Trump breaks silence on anniversary of protests in Charlottesville

The president tweeted that he condemns "all types of racism."
4:35 | 08/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump breaks silence on anniversary of protests in Charlottesville
silee nniversaryn those violent proand he N Twitter. Icome par for the course. Calling a stark contrast to his in response T chartt the pres now condemning allism and ac O. ABC's Tara Palmeri is in Berkeley heights, new je near president golf CL with the lat Tara, good morning. The press to his golf club yesterday for an eve with suters, but instead ur condemning the rally, he called S former sff lif. Ning, president trump calling for unity, as demonstrators prepare Toher nehe white house. The prest tweetingat ING for all races, the riots I charlottville a ye ago sulted in nsh and divisi we must me togetheas a nation. I condemn all types of racism of violent. This, a sharper tone from last year when many criticized him R not call T white nationas in clashes wither-protesters saying -- I do Thi there's E, yes, I think there's blame on both sides. Reporter:he preside his distance from today's lling the ndreds of mile with his supporters at inster resort in Jersey. We wan thank you F here Repter: Where he also responded directly to his in her new book. Low life, sheow LI Rorter: T former reality sh villai rose U to be the highest ranking African-American in the white Hou O to fired LE last year. Asked by Z if T press actions are causingen K community -- E wants T a race war, he's eeding. Air to say the president is a racist? Absolutely. epor"the "Washington post" who an advance O her book, maniganewman CLAs the T is a, quote, Rast, bigot misogynist the WHE house caing it riddled with land false accusaons. May not see the president this weekend as he has no more ens public sedhe heads tfort drum intate new Yo tomorrow se defense bill this year named after senator John McCain. Paula. Tara, thank you. For more on let's bring in ABC's chiewhite house corresent Jon ka. Who's hoinwe little later this morning. We're expecting a March in D.C. Yo theresident is taking a muc fferent T tweeting that he conds all typ of racism,nd quote, we must come together as a nation. What is his role? Reporter: In terms of coming recenpoll by th quinnipiac organization saying just about ard of the country approves of the pridoach towards raceelat Paula, among African-Americans, only 3% approve of the presids C we talk about omarosa E prent just called a low life. Nsidering E's already changer story, Jon, how damaging could this book be, or yt people tesume that she jusruntled oyee with xe T Repteas serious credibility problems. She tolds just last December that the president is absolutely not a racithat she wld R ked for a CI so she's not exactly the most credible ctic here, T the thing is, Paula, she was the presids most higprofile, prominent, senior African-American on his white house that reason she can't be ignored. Ael avenatti on the show who's become an unlily hero on the left. Th week he W doing the rounds aheonsidering presential run ou heard hay, when they go low, we hit harder. Do Democrats really feel that he could be their guy co a trump-ana joust? You mean a date with political experience and a chke Yeah, that, exactly that. On, that S he hadte a reception in Iowa. Head a fie spe it was quite a beginng. He ie most uncve ide seen sin, Wei T four years. Cannot wait to heart he S to say oe Jon, thank you. A reminder, everyone,jog show thimorning. He's G to go one- counllor to thpresident kellyanne Conway. Plus as he just said, avenatti discusses that poten 2020 white horun. That This video out of Las Vegas

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"The president tweeted that he condemns \"all types of racism.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57144166","title":"Trump breaks silence on anniversary of protests in Charlottesville","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-breaks-silence-anniversary-protests-charlottesville-57144166"}