Should Taylor Swift have kept her feud private?

Taylor opened up to her fans about her industry issues and they went off.
4:41 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Should Taylor Swift have kept her feud private?
today. This is something I've been paying very close attention to. You have Taylor Swift, you have scooter Braun, you have the record label, Scott borchetta used to own the label and sold it to scooter Braun and a firm. They paid $300 million poor the label. They own Taylor's music which has been a big controversy all year long. Now Taylor is getting an award. This feud continues. She's getting an award at the amas. The icon of the decade or something award. She wants to perform her old hits. She says they told her you cannot perform your old songs. Only way you can perform your old hits is if you don't rerecord them, because if she rerecords her old songs, then she owns them. That's smart. They're like you want to perform them, you can. You can't record your old songs over again. You can perform your songs at the amas. They're saying that's not true. It went back and forth. She got on social media with all her followers and said let them know how you feel about this. So the record label they denied the claim. They had to close their office on Friday due to all the threats they were getting from all the swifties. They released this statement. Despite our efforts to find a private solution, Taylor made a decision to enlist her fan base in a calculated manner that greatly affected the safety of our employees and their families. Since all this back and forth has been happening online, I have a question for you two. Is it okay to settle a feud online in front of the public on social media? When you're enlisting the swifties or the bee hive, those two groups of fans are like next level. You're unleashing the fury. Bee hive will take you out. Is it fair when you know you wield that much power on social media to use it to settle a dispute that you're having with somebody else, especially something in a professional I think it's case by case. If I'm keeping it 100%, it's case by case. I don't know what they're saying -- here's the thing. I get what she's saying as an when it comes to the music industry, the ownership these people have is absolutely the fact she called up her peeps to help her, I'm not mad at her. I'm not mad. It's a lot. I think it's a little worrisome. In this day and age if you've ever been on the receiving end of any rage online, we're in a culture where people are stoning people to death over one thing. Cancel culture. It's cancel culture. It's scary. As positive as an online group of people can be, they can be murderous in their language. It was an online post. They take it off line and start creating a harassing environment for people working, that's a scary time. Right now in this day and age is not the time to say go get 'em people, because right now people go get 'em. In her defense she didn't say that. She didn't say go get 'em. It's like saying let them know how you feel. No it wasn't. She said let them know how you feel. I think she's -- Not unleashed like threatening anybody, but it's a fine LE because when you know how your group responds -- Taylor Swift knows how her group is going to respond. Beyonce knows how the bee hive will respond. I've seen artists who had their fans go out of the way and they'll say that's too far. You cannot tell me -- she's too smart not to know how they're going to react to it. I'm not saying she's wrong. I don't think she wants -- She didn't want that. To be honest with you, there are two sides to every story. I don't know what the two sides are. I just feel like with something like this, y'all get over there. Get your lawyers together. Why you fighting publicly? It's not going to be settled this way. It's only going to get settled when the lawyers get involved. At the end of the day it's about money. Let the lawyers do it. You continue to make your music. You continue to do what they do. Go on your way. I hope it gets resolved. I hope it's resolved. I'm a swiftie. Shake it off, Michael. Hey, hey, hey, y'all need to calm down.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Taylor opened up to her fans about her industry issues and they went off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67109442","title":"Should Taylor Swift have kept her feud private?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/taylor-swift-feud-private-67109442"}