US enters 'new phase' of coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Deborah Birx warned the virus is now “extraordinarily widespread” in the United States and urged people to take more precautions.
3:47 | 08/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US enters 'new phase' of coronavirus pandemic
Now to the latest on the coronavirus emergency and the message from Dr. Deborah birx that we're in a new phase with the virus extraordinarily widespread. Urging people to take more precautions as the number of confirmed cases rises. California becoming the first state to surpass 500,000 cases. The U.S. Now reporting more than 4.6 million cases. Victor Oquendo is tracking the situation from Miami. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Florida is right on California's heels. Set to top the 500,000 case mark within the coming days. Statewide less than 20% of icu space available. At south Miami hospital the icu is at capacity. We start with the warning from Dr. Birx urging those who live in a home with people more at risk to consider wearing mask indoors. Urgent words from white house task force Dr. Birx saying the U.S. Has entered a new phase of the pandemic. I want to be clear. What we're seeing is different than March and April. It's extraordinarily widespread. It's into the rural as equal urban areas. To everybody who lives in a rural area you're not immune or protected from the virus. That's why we keep saying no matter where you live in America you need to wear mask and socially distance. Reporter: The dcd predicting the number of lives lost in America could cross 180,000 this less than three weeks. In New Jersey where transmission rates are soaring, and new hot spots are emerging, officials are outraged. Everyone walking around refusing to wear a mask or who hosts an indoor house party or overstuffs a boat is directly contributing to these increases. This has to stop. It has to stop now. Reporter: This weekend officials in New York arrested the owner and captains of a party boat claiming they did not practice social distancing. As the battle over schools rages on Louisiana announcing that out of the nearly 3,500 new cases reported since Friday 10% are children under the age of 18. 33% are between 18 and 29. This weekend red war do Rodriguez announced he was sitting out the rest of the basketball season. 29-year-old Joshua elvaz lost his father to the virus. Now he's in a hospital bed in Georgia trying to fight it off. You don't think it's real. Look at me. I'm in the hospital chooked on oxygen and my dad just died. Reporter: Covid-19 claiming the livelihoods of many Americans. This woman says covid cleared out her business and she can no longer afford her home. I'm about to be on the street. What are you going to do? I don't know. Reporter: New this morning Eli lily announcing it's testing in the final stages of testing a drug that could be used until a vaccine is approved. We know the antibody has the potential to block transmission of the disease. If we give it to an individual we're testing to see whether they're now protected from getting infected with the virus. Reporter: That Eli lily trial is unique. It's a mobile clinical trial going door to door at nursing George? Victimy, thanks. As the virus continues to spread negotiations over a new economic relief package are at a stale meat.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Dr. Deborah Birx warned the virus is now “extraordinarily widespread” in the United States and urged people to take more precautions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72142437","title":"US enters 'new phase' of coronavirus pandemic","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-enters-phase-coronavirus-pandemic-72142437"}