment-inquiry-looms-66722262"}